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Ecko: DS > Xbox 360

In the June issue of Play magazine, Marc Ecko commented on the gaming industry again, on everything from the current state of things to some of his most favorite games of the past. What stood out the most, however, were his comments about loving his DS more than his Xbox 360.

Play: You're obviously a huge gamer. What are some of your favorite titles?

Ecko: I've been obsessed with games since childhood. Favorite titles... where do i begin? Atari, Colecovision, i had all of them. Yar's Revenge, whatever. The NES Mario, Sega's Sonic, of course. I remember being immediately hooked by Metal Gear Solid, and on PS2 GTA3. Lately i've been playing a lot of DS games, i've found found a lot of them more fun than the Xbox 360 launch titles. Although i have to admit Fight Night 3 is amazing. I could go on for days, i have billions of games. Oh yeah, World of Warcraft is beginning to ruin my life.

We're not huge fans of the guy, but we can't help but back up a statement as strong as that.

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1. This is the same guy that called gamers stupid for not buying his crappy game, said we "didn't know what we want"

Posted at 10:56AM on Jun 13th 2006 by Casey Johnson

2. Hmmm. Well, I have both, and as much as I love my DS, I'm not going to say that it is beter than 360. I mean they are two different things. I mean there's the obvious fact one is portable and one is a console, but I mean they are just two different kinds of technology. And as for 360, they have plenty of great successful title, COD2, G.R.A.W, Oblivion, Fight Night, PGR3, and smaller hits like Table Tennis..... I don't know. As much as the DS is a great piece of machinery, I just can't compare to or put it over the 360. If you want to fight against it with something you should at least wait for Wii.... :)

Posted at 10:59AM on Jun 13th 2006 by Tre

3. Ah yes, nothing like quoting the man whose name is on one of the lamest games in recent memory to give you credibility. Add in pathetic "X > Y" '1337ness for red meat and watch the hits come in.

Between this and the depressingly predictable Zeta-Jones reference (ah yes, a DS-lite is just like a woman, but only if she's your fantasy young version who, no doubt, is both easy and interested in you -- talk about pathetic), I feel like I should sell my DS (and N64 and GBAs, already sold the POS GCN to buy the DS) and never buy another Big-N product again. Sony and MS fans are just sad, but Ninty fans? Y'all are freakin' creepy. Between the Wii-gazmers sounding like a cult of Night Of The Living Dead rejects and every Big-N fan discussion inevitably containing far more than its fair share of "Why yes, I do live in my 'rents basement" comments, the only thing scarier are *nix wonnabes posting from their pirated copies of XP.

Posted at 11:02AM on Jun 13th 2006 by Myria

4. The DS is an excellent device, but I can't agree with the "enjoying it more than my 360" comment. It is fun, but the 3" screens just don't cut it for long.

The time I spend is probably about 10 to 1 for 360 vs DS/PSP.

Posted at 11:58AM on Jun 13th 2006 by SuicideNinja

5. ^ says the creepy person who ranted on a blog.

Posted at 12:09PM on Jun 13th 2006 by Casey Johnson

6. Isn't this the jerk that staged the spraypainting of Air force one?

Ecko= Asshat

Posted at 12:52PM on Jun 13th 2006 by Michael

7. I saw an interview with this guy once.

I'm pretty sure he's white.

Posted at 1:10PM on Jun 13th 2006 by Armin

8. @Casey
LOL! Right?!

I think you're giving this thing way too much power Myria. Calm down. =)

Posted at 1:19PM on Jun 13th 2006 by naib

9. "We're not huge fans of the guy, but we can't help but back up a statement as strong as that."

I agree with him cuz he has my first name :).

Posted at 1:49PM on Jun 13th 2006 by Marc

10. Regardless of his reputation, he speaks the truth, the DS (especially the Lite edition) is hands down the best video game system on the market right now. Period.

Posted at 2:21PM on Jun 13th 2006 by Nmaster

11. "Regardless of his reputation, he speaks the truth, the DS (especially the Lite edition) is hands down the best video game system on the market right now. Period."

