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Full trailer for Dementium: The Ward

We've seen the tiniest of teasers, but now we can enjoy the full trailer for the upcoming title Dementium: The Ward. From this short video, the debut from developer Renegade Kid looks a little like the recent Touch the Dead, but with a few more character models. And should we be surprised? The games have a similar basic premise -- guy awakens in hospital and finds he must fight for his life -- but Dementium is more than just a shooter ... and it seems to have a few more character models to boot.

Publisher Gamecock has really been all over the DS lately, and from the looks of these releases, we hope they decide to stay.

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7-02-2007 @ 4:27PM

phanboy_iv said...

Could be good.
Shotguns + Zombies is never a bad thing.
Add good atmosphere, and you got a winner.


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7-02-2007 @ 6:14PM

ssuk said...

Even capcom realised that you can't have great atmosphere on a console that has less than 100Mhz CPU power... You can't have decent 3D models and textures without the game slowing down to crap, you have to factor in music and even then the DS has a max cart size of 128mb so even if you chose the route of real music in-game (let's say CRIware ADX... That's 10% of the DS' overall CPU power gone already).
The game looks like it's trying too hard to be Condemned (Xbox 360) meets Resident Evil/Silent Hill and... Although I'll reserve full judgement until I play it... I don't think it will work. But, here's to the best and hope it can proove me wrong.


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7-02-2007 @ 7:46PM

Covarr said...

A warning would be nice. I didn't realize that the video would start on its own, as most that get posted here on DS Fanboy (or the other fanboy blogs or Joystiq) don't.

This game looks sweet. I hope it doesn't turn out to suck the way other good-looking games have a habit of doing.


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7-02-2007 @ 8:22PM

Kefka said...

Wait, the publisher is called Gamecock? :D


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7-02-2007 @ 8:22PM

elh said...

ssuck stop trying to be clever, you know nothing of how the ds hardware functions and you are talking utter crap. The ds cannot physically render more than 2000 polys per frame. Any more wont appear and can therefore not slow down fps. Sound is done entirely on the second (arm 7) processor and sound formats such as ADPCM are entirely hardware accelerated. 3rd party devs do not have access to the arm7 cpu therefore no amount of sound can have any performance impact (nor wifi which is also arm7). Can you honestly say resident evil 1-3 had no atmosphere? Ds is more powerful than the psone so...


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7-02-2007 @ 10:25PM

LordZombie1 said...

Im looking forward to playing this game...


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7-03-2007 @ 3:19PM

Afello said...

I will greatly admit I have nonewhatsoever knowledge of processing powers, chips, arm7 processors and what other magicstuff that is cranked into my lovely DS. But I think that the screen size could seriously stand in the way of a terrifying experience. Sure, playing in total darkness would help a lot, but I fear that it might be like watching a movie on your DS... you will enjoy it but never get sucked in. But hell, with a developer that's named Gamecock you could get sucked in... in the long run it looks TouchtheDead tongue in cheek nice! Let's wait and play/see.


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