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DS shipments triple PSP in Japan

News site Bloomberg has published a story focusing on shipment numbers for both the DS and PSP in Japan and, unsurprisingly, when compared side-by-side, the DS is winning. Shipping at about 3-to-1 when compared to the PSP in the region, the DS is still showing its dominance in the market. Sony spokesperson Satoshi Fukuoka confirmed the number of PSPs shipped to the region during a phone interview today. So while the PSP enjoyed a nice sales week in Japan due to the release of Monster Hunter, the war is very much being won by the DS.

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1. Didn't we already know that the DS was kicking the PSP's proverbial ass in the Land of the Rising Sun?

Something funky with the article though... It says that Sony is loosing the market share to the Nintendo DS, but did they have any share to lose to begin with? Last I checked, they were never the leader and this is their first handheld entry.

Posted at 3:58PM on Mar 14th 2007 by Silver R. Wolfe

2. I think they mean that sony is losing the market share overall as well as in the handheld.

I do have to admit, this us probably the biggest bite that any company has taken out of the handheld market from Nintendo. Seriously, the last serious competitor I remember is GameGear, what type of sales comparisons did Sega get? 1 to 5? 1 to 10? even worse?

I'm still DS all the way, but I will give props to Sony for what they've managed to accomplish.

Posted at 9:41PM on Mar 14th 2007 by Grey Acumen

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