I respect the fanboyism, but I think one would argue PS2, PSX, Dreamcast, SNES and NES as contender for best on the planet.

It's a DS, it's mean for quick experinces on the go. That's all, None of it's games equal the depth of immerssion that a console, heck even a select few PSP games offer.

Posted at 3:11PM on Jun 13th 2006 by Duscrom

12. yeah i agree, the 360 is a nice system but its not really moving forward in terms of the future of gaming like the wii or ds, its just got better graphics than x-box1,("Regardless of his reputation, he speaks the truth, the DS (especially the Lite edition) is hands down the best video game system on the market right now. Period.") well yeah the best portable, but the Super Nintendo is the best gaming console ever and probably will be forever.

Posted at 4:40PM on Jun 13th 2006 by tha1guy95

13. I could easily disagree with you there as well. Don't believe the hype, they are all moving gameing forward, just in different ways. It's not ONLY about graphics, it's about online, digital distribution, Online communitites. Making the coonsole development open to indie devs. Making a console that has a UI so important they actually HAD to make an option to go to the Dashboard.

Sure the effects of the Xbox 360 are already being seen around the industry as Nintendo and Sony are pushing their copy-cats/"We're better than" services.

Remember other companies other then Nintendo have and can innovate the industry.

Posted at 7:15PM on Jun 13th 2006 by Duscrom

14. I know that many gaming journalists, myself included, think the DS has the most regularly compelling and fun content right now. I'm always taking 5 minute breaks throughout the day to play stuff. Use it during those long lunches to get in some Mario and Luigi, love playing online stuff.

I think Greg Kasavin from GameSpot actually published that same thought as well recently, but I don't remember what article.

Posted at 7:35PM on Jun 13th 2006 by James

15. I agree, I think the DS has some of the most instantly fun, fast experinces. I think the DS is great for a GBA replacement. Play it on the bus, at lunch.. and so-on. I just can't find anything to immerse or loose myself into.

DS games remind me of a 15 min Adult swim show. I mean, nice burt of comedy, and because of the smaller format, much more focused and tight. But, sometimes I want to watch a movie. That's what I want on the DS. So I don't have to go to the PSP for it.

I mean, if you had to spend 5 days with a DS and 2 games.. would those 2 games keep you entertained for those full 5 days? I know for me, I can't But if it's that one day a month I meet my friends, or the time I'm on the bus.. it's the best system ever.

I just pray the Wii dosen't do this to the console world.. If so we can say goodbye to MGS and FF style games.

Posted at 10:20PM on Jun 13th 2006 by Duscrom

16. I definitely agree with this statement. I play my DS daily, but tend to only use my 360 on the weekends. So far, most of the “great” 360 games are just PC ports that tend to play better on the PC. I think once Lost Planet comes out it may be a different story.

Oh, for people saying there aren’t any DS games with depth, there’s stuff like Advance Wars DS that you can definitely get sucked into for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Posted at 7:47PM on Jun 14th 2006 by LiveFromPhilly

17. Comparing any system's launch titles to the 1.5 year old lineup of any other system is going to be an exercise in stupidity, anyway.

"Sony and MS fans are just sad, but Ninty fans? Y'all are freakin' creepy."

This is so true. I'm deeply reassured by seeing someone else feels the same way... Talk about the gamer equivalent of Mac freaks! "DS >>> EVERYTHING" gets really old. Other brands have their core fanboy nuts as well, but they seem to be fewer and further between than the Ninty-faithful.

Lots of the recent DS games are definitely easy to pick up and play and I appreciate the redesign that went into my new Lite, but I find more of my PSP games offer immersive, long-term playability. For example, if I'm sitting on my couch waiting for a show to start, I'm happy buzzing around in Mario Kart or Mario Bros. but if I'm on a trip and my friends brought their PSPs, some adventuring in Untold Legends is in order, or multiplayer brawling in GTA.

Either way, you're covered if you have both! ;p

Posted at 8:19PM on Jun 15th 2006 by pixelator

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