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DS Daily: One more time

Nostalgia is a big factor for veteran gamers. As we long wistfully for the days of yore, full of Opera Houses and Triple Techs, companies scheme to use this wonderful emotion for profit. Square-Enix is a particularly egregious offender, but damned if we're not willing to buy that game we loved just one more time.

Final Fantasy III is a bit of an exception, since the title was never truly released in regions outside of Japan before last year. But how willing are you, as gamers, to buy rehashes of the very same game? We got the entire Final Fantasy Advance series (I, II, IV, V, and VI) and now Square-Enix wants to release a graphically overhauled version of FFIV ... again? With the inclusion of Final Fantasy Chronicles on the Playstation, this will be the fourth release of the same freaking game.

Do you need extra features or updated graphics to re-buy a game, or do you refuse on principal? As we know is that as long as we keep buying them, Square-Enix will keep remaking them. Pah.

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5-10-2007 @ 9:09AM

onepointfivevolt said...

i'll buy 3D remakes of the FF games. the 16-bitters are my favourites, though. anything beyond that, i really don't need remade. the addition of some sort of wifi features would be nice. maybe a co-op dungeon or something, not just this sending letters nonsense. the world wants co-op DS games, and manufacturers need to realise it!

also, the gameboy advance remake of FFIV was buggy in north america, and i got tired of fighting with it, so i'm all for this game. ffv and vi are just icing on the cake. both are wonderful games.


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Vivieno Caldinelli2

5-10-2007 @ 9:49AM

Vivieno Caldinelli said...

I buy'em. I play a game like the SNES FF4 over again every once in a while...but now it'll be a little different...again. So I do welcome the remakes. But...I would really like to see some games being remade that have not yet been...I'm looking at you Chrono Trigger!


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5-10-2007 @ 10:05AM

JBGUY2K said...

You sure as hell know I'll be buying em as long as they're "remakes" and not ports of the same sprites and music. This was the very first final fantasy that I've ever played in my life(funny story about that)(I'll tell it anyway.)

I got FF2(FF4 japanese) from a friend of mine who used to live in the same apartments as I did. He said that his dad found it laying on the ground on some parking spaces around his office building. My friend didn't have a super nintendo, and he had no idea what final fantasy was. There I was, eyes wide open, and traded a shitty computer game for it. Greatest trade I've ever made.


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5-10-2007 @ 10:09AM

Chicago_Josh said...

I used to buy remakes, but there always seems to be something missing when they try to "soup it up." Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but there always seems to be something about everything that went into the original that made it what it was (the graphics were just as much a part of the experience as the gameplay.)


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5-10-2007 @ 10:23AM

Illtron said...

I'm in a tough situation right now because I really want to pick up the GBA version of FFIV, but I can't find it anywhere, even used. And $35 for the GBA FFVI is highway robbery. Compounding my frustration is the DS remake of FFIV, but I'm guessing we won't see that for for another year in the U.S.


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5-10-2007 @ 11:17AM

Chris said...

Based on our response to the original announcement, you guys pretty much already know the answer is yes we do.

I was talking to a friend about it, and my point is that even IF I don't want FF IV again (I do, SO HARD) - buying remakes means they will make OTHER ONES TOO. It's WORTH re-purchasing FF IV if it means I get a remake of Secret of Mana.


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5-10-2007 @ 12:04PM

blastcow said...

It really seems like the DSFANBOY writers are not into remake/re-releases.
This game was huge - we loved it when it came out. And I still like playing it. I like the idea of a fresh look at the game. A new 3d engine will get some graphics jaded young gamers to enjoy this game (as well as making it a more interesting for me too). They reprint books with new art - why not games as well?


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5-10-2007 @ 12:19PM

Jason said...

I'm all for Sqaure milking these properties for all their worth, so long as they deliver on some new properties I say keep them coming.



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5-10-2007 @ 1:14PM

troy said...

maybe they are for people who HAVEN'T played every single version of the game before... or at least maybe they CAN be for these people.


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5-10-2007 @ 1:15PM

blastcow said...

I wouldn't call it "milking" if there is a genuine audience with an interest for a game. I think of "milking" in the terms of "The Adventures of Young Cecil and Kain."


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5-10-2007 @ 2:35PM

vakerrokero said...

Everyone loves that game. I rather play old game remakes than their new X+ titles


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5-10-2007 @ 2:53PM

Kristi said...

Illtron: do you have access to Toys R Us? FF IV has been $19.99 there for the last several months, that's where I bought it.

I know it's hard to believe if you've been gaming forever, but not everyone has played FF and there are a lot of new DS owners who fall into that category. These new versions of classics are perfect for them. I would've held off on buying FF IV Advance if I knew about the DS remake. I'd never played it before so I wouldn't have known what I was missing. :) My introduction to FF was FF III DS.


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5-10-2007 @ 4:14PM

kdanarch said...

I will rebuy every Final Fantasy SNES game they're willing to put into 3d :0


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Plastic Rat14

5-10-2007 @ 9:33PM

Plastic Rat said...

For some gamers, like me, that grew up in 3rd world countries like South Africa, these are the first chance we get of playing these games.

If it wasn't for the remakes, I'd be missing out on a very important part of gaming history. As far as the 3D remakes, SURE! I'll buy that, they look great.

Ultimately, if the remakes were a bad idea, nobody would buy them. Nobody forces you to buy games, and they have plenty of new games coming out. If you don't like them, don't buy them. That's your vote right there.


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5-10-2007 @ 9:58PM

Ibrahim said...

Yeah, for people like me who missed the whole SNES generation, but really like the games of this era, this is a chance to play some great games for the first time. I bought FFIII, and it was the first FF game I have ever bought and I must say that it was pretty great. The only problem I had with it was the $40 price tag and the extreme lack of replayability/kind of monotony. After a while near the end I was just clicking A over and over again doing defend defend defend until I jleveled, which kind of made the last boss easier (thankfully, because if I had died after spending @1.5hrs climbing that f$%^ing tower to get to the boss, I would have thrown my DS at the nearest person I could see.) When I read reviews of it first, everyone was saying how difficult it was and so I kind of overcompensated by grinding like mad. I recently found a site that's sort of like a community for nintendo WFC people,, and I got someone else's FC and sent 7 messages, so now I'm trying to complete the hidden quest or whatever, so some more replay value but I wish there was something more to make it worth $40, not just the Final Fantasy name. Meh, why is a DS game almost as much as a console game?


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Ryan P.16

5-10-2007 @ 11:14PM

Ryan P. said...

Like alot of people, FF VII was the first game i played. And i keep hearing about how VI was the best pre-VII game to play. So i'll wait until that one comes out in 3D.

I won't play them all becaue FF games are so long I don't want to ruin the experience of VI by playng them all.

I have FF XII to keep me going for the rest of the year. That plays out to over 100 hours right?



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