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Pogo Island's redeemable qualities

Pogo Island isn't a particularly terrible game; there just hasn't been much we've heard about it worth discussing. Electronic Arts developed the puzzle collection as a handheld supplement to its popular casual gaming site, Pogo. Marked at full price though, it's hard to justify buying a title that's essentially a round up of the five most popular games EA already offers for free online.

Even with that in mind, Pogo Island isn't completely without merit. As GameSetWatch pointed out to us, playing the game earns you tokens which can later be uploaded to your Pogo account online. Trading in any tokens you acquire from either Pogo.com or Pogo Island buys you a ticket for the site's daily prize drawings (Up to $1000!).

Why don't more DS titles have connectivity like this? Wouldn't it be great if you could exchange all those Star coins you collected in New Super Mario Bros. for a free copy of the Super Mario Bros. 3 DVD? Or if discounts were offered at an online pet shop when Nintendogs notices that you've been taking good care of your puppy? Features like this won't automatically turn a mediocre game into a great one, but it's an easy way to add to its worth.

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5-01-2007 @ 5:47PM

jt_bombtrak said...

I have this game (did I pay full price for it??? Um...sure, sure I did), and my only really beef with it is the small number of games to play (five games...seriously?) and the lack of download play (at least I couldn't find it anywhere. Maybe it's unlockable?) The token upload feature works like a charm, though I must admit I'd rather use the tokens for something cooler than being able to enter sweepstakes that I'll never win.


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5-01-2007 @ 6:30PM

rk said...

One quick point: the daily raffle is for $50. There's a weekly drawing for $250 and a monthly for $1000. 100 tokens buys you one ticket into the drawing.

And seeing how there are people on pogo.com who have millions of tokens, it's a little hard to get excited about your chances to win. Especially with the 40K token per day limit of transferring from the DS to pogo.com, your chances of winning are pretty slim.


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5-01-2007 @ 8:19PM

Miranda said...

I rented Pogo Island, and I'm glad I didn't actually buy it. I would be OK with the fact that there are only five games on it; what really bugs me is that only one of the games (Tri-Peaks Solitaire) is any good. I love Word Whomp, but the dictionary on the DS version is so woefully limited that it's not worth playing. (Sorry, it has been too long since I played it, and I don't remember any of the words that it totally should have allowed but didn't. But they were *not* obscure words.)

Pogo really could have done better with this. The only way I would buy it is if I saw it in the $5 bin.


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5-02-2007 @ 11:51AM

John said...

I agree that's it's a really cool idea. It would be awesome if you could earn gold for Warcraft like this....stuff like that.


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5-02-2007 @ 11:55AM

Robert said...

After devoting a month out of my life to collect them all, I could only wish I earned real money for all of my 250 precious stars.


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