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iPod games "no substitute" for DS

We could have told you that, Macworld! Looks like the handheld powerhouse of the DS (and some other system) is tempting even Apple to get into the game. As part of Apple's huge Showtime event, they announced not only a new video iPod, but games that can be purchased from iTunes for it as well, priced at $4.99. "Apple's been hard at work on new games for the iPod -- while it still may not be a substitute for a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP, the new iPod can play versions of popular casual games including Bejeweled, Mahjong, mini-golf, Pac-Man, Tetris, Cubis, Texas Hold 'Em, Vortex and Zuma ...."

For DS owners, this can't really compare. Those of us who enjoy the occasional casual game already have a few on the system, and the more tech-savvy DS owners can cook up just about anything they want with their homebrew powers. It's hard to gauge exactly which market Apple is trying to snag here. We can only speculate that Apple is going to try to hit mobile gaming where it lives, by offering easy downloads and a better interface. We so often hit the five instead of the six, after all. And who knows -- for those folks out there who use their PSPs primarily for media and only the occasional game, this may tempt them out of the Sony camp.

So who's planning on snagging Bejeweled 2 or Pac-Man just to see how it plays? We're pretty sure Apple can't tempt us away from our Tetris, but some of the others may be worth a go.

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9-12-2006 @ 4:00PM

20XX said...

It kind of worries me that this is going to be a big, influential thing for handheld gaming, because it's... you know, mostly crappy shareware played with a terrible controller.


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9-12-2006 @ 4:13PM

devi8i said...

Please, Nintendo, release a good mp3 player for teh DS so I am not forced to buy a new ipod...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE


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9-12-2006 @ 4:37PM

DoktorWho said...

how the DS and IPAD relate is beyond me, very stupid blod post, very stupid and nonsensical

DS is coming out with an MP3 player, with it's own headphone jack for more volume

DS also needs PDA software, badly.

All these DS sales, will Nin take advantage.


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9-12-2006 @ 4:42PM

Duscrom said...

WHy are Nintendo fanboys so defensive all the time? I'm surprised you guys don' have snipers killing anyone who walks out of a store with a PSP.

iPod games? feh, it's not better then the DS.. blah blah. Noone said it was...


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9-12-2006 @ 4:49PM

DoktorWho said...

DS Tetris, $39.99, and you can't even play the real game, really.

IPod Tetris $4.99.

Ipod ftw.


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9-12-2006 @ 5:11PM

Marcelo said...

I take my iPod EVERYWHERE. I only take my DS on extended trips or things. But an iPod is like a cellphone - I think these iPod games are analagous to those cellphone games - you just play them in your spare time when you're waiting for the bus or whatever. I'm not all about to get into a Tetris DS match in my in-between time.

I agree that you're being mighty defensive.


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9-12-2006 @ 5:16PM

truplaya said...

Wow. Sony fanboys are so close-minded. (also, yeah, Ninty fangirl here...just thought I'd point that out :-P)

Anyways, I don't think iPod games will be much competition for the DS. I think they'll be like cell phone games. In other words: corny with stupid controls.

And for that PDA idea; I think the DS is perfect for that.


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9-12-2006 @ 5:31PM

AMA said...

iPods..I don't remember how I ever got suckered into that trendy waste of money.


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9-12-2006 @ 5:37PM

Nmaster said...

DS + iPod = PSP Killer


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9-12-2006 @ 6:03PM

user said...

"It's hard to gauge exactly which market Apple is trying to snag here." Uhh... How about the market that buys iPods.


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Kaiser Soze11

9-12-2006 @ 6:04PM

Kaiser Soze said...

Duscrom: "WHy are Nintendo fanboys so defensive all the time? I'm surprised you guys don' have snipers killing anyone who walks out of a store with a PSP."


Then Nintendo fanboys on the one roof would shoot at the Sony fanboys at the opposite roof, and vice versa. It would be a freaking bloodbath. Actually that's a good idea for a game. And of course it should be released on the x-box 360, that way the sales of xbox would increase, because every Sony and Nintendo fanboy would buy a xbox just to kill some annoying digital fanboys. I mean... I would do it. Yeah, and by the way, it's nice to see some Sony fanboys pay this site a visit once in a while, it heatens up the discussion


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9-12-2006 @ 6:23PM

Michael said...

I think it could well for stuff like Zuma, but I can't imagine playing Tetris with an ipod controller.


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9-12-2006 @ 6:49PM

LUIS said...

I love Apple and I love the DS, many people do. So why on earth would DSFANBOY be so insecure as to have to write in big letters that iPod games are not as good as DS games? Seek self-esteem counseling guys.


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9-12-2006 @ 7:01PM

20XX said...

Nmaster: more like "DS or iPod= PSP killer"


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9-12-2006 @ 8:01PM

azusa- said...

Nmaster: Only if you can stand to carry two bricks in your pockets (or a bag).

20XX: Enjoy either lack of media playback or lack of games.


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Gaye Mann16

9-12-2006 @ 11:24PM

Gaye Mann said...

I think this is a good thing. Even if Apple show a teeny bit of interest in casual games it's still a step in the right direction. If Apple would just get some good games it might finally kill PC.


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9-13-2006 @ 1:33AM

Roy said...

To: #2 and #3
The DS already has an MP3 player and a PDA software, simply get an adapter like M3 or Supercard and you can enjoy over a hundered more applications and games than you can now, including an MP3 player, video player, MSN client, emulators, ScummvM (old lucasarts games), and many many more


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blue sam18

9-13-2006 @ 12:50PM

blue sam said...


Tetris for DS is unlike what iPod offer. It have more features to play on DS include wi-fi to against over worldwide. It's $35 or less not $40.


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9-14-2006 @ 6:22AM

Frederik said...

Like Marcelo said, this is just like games on your phone. You tend to bring your phone/MP3 Player everywhere, but there aren't that many people who bring their DS when going to see a movie just to be able to play on the bus.


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9-14-2006 @ 4:31PM

fafafoofly said...

I think the blog is warrented. Obviously Apple is planning a big push into iPod games and Apple already starts content of slow, then works into a big show. Having EA on board for the iPod is a big push as well. It wouldn't surprise me to see analog stick adapters beign released for the iPod. Now if only Apple would make a device that hooks up to the TV where one could play iPod games. They could call it something like iPodTV or something similar....


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