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Nintendo headset revealed

Remember when we told you Nintendo was releasing a headset? Well, we finally have a picture of it to show you! Releasing for ¥1,200 (around $10 bucks US), the headset will be made available to the Japanese gaming public on September 14th.

No word as of yet on the availability of this headset at brick and mortar locations or if it will only be available online. For the price, this looks to be a very welcome addition to Metroid Prime Hunters fans.

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1. Well, assuming that it will add voice chat to the older wifi games (ie: Mario Kart and Metroid), sounds awesome. However, if it will only be supported in the new games, nintendo is better off using the built-in mic. IMO.

Posted at 8:44AM on Jul 28th 2006 by Mr. Scolex

2. Gee, how did I know this would be in Japan first? (sarcasim over)

Nintendo really has to make up for their DS lite version in America. Not only do we not get other colors when we're only asking for Black (possibly Pink), only the U.S. versions of the DS lite are cracking (as far as I know). I haven't heard of any other countries having cracked DS lites (and if their are, tell me so I can stop saying these lies).

The only way Nintendo can make up for this is if we get the Wii in (at least) three colors, and if we get it within a week of it's release in Japan.

Posted at 9:14AM on Jul 28th 2006 by Marc

3. Now if they only fix that pesky friends code thing... I'd be happier.

Posted at 9:20AM on Jul 28th 2006 by Grail3x

4. Nintendo are a Japanese company, so why does it surprise you it is launching in Japan? And my DS Lite hinge broke and I live in the UK.

And what do Nintendo have to make up for? Why do they owe you a Black DS (I say while stroking my Black DS)...?

Posted at 9:25AM on Jul 28th 2006 by Moke

5. @Marc
i beleive the wii will be released at the same time worldwide and probly in all colors

Posted at 9:41AM on Jul 28th 2006 by Fire Storm

6. When the iPod launched it stayed straight white all the way until the iPod mini launched, and even then Steve Jobs was unsure that he wanted to do it. This was because the one color had created an identity for the iPod and straying from it might cause the iPod to lose some of its luster and recognizable image. Five iPod generations later the full size iPod finally released with 2 colors from the start, long after iPod was a household name.

The XBox and PS2 both released with one launch color, while the Gamecube launched with three. When we think of the first two consoles, we all think of the same thing. When you see pictures of the Gamecube, sometimes it's black, sometimes purple, silver, even orange. The DS lite is building a product identity in the U.S. with it's sleek white color, and that's exactly what Nintendo wants.

Posted at 10:08AM on Jul 28th 2006 by Drew

7. Finally ! I kept wondering when they would put to use this extra side plug next to the headphone plug.

But otherwise, no way this'll add voice chat functionality to games that don't support it. A headset cannot add functions to existing software as far as I know.

Posted at 10:31AM on Jul 28th 2006 by Alp

8. To #1: Metroid already has voice chat but only with friends and only in the lobby area. Mario will never have voice chat unless they release it again with code to support it, which will probably not happen. They'll just wait to put it in the next Mario Kart they release for the DS. Same goes for all the other old WiFi games.

As for the launch, it was always my understanding that the Wii was going to be released first in either Europe or the U.S. and then shortly afterwards in Japan. I believe that's what Iwata said in some of his speeches.

The question I pose for this little gem of a headset is, will it be compatible with the Wii?

Posted at 10:48AM on Jul 28th 2006 by James

9. If anyone wonders why all the DS goodness hits the States last all they have to do is look at how many systems they've sold in Japan, Europe, and the U.S. Here's a hint for the lazies:

Japan: 9.24 million
Europe: 6.13 million
States: 5.90 million

In other words, they give preference to those who are willing to buy the system! Does that make them weird? The same pattern shows up in software sales, so it would make sense to give Europe the color love earlier if supplies are limited.

Posted at 12:46PM on Jul 28th 2006 by Cabbage

10. At E3 2005 I seem to recall them mentioning some sort of VoIP application where you could talk to other people via the DS' wifi connection. The app was very simplistic and displayed one of a few Nintendo characters on one of the screens. The character's mouth would move in sync with the person's voice on the other end. I also recall the app was said to come with a headset. Perhaps there is some software that is supposed to come with this new headset that hasn't been mentioned?

Posted at 2:11PM on Jul 28th 2006 by ThePete

11. Would be cool if skype was made for ds now.

Posted at 5:43PM on Jul 28th 2006 by Jim

12. @Cabbage's numbers:

Jeez, I can't believe how stupid the masses of this country can be (US), buying all those PSPs instead of DSs. I guess that just shows how bad our (not mine, though) tastes are!

Posted at 6:10PM on Jul 28th 2006 by Josh

13. -quote-
Japan: 9.24 million
Europe: 6.13 million
States: 5.90 million

Just my guess but, could it be the other way around? I mean "because" the good stuff come out in the US last, the sales suffer from it? I mean, how many of you ds fans imported products because you didn't want to wait? Well that would boost the Japanese sales and lower the US sales if you all did that.

Just a guess though.

Posted at 4:01AM on Jul 29th 2006 by Alp

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