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Joystiq presents

Japanese sales charts: Nintendo = hotcakes

The latest numbers are in from Japan and everyone's favorite handheld received another week of near-stroke due to excessive heat from so much time spent in the spotlight. Software on the system also flew off the shelves. Without further ado, here are your numbers for 5/01/06 - 5/7/06:

  • Tetris DS (Nintendo): 160,148 (378,247 total)
  • Motto Otona no DS Training/Brain Training 2 (Nintendo): 112,392 (2,164,256 total)
  • Winning Eleven 10 (Konami / PS2): 100,860 (561,409 total)
  • Brain Training/Brain Age (Nintendo): 84,075 (2,136,857 total)
  • Animal Crossing Wild World (Nintendo): 83,564 (2,645,481 total)
  • Pokemon Ranger: Diamond & Pearl e-no Michi (Nintendo): 69,415 (496,834 total)
  • Eigo Zuke/English Training (Nintendo / DS): 59,614 (998,343 total)
  • Mario Kart DS (Nintendo): 37,037 (1,353,596 total)
  • Mother 3 (Nintendo / GBA): 34,591 (291,428 total)
  • Dragon Quest Mystrious Dungeon Yangus (Square-Enix / PS2): 33,279 (215,237 total)
  • DS Lite - 161,010 (1,383,391 total)
  • PSP - 37,946 (720,552 total)
  • PS2 - 32,030 (591,846 total)
  • DS Phat - 24,428 (842,947 total)
  • GBA SP - 7,144 (127,727 total)
  • Gameboy Micro - 3,830 (89,331total)
  • Xbox 360 - 2,019 (46,143 total)
  • GameCube - 1,460 (47,340 total)
  • GBA - 87 (2,608 total)
  • Xbox - 44 (1,446 total)

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Reader Comments

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1. Sweet Henry! What are they feeding those sales charts over there?

Posted at 1:48PM on May 19th 2006 by Chance

2. I love seeing the hardware charts. I'm assuming the totals shown are YTD figures?

Posted at 2:09PM on May 19th 2006 by DCFC Fan

3. I think its pretty amazing that for almost every DS sold a copy of Brain Training 1 & 2 went with it. This is a great direction for Nintendo, making their users more intelligent while entertaining them.

Posted at 2:37PM on May 19th 2006 by James

4. These charts are two weeks old! Last week's (hardware) chart looks like this:

DS Lite - 91.895 (1.475.286)
PSP - 27.127 (747.679)
PS2 - 21.138 (612.984)
GBA SP - 6.317 (133.544)
NDS - 3.438 (846.385)
GB Micro - 2.628 (91.959)
X360 - 1.355 (47.498)
Cube - 1.069 (48.409)
GBA - 40 (2.648)
Xbox - 36 (1.452)

Media-create publishes software charts every thursday, and hardware charts every friday. I've never been able to find the actual numbers on their site though, but plenty of news sites get their hands on them the day they're published. I suggest Joystiq bloggers find a better source for these charts. ;-)

Posted at 2:38PM on May 19th 2006 by VoiceofPower

5. Yeah!, it's ridiculous.

I remember sending you guys an email suggesting alternative sources for your Japanese hardware/software sales info, but clearly you guys aren't bothered.

Posted at 2:58PM on May 19th 2006 by SLy

6. One shoud look at the recent charts say to themselves why are all the top selling software for the DS are all NINTENDO's?

That doesn't bode well for Third Party Games when your games will be eclipsed by Nintendo made games.

Posted at 2:58PM on May 19th 2006 by Eric

7. It should be noted that DS games by third parties are also high up in there.

Lots of people who bought a DS and Brain Training also bought lots of other DS games.

Aren't they phasing out the old DS? I know they boosted the lite production way up but I haven't heard any confirmation on the old DS production numbers.

Posted at 3:21PM on May 19th 2006 by idioteraser



hahha they should change thier name to "TopTendo"
ha that rules, I am a genius. I'm like, #11 on that list.

Posted at 4:47PM on May 19th 2006 by .ed

9. I usually don't complain, but where are the arrows? They looked nice!

Posted at 11:57PM on May 19th 2006 by Nushio

10. #6 If you think about it, it is better for developers because everyone is buying things from Nintendo the most. What developer wants to develop games on a failing system? (Kinda like the Nokia N'gadge I guess, you never saw many making games for it.)

Posted at 1:32PM on May 20th 2006 by phipps

11. #10, what the hell are you talking about? Either you are terrible at making the connection from thought to screen or you are calling the DS a 'failing system'. And on top of that it seems you are comparing it to the N Gage (not the N'gadge). Do you even play video games? Comparing the DS to the N gage is like substituting the bacon from a BLT with shit and calling it similar. I hope you're not that stupid but I'm not really an optimist.

Posted at 12:34AM on May 21st 2006 by wii the people

12. I believe this whole point can be cleared up without petty name-calling.

For starters, one of the reasons the chart is full of Nintendo, is because of the titles themselves.

Its not that people dont buy 3rd party titles, but that [most] third party titles arent good enough.

A few of very memorable 3rd party titles are Trauma Center and Phoenix Wright, but these arent titles with "unlimited" replay value (such as Animal Crossing, or Brain Age).

Another reason is because these titles (ACWW and BA) are for casual gamers, which are aplenty at Japan.

Simply put, its not that people buy "any" Nintendo title, but its the title itself, the genre, what moves people into purchasing these.

Finally, I agree that "NintenDOMINATE" is a word that shall be used from now on on these weekly sales charts :P

Posted at 3:39PM on May 21st 2006 by Nushio

13. I agree whole heartedly with Nushio (above me).
Well put.

Thanks for the NintenDOMINATE push, too.
That or "TopTendo" should title this column next week.

Posted at 1:26PM on May 22nd 2006 by .ed

14. yeah, these numbers might be cool if they were US figures or if I lived in Japan!

Posted at 7:32AM on May 25th 2006 by bignerd

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