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Silent Hill producer looks to DS for next project

Turns out, Silent Hill producer Akira Yamaoka is looking to the DS for his next project. This project, which is a DS adaptation of Soichiro Ishihara's Otonaryoku, it translates into Adult Power and is best described as a self-help guide for the dating adult, fitting them with the rules and manners one would need. If any platform is fit for such an oddball game, it's definitely the DS, as it has proven it is one dynamic machine.

[Via Joystiq]

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1. Sigh.

Akira Yamaoka getting into the DS training "game" business? Damn it. Well, at least it'll have good music.

Posted at 11:36AM on Nov 3rd 2006 by 20XX 1 star

2. Will I look desperate if I'm caught with this in my DS?

Posted at 11:09PM on Nov 3rd 2006 by AmethystPerspective 0 stars

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