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DS Daily: Any DS shortage in your area?

While the Wii shortage seems to be pretty universally problematical, the situation varies when it comes to the DS. Around here, you can find lots of pink DS Lites, but anything else is a little more difficult lately. Some readers report that they can't find a DS at all, anywhere. Apparently demand varies by region, and stores still haven't rebounded from the holiday rush. Now that February is nearly over, you'd think the stock would increase.

How about you? Anyone in your life hurting for a DS that's nowhere to be found?

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2-21-2007 @ 9:24AM

Blue said...

Here in Charlotte I have been looking for a ds lite since early December when mine was stolen. I was unable to locate a single one, in any color, in any store in the area.

I ended up using an instock tracker site to buy one online. NO wii's on any shelves either. Plenty of PS3's though.


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2-21-2007 @ 10:15AM

rk said...

I got my DS for Xmas a little early... like Dec. 5th from my wife at local geek store in Chicago, Gamers Paradise.

At work a week later, I overheard a co-worker complaining that he couldn't find a DS to save his life, and that he needed TWO for his two kids. He said he checked the local Toys R Us, Best Buys, etc., and came up empty.

I directed him to geek store Gamers Paradise, and they saved christmas.

Don't forget your indie geek stores, friends!


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2-21-2007 @ 10:22AM

WexusNexus said...

They were nowhere to be found in Pittsburgh up until last week. Then Onyx and Coral DSLs started to appear at Gamestops in the Oakland and Squirrel Hill areas. I even saw a few at the EBGames at the Ross Park mall and several Coral ones at the Target in Homestead. In addition, they became available on and last week (out of stock now I believe). They've been available as bundled items on for a few weeks now. In general I think the flow of consoles is starting to return, though I'm curious as to why no White DSLs are showing up.


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KilgoreTrout XL4

2-21-2007 @ 10:28AM

KilgoreTrout XL said...

Last week the Boston Cambridgeside EB Games had plenty of White, Black & Pink DS Lites.

They laughed at me when I asked if they had any Wiis in stock, of course.


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2-21-2007 @ 11:30AM

bombtrak said...

I bought my white DSLite last September when supply was abundant. After X-mas, I wanted to you giftcards and cash gifts to buy another one for my fiancee so we could battle it out. Between home and work there are four Target stores, and several EB/Gamestops.

None of them had a DS until I found 2 black Lites at one of the Targets last Tuesday. The saleslady told me they had received I shipment that day and it was already down to the two blacks.

I surmised that the Pinks sold first because of Valentine's Day.


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2-21-2007 @ 1:45PM

GigermUnit said...

Here in Orland,Florida

We had some last week and ran out 2 days after and now we only have pink ds or refurbished white ones


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2-21-2007 @ 2:08PM

Taz said...

Here in Indiana, I was looking for a DS since
Christmas, but now the DS shortage is gone.

I was able to pick up a Black DS for myself,
and a Pink DS for my gf 2 weeks ago.

I went to Target yesterday and they have tons
of white and black DS Lites, but no Pink ones anymore.


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2-21-2007 @ 3:13PM

flatrabbit said...

They were pretty scarce around here(Bellevue, WA area) from Christmas up until recently. Even used ones were nowhere to be found. And when they did start trickling in there were a lot more pink ones, or silly game store chains (*cough* GameCrazy *cough*) forcing bundles along with the only ones they have.


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2-21-2007 @ 5:06PM

veeger said...

I have not had any problem finding DS hardware in Seattle, but I have noticed that popular games sell out quickly and do not get re-stocked:


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chris r10

2-21-2007 @ 5:17PM

chris r said...

I went out to replace my DS Lite this weekend and I went to EB Games, EBX, FYE, and Best Buy. They were all out. The guy at Best Buy told me they had a shipment of 70 in 2 weeks ago. All gone. I was not happy.

So then I went to Toys 'R' Us as a last-ditch attempt, and the girl in the gaming section tells me "oh yeah, we've got them in all the colors. Which do you want?" Go figure. So... a little of column A and a little of column B.


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Blaine Train11

2-21-2007 @ 5:45PM

Blaine Train said...

I got one on yesterday. I was so glad. It was the last dsl at a local gamestop


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2-21-2007 @ 6:01PM

krazyman said...

When I went to my local Target a few days ago, I saw no DSs but at least 3 PS3s!


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2-22-2007 @ 10:26AM

Bill said...

there were several of every color at the Target in MN I was at the other day.


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2-22-2007 @ 11:13AM

Welah said...

I work at a WalMart here in Ypsilanti, MI. We haven't had any in regular stock since early November. We haven't been able to hold on to DS Lites, in any color, for more than 24 hours. I only got mine because I was fortunate enough to be working the night they came in, and came back the next morning when we opened.

And from the reports of our customers, they're about as hard to get anywhere locally.

PS3s, on the other hand, we can't get rid of!


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Glenn David15

2-22-2007 @ 3:39PM

Glenn David said...

Hey! My exact problem before! I was DYING for a black DS Lite. I wanted one since Christmas. But never got one. All the stores were sold out since the week after Christmas. My solution? I would check online. Famous retailers most likely have a place where you can find out if a DS Lite is in stock or not. Places I tried? Best Buy, Compusa, Walmart, EBGames. Go to their websites, and find out when its in your area. I used Target's website. They had some in stock, I called up one of their stores, and rushed in to get a black ds lite. And they were plentiful! It's been 3 days since I got it, and its amazing.


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