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Lemon DS games

Lemon DS gamesFans the world over know just how many good games the Nintendo DS has. These past few months alone have seen several great games grace Nintendo's newest handheld, but the system is not without its fair share of lemons.

A reader writes: "With all the great games that have been coming out on the DS lately, it seems like there are as many really bad ones. Dragon Booster looks to be the latest, but King Kong, Snood 2 and Burnout are apparently stinkers too. My guess is that this is the result of lazy developers and money hungry publishers trying to make a quick Christmas buck."

Are lemon games just a side effect of a successful system a la PS2? And which DS games would you stay away from?

[Thanks, Unreal McCoy]


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Doug teh H-Nut1

12-13-2005 @ 3:52PM

Doug teh H-Nut said...

I've done fairly well staying away from lemons, though I'm sure there are tons of them and for two reasons. One, the system is PSX/N64-style 3D. This just bleeds bad graphics sometimes (King Kong. However, Nintendogs has excellent graphics.) And the other reason is its input style lends itself to gimmicky games, just like the Revolution's will. The guy wasn't saying he hated the Revolution controller, he just said that if you build it, they will come. We're going to get a bunch of crappy games on both systems alongside the great, Mario Kart DS-calibur games.


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Here For The Floozies2

12-13-2005 @ 5:15PM

Here For The Floozies said...

If there's one good thing about being on a very limited budget it's the fact I don't have the money to blow on lemon games. I am meticulous in my decision when purchasing a game because I know it has to last a while.


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12-13-2005 @ 5:18PM

Apfhex said...

Nintendo's portables seem to be the target of game publishers (not developers) for releasing terrible, awful games and things (anyone see those GBA "videos" at Costco and such?) to make a quick buck from consumers who don't know better. It's hard to believe any profit can be made with how terrible some of the titles out there are, but they probably spent so little on development to begin with.


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12-13-2005 @ 5:19PM

Sturek said...

The worst game I got for the DS is WarioWare...and that's just because by now, it's boring...sure there are a lot of bad games on the DS too (PingPals ?!?), but I think there are bad games on every console.
And in my opinion there are more bad games than good games...
A popular console atracts bad games, like Blake said in the post, I don't know about the "gimmicky" games.....I think they might dissappear sooner or later except for those really bad games based on movies/comic books/TV shows/rock bands etc.


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12-13-2005 @ 5:42PM

NPC said...

You hit the nail on the head, Sturek. WarioWare got old fast, and had almost no replay value. However, if I have to choose the sourest lemon, the prize would definetely go to Ping Pals. It's the most soulless shell of a game ever, and PictoChat was actually better than it. It is rivaled now only by Trollz Hair Affair and Bratz Rock Angels.


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12-13-2005 @ 5:48PM

Guy said...

I was so disappointed to find out that BurnoutDS is a lemon. That's one of my very favorite console games and I was hoping for some great action but from what I understand, there's hardly any action in it. So let me get this straight, the only good racing game is MarioKart?


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12-13-2005 @ 6:06PM

NPC said...

Unfortunately so. My reaction to Burnout was exactly the same.


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Doug teh H-Nut8

12-13-2005 @ 11:02PM

Doug teh H-Nut said...

"So let me get this straight, the only good racing game is MarioKart?"

I don't know about "only" good racing game, but I'll tell you what, it's REALLY good. $30, I believe. You need it.


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12-14-2005 @ 1:34AM

villain said...

you will always get lemon games. if every game was 10/10 or whatever, then you wouldn't appreciate the games. games like burnout ds, king kong etc just make you appreciate mario kart ds and animal world ALOT more


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12-14-2005 @ 1:41AM

villain said...

you will always get lemon games. if every game was 10/10 or whatever, then you wouldn't appreciate the games. games like burnout ds, king kong etc just make you appreciate mario kart ds and animal world ALOT more


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12-14-2005 @ 10:46AM

Martin said...

I've had my DS for about a month now, and have six games. Mario 64, MKDS, Animal Crossing, Castlevania, Poker, Meteos. So far, the only two that were disappointing were Poker and Meteos.

I think the DS lineup is incredibly strong, and has a better gold-to-crap ratio than other systems by a longshot.


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12-14-2005 @ 3:55PM

NPC said...

Meteos? Dissapointing!? No! I got it when it came out, and I'm still popping it into my DS every now and then (even after I got Mario Kart)!


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12-15-2005 @ 10:15AM

Martin said...

It just didn't catch me the way I thought it would. It's nothing against the game; just not my bag. Puzzle Fighter ... now that's awesome.


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Anne Packrat14

12-15-2005 @ 1:55PM

Anne Packrat said...

The new DS Lunar game is a huge lemon. I was so hyped for this game and then so dissappointed after playing it.


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12-15-2005 @ 3:22PM

Dan said...

Need for Speed Underground 2. Gameplay so frustrating I nearly threw my beloved DS across the room...more than once.

And what's up with the Sims 2 locking up so often?


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Kevin B16

12-23-2005 @ 8:24PM

Kevin B said...

1. Meteos was created by a person, nay, an artist for specific and creative way to play and interact with the game. I personally like Meteos because you have more control, as opposed to Puzzle Fighter where you have to wait on the gems, and I can't get too far with the thinkin ahead. Also, the new Bust A Move is excellent, considering its a shallow game; with 30 something level puzzle mode, but what shines is the slingshot control with which to release the bubbles in the endless mode, and the chains they add now...and the new bubbles....and Zoo Keeper is cool if you like Bejewelled.

2. I was upset with Partners in Time due to its short length, but what an ending! And a middle! And some of the beginning that didnt interupt me and try to teach me how to play the game.

Hit the "A" button to continue.

And Sprung. Did anyone want to play that?

Trace Memory was way too easy. Two days.

Trauma Center or Cadaceus (sp?)

The Urbz was a pitiful excuse for a DS game. Like playing two Game Boy Colors duct taped together.

3. What people need to embrace is the fact that this system isn't necessarrily meant to be graphically impressive. The games need to be intuitive, native to the hardware, features unique to the port (a la the unsoon disclosed method with which to inflate battle balloons.) Everyone knows that games can be fun, but Nintendo found out, and well, I did also long before I think they did....that games would one day reach a point where graphics wouldn't be factor, that games would change eventually. They aren't taking the road as everyone else, they walk their own path aware of what lay ahead. I just wish the third parties would realize the advantages of this unique machine. And I also wish that the DSpeak would hurry up and be released, but thats a different topic.


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1-04-2006 @ 8:21AM

Autobot said...

I really didn't enjoy Yoshi's Touch & Go. It just couldn't hold my interest. Trauma Center is amazing. So intense and so much harder than you think it will be.

Does anyone know if Lost in Blue was worth touching? Haha, touching is good.


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