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Front Mission: The sale

We've been excited about Front Mission: The First since we saw the remake's trailer last month. While Square Enix's mecha-based SRPG has a cult following in the states, none of the original game's various versions have ever made it to the US. If you've been thinking about importing this introduction to the Front Mission series, you're in luck! Play Asia has the game on sale for $19.90 (while stocks last), less than half the price of what eBay stores are asking for!

Political-drama-based plots are usually awash with text, but since the game's menus are already translated into English, Front Mission: The First should still be playable even if you don't know any Japanese. It's not like there are any good SRPGs released in the west yet, anyway.

[Via CAG]

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4-19-2007 @ 6:47PM

americankgb said...

The first front mission game is awesome. I remember playing it with on my super Nintendo emulator a few years ago. Definitely a worthwhile import. Especially for the price.


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4-19-2007 @ 8:13PM

ssuk said...

Front Mission for 10? Bargin!


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4-19-2007 @ 9:13PM

Fa1kor said...

So a person who does not know Japanese can also enjoy this game?


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4-19-2007 @ 9:16PM

Zuko said...

does it have a release date outside japan????


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4-20-2007 @ 9:17AM

Reeve said...

What Zuko said. I don't know any Japanese and want to be able to enjoy the story as well as the gameplay.


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4-20-2007 @ 2:31PM

americankgb said...

F1kor to answer your question, you can easily play the game without knowing any japanese. All of the dialog that occurs between the characters is japanese but all of the important menus, characters stats and so forth are in english. A few of the major cutscenes also have english type with japanese subtitles. If you confused about what to do in the mission or have questions about general starts for the games I would suggest any of the front mission guides over at gamefaqs. This is supposed to be a straight port from snes so any of the guides should work. I've played through a few of the O.C.U missions and everything seems to be the same as the snes version.


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4-20-2007 @ 3:25PM

Vuffster said...

I went ahead and ordered it, betting on Murphy's Law: if I import it, they'll localize it and I'll end up buying it twice; if I don't import it, they won't localize it. NA and PAL releases have yet to be announced, even unofficially, and since we never got FM5 (though I'm still hoping we do, we might not get this, either.


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4-20-2007 @ 7:08PM

van said...

Does this have any wifi/multiplayer capabilities? I may just import two for the heck of it!


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4-23-2007 @ 8:36PM

moominsean said...

i paid 100-110 bucks for this game (remember when ffIII us version was like 75 bucks?) for my snes way back when and played it for hours and hours. one of the few turn-based strategy games i could get into. just the right balance of complexity without being a super-tweaker. storyline? only a vague idea, but it was still very addictive. i never had a problem with what to do next, though. pretty straightforward. upgrade your mechs and set up battles!


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4-24-2007 @ 9:56AM

van said...

Wow! I just checked their site. Play Asia is listing it at $48.90. So it's good that those of us that ordered it in time got that awesome discount. I should be getting mine this week :D :D :D


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