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Poll results: Playing favorites

In the midst of our celebration of all things Zelda, we asked you to choose, once and for all, your favorites from the franchise (up to, but not including Phantom Hourglass). It was a hard fight, but as many might have guessed, Ocarina of Time snatched the console title away from A Link to the Past. The handheld fight was a little closer -- skip on past the break to see the results of that wrestling match -- but votes were very much weighed in favor of two of the five titles, whereas votes on the console games were more spread out.

The final results might not have been too surprising when it comes to the winner, but the fact that every single game got at least a few votes certainly is. Now that's the mark of a good franchise!

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10-05-2007 @ 1:09AM

iofthestorm said...

Meh, when was this? Minish Cap are you kidding? It was good, but short, the Oracle duo were way better. Perhaps they should have been listed as a single game since you could link them. Although I remember preferring one over the other, probably Ages, and I think it was generally agreed that one of them had more puzzles and was harder. Either way, both were awesome.


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JC Fletcher2

10-05-2007 @ 1:40AM

JC Fletcher said...

Well, now I'm going to have to play NES Zelda even HARDER to make up for the other people.


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Alisha Karabinus3

10-05-2007 @ 1:46AM

Alisha Karabinus said...

I'm right there with you, JC.


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BPM (FDF - Hypno-Toad)4

10-05-2007 @ 5:33AM

BPM (FDF - Hypno-Toad) said...

I guess I'm a little sad the votes aren't spread out more.

Zelda II deserves more love than it gets. For being the one game that truly tried something different, it was completely lambasted by most critics. But if you appreciate it for the kind of game it is, and not that it wasn't a clone of the original Zelda with new dungeons, you'll see it truly is a great game.

The Oracles games deserve more love, too. Capcom/Flagship delivered not just one, but TWO truly epic adventures at once. And you get them both and do the crossover mode? Massive epic!

Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures were excellent as well. The multiplayer mode in Phantom Hourglass makes me yearn for a new Four Swords. I think FSA might've been more appreciated if we got more bang for our buck; it would've been nice if they didn't leave Navi Trackers out of the package. I own the Japanese version, and I will tell you that Navi Trackers is the best part of Four Swords+.

Am I the only one who liked Majora's Mask more than Ocarina of Time? The characters, the plot, the gimmicks... It was all better/more interesting than OoT. I know people complain about the lesser number of dungeons, but the game still had a lot of meat to it.

Now for what I think what deserves less love:
Twilight Princess - It was fun, but I felt like it was missing something. While I won't say it's "OoT for GameCube" as some claim (because it has plenty to distinguish itself from OoT), I didn't find it all that compelling, despite its long development time.

Minish Cap - While another great effort from Flagship, it was just WAY too short. And unlike Majora's Mask, it didn't have enough in the side-quest department to beef up the adventure.

Ocarina of Time - Don't get me wrong, it is a great game. I just feel that Majora's Mask was superior to it.

And all I have to say is LttP deserves the love it gets. It's still the best the series has to offer yet, 2D or 3D.


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10-05-2007 @ 7:16AM

Crazylink said...

A simple plurality vote shouldn't have been used. The Borda method would take into account the order of anyone's favorites.


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Michael C. Sherrin6

10-05-2007 @ 9:50AM

Michael C. Sherrin said...

Ocarina of Time just set the 3D Zelda standard. It has a warm place in my heart. Fond childhood memories. I first Legend of Zelda when I was like 6 and had no idea at all what to do, so I'm a little bitter.


Michael C. Sherrin


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10-05-2007 @ 2:01PM

chispito said...

As much as I want to agree with JC, I have to wonder at how impossible LoZ would have been if everyone didn't have a friend who told him where everything was or lent him his NP mag.

Seriously, the clues to where some of the dungeon entrances are are just mindbogglingly obscure.


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10-05-2007 @ 3:38PM

Antonio said...

As someone who played Zelda since the early days, I agree with OoT placing first. LttP and the original are undoubtedly classics, but OoT included several key innovations that have survived and even transitioned to the 2D efforts.


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