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DS Daily: Choice accessories

All it really takes to have a good time with your DS is a game or two, but we tend to add in a few accessories for comfort's sake ... and maybe for a bit of personalization as well. What do you go in for? Case, special headphones, or perhaps a different stylus? We want to hear about your choices. What accessories do you consider absolutely necessary? Screen protectors -- that's our pick, and yet we're surprised by how many people venture out with a bare screen.

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6-11-2007 @ 9:23AM

hvnlysoldr said...

I got a cheap screen protector. The top one still had a name on it. I bought a mints tin shaped as a NES controller as well as the DS Lite browser at the Nintendo World Store. Totally using that as a case.


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6-11-2007 @ 9:29AM

strider_mt2k said...

Mild sauce, but:

PDA Panache Stylus

I have a set of Sandisk Sansa e200 earbuds that are only mediocre for music, but ideal for the DS and match it's killer onyx-nes perfectly.

I also picked up a rumble pak for the GBA slot, but I wouldn't call that a necessary accessory.

I came very close to equipping my system with homebrew carts for both slots, but my gaming has fallen off over the last couple of years and I can't justify the expense at the moment.


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6-11-2007 @ 9:35AM

Phil said...

I have a couple of cheap-ass headphones I picked up off Woot; like the previous poster, they're terrible for music but great for the DS. I actually do like to listen to the sound sometimes.

Past that: I have a couple extensible styli I picked up from Play-Asia for pennies, the Pokemon Diamond stylus swag (which I like sometimes, since it's the size of a freakin' pen), the official Nintendo DS headset (times used: once), and a case for holding my games (it holds a whopping 9, meaning it's easily been outstripped and I kind of want to get ahold of the Penguin one posted here earlier [at least, I think it was here]).

Cheapest accessory: the crappy adhesive plastic holding my serial number to the back of my DS began to wear off, so the back of my Lite now sports a piece of invisible Scotch tape. You can't see it unless I hold it at an angle where the edge of the tape's visible.


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6-11-2007 @ 10:01AM

ConstyXIV said...

Stylus: stock DS Lite stylus (black)
Standard headphones: Sennheiser PX-100 (black)
Voice chat headphones: Turtle Beach Earforce D2 (black)
Screen guard: Pelican DS Lite screen protectors
Game storage: My wallet
Homebrew: EZ-FlashV with expansion pack, 1GB Kingston microSD
DS case: None!

The headphones I use (the Sennheisers) are actually really nice headphones, and well worth the $40


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6-11-2007 @ 10:28AM

Robert said...

Default DS stylus (white)and a DS case imported from Japan.

I need to invest in screen protectors before it's too late.


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6-11-2007 @ 11:07AM

Sarah said...

Are screen protectors really necessary? I've never had them mostly because I'm obsessive about a clear screen (I use the little screen wipe daily) and am afraid the little plastic protectors will get fuzzy or bubble and peel..and we can't have that..


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6-11-2007 @ 2:33PM

Crass said...

Yeah Screen Protectors are important, theyre cheap and theyll save your screen from getting majorly scratched if that ever occurs. You can get a pair of Invisishields for like 4 bucks or less.
My only accesory for my DS lite is a crappy old Max Media Dock, It has so-so homebrew/rom abilities.


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6-11-2007 @ 2:43PM

Zuko said...

4. Stylus: stock DS Lite stylus (black) here!
Standard headphones: Some Panasonics, i don't know the model
Voice chat headphones: none T___T
Screen guard: Generic Palm Screen protectors
Homebrew: M3 miniSD v.1 with 1 gb Kingston miniSD
DS case: A Gameboy Color one!!1


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Al Miller9

6-11-2007 @ 3:13PM

Al Miller said...

I have a cheap set of behind the neck headphones. $8.

I bought a set of 3 plastic game cases that hold three games each. $5

And on a clearance rack I bought a small carrying case that has a pouch that will hold an extra stylus and two of the game cases. It also had a stupid plastic/rubber holder that the DS was supposed to be able to slide into, allowing you to play games without completely removing the DS from the case. It only took one try before I got a razor blabe and get rid of that. Total for the case was $6

I think I've got a good setup and I've even got a slightly bigger case that used to hold an old Zip Drive that holds the DS, all manuals, all three of the above mentioned game cases, headphones, charger and even the mini case. I use that when I have to take EVERYTHING on loooong trips.



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6-11-2007 @ 10:34PM

cheez said...

My accessories! Let me show you them!

Hori screen protector (AN ABSOLUTE MUST!!!!!!!111)
Stock stylus
E3 promo white DS case!!


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6-12-2007 @ 7:12AM

SpazCat said...

I have several game cases, as well as several ds cases. As for a stylus, I use a stock stylus for my white ds. I also have screen protectors, but for me the real magic is in the games.


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6-13-2007 @ 1:38AM

genghisbunny said...

Screen protector, DS phat case, game case.

M3 perfect miniSD with 1GB and 2x2GB cards.
Bookshelf for carefully alphabetised game collection
old Phillips "can" headphones for Ouendan/EBA


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