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Joystiq presents

Guy destroys Super Mario Bros. with his feet

Now, a couple of things should be noted before you head on past the post break and check the video out. For one, the individual in question does not use the original NES controller, opting out for the arcade joystick controller instead. Also, he does use a warp to zip past a few worlds. Still though, it's an impressive display of skill.

[Via The Last Boss]

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1. me and my friends once played mario kart double dash with our feet. mostly because we were eating pizza at the time. it really wasn't hard at all after a few minutes.

Posted at 12:43PM on Feb 14th 2007 by adam

2. My buddies and I used to play Tekken on DDR pads, drunk. That was some fun.

PS, that controller is the NES Advantage.

Posted at 1:16PM on Feb 14th 2007 by Joop

3. First of all, the "arcade joystick controller" has a name that any NES affectionado should know...the NES Advantage. And it rocked sox.

I used to play Bionic Commando the same way, simply because I loved the game and wanted it to be more of a challenge.

Posted at 11:28AM on Feb 15th 2007 by bombtrak

4. Hmm, upon closer inspection, I noticed two things:

1: Someone beat me to the punch on the 'name that controller' bad.

2: This video COULD be fake. He never seemed to use the B button to run or press the A button while holding B, which presumably some of the longer jumps would require. You can't tell if the NES Advantage is plugged into the NES, or if another off-screen controller is being used.

But, hey...who am I to judge....

Posted at 11:32AM on Feb 15th 2007 by bombtrak

5. Hi everyone. That guy in the video is me. I know it wasn't that hard, but have you ever tried beating the record speed run with you're hands, damn near impossible, so I thought I'd try something new. Why not kill some time. Doesn't the Advantage look like it was made for feet though. Anyway, it is real.

Posted at 9:43PM on Feb 15th 2007 by Marcade

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