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DS Daily: Overabundance and dearth

Water is pretty.The number of DS games given stateside release is now probably beyond 500 (we'd count up all the entries here but we're too lazy), but as in college campuses around the country, diversity can be a tricky beast. We've seen some great titles across the board, of course, but haven't you felt that the DS was a bit lacking in some areas, while watered down in others?

The most obvious absentees are the general JRPG and fighting genres. RPG experiences themselves aren't too difficult to come by, but standard fare (outside of remakes) is a bit harder to find. By and large the best fighting game for the DS, Jump Superstars, has never even been localized. When it comes to puzzle and racing genres, however, we're flooded with low-polish trash. Which genres do you feel are over- or under-represented, and of which would you like to see more?

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5-29-2007 @ 9:42AM

pas said...

Online world war shooter (ok BIA, but thats the only one)

Games like Monster Hunter or Zelda the Ocarina of time

AND Games like the incredible Machine.


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5-29-2007 @ 10:01AM

Covarr said...

For the most part, the puzzle games we have ARE trash. I promise that this will change, as Planet Puzzle League will easily be the best puzzle game on the DS, slightly surpassing Tetris DS, in much the same way that that Puzzle League on GBA (the one that came in a 2-pack with Dr. Mario) was better than Tetris Worlds on GBA, in much the same way Pokemon Puzzle League was better than any N64 incarnation of Tetris, and in much the same way Tetris Attack was better than the SNES Tetris & Dr. Mario.


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Brian R3

5-29-2007 @ 10:02AM

Brian R said...

I, like many others, think that the DS platform is awesome but (with a few notable exceptions) the games so far have been underwhelming at best. Some much needed games:

A good bowling sim (sorry Clubhouse Games but yours doesn't cut it)

A Magic the Gathering card game

A Diablo-like action RPG

How about a proper Street-Fighter port?

A sim game (looks like Sim-City may solve this)...

A Bridgebuilder port PUHLEeeeeeeZE!!


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5-29-2007 @ 10:07AM

Covarr said...

Also, there's only 206 DS games released in North America region. 205 if you think that Elf Bowling is too terrible a game to count.


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5-29-2007 @ 10:20AM

Saphion said...

Another Elite Beat Agents wouldn't go amiss!


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5-29-2007 @ 10:32AM

Mooga said...

I'm a big fan of puzzle games and platformers.

Puzzle wise I feel Tetris DS and Meteos are SOLID games. I also liked Magnetica although it feels a bit weak and unpolished to me.

Platformer wise, I got my DS for the New Super Mario Bros. game. It was very good but I felt it was on the shorter side. However Yoshi's Island DS is AMAZING and probably the best use of both screens I've ever seen. I'm also working on the first Castlevanina game for the DS and I'm loving it.

I would love a REAL Meteos sequel or another Yoshi's Island game. The fact that you can keep playing both games is awesome.

More online games would be nice though. I love playing Tetris DS online.


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5-29-2007 @ 10:42AM

jasnmb said...

I feel like the DS in general doesn't have enough games that appeal to adults. Yes, there are still a lot great games that anyone would love (i.e., NSMB, Mario Kart, Tetris, Brain Age, Clubhouse Games, etc.). But when I walk into a store and 85% of the games are Hanna Montana, Nintendogs, Pokemon (sorry Pokefanboys), Cooking Mama, and Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses, those just don't appeal to a man who is nearing 30.

Where are the Mortal Kombats, GTAs, and God of War type of games!? Not on the DS. Maybe I'll have to hombrew to get more blood and guts on my DS.


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5-29-2007 @ 10:50AM

Herby said...

Sorry but I completely disagreed w/ your opinions of the puzzle genre being flooded with trash. If anything that's the current strength of the DS. Even the lesser known releases have been solid little games from my experience. So far I have:
Meteos Disney
Puzzle Quest
Zoo Keeper

And I plan on picking up at least a few more of the recent ones. I'm actually thinking Quickspot, Trioncube or Pogo Island may be next - but probably once Pogo drops to $20. Puzzlers have always fit handheld systems well, and the DS is doing great in the genre.


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5-29-2007 @ 1:34PM

Crass said...

Theres currently a little over 1100 DS games released world wide, but only a small fraction of thoes are US/PAL, and the majority being Japanese.
I love puzzle and strategy games, but basically I like all DS games, even the crappy ones like Feel the Magic.
Also even though Jump Super Stars hasn't been officially localized does not mean you can play an unofficially localized version of the game with this patch:


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5-29-2007 @ 5:29PM

imtraum said...

Most lacking is definitely good, solid RPGs that aren't just remakes. I've been keeping myself busy with GBA games when I need my RPG fix, but it'll be nice to get some new ones soon. Most of the RPGs available are either remakes are just crap.

As for puzzle and racing games... We have Tetris DS, and quite a few other good games like Meteos. And Mariokart DS being low-polish trash? Hardly. There's not much variety in those genres, but there are a few really awesome titles.


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5-29-2007 @ 6:37PM

Crass said...


You realize there was like no good RPGs for the GBA for the like first 3 years of its life except for Golden Sun 1 right? Give it time.


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5-30-2007 @ 12:16AM

salchemist said...

I thought Bleach DS was a better fighting game than Jump Superstars.


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5-30-2007 @ 4:53AM

Wilerson said...

I feel that DS lacks good sport games. Mario Hoops 3-on-3 wasn't so good and Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 was horrible.

Oh, and where is the new Advance Wars with online play? Or the Pokémon MMORPG?


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