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DS Daily: What's your least favorite Zelda title?

Since earlier this week, we've been arguing about the best of all possible Zeldas, but it's time to discuss the worst. From the votes (or lack thereof), we might guess that Four Swords Adventures might take the prize, but we guess that the real answer may be more complex than that. So tell us -- which game captivated you the least? Did you finish it, or put it aside? What didn't appeal to you -- and why do your favorites appeal more?

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21. Four Swords Adventures and Link's Awakening are the only Zelda games I've never played, so I'm leaving them out of my judgment. In all honesty, of all the Zelda games I've ever played, my least favorite was Majora's Mask. It's not wrong for a game to depart in some significant way from a franchise, but when the departure kills the spirit of the game, that's when the line should be drawn. A timed game runs so severely counter to Zelda's core concepts of adventure and exploration that I couldn't endure it. Admittedly, I loved the overall darker feel, but it just wasn't enough to overcome the unenjoyablness of time limits.

Posted at 12:28PM on Oct 5th 2007 by Orville the Unfathomable Time Walrus

22. Majora's Mask I didn't like so much.

I loved Zelda II!!!

I also loved Castlevania II and Mario II. In some ways my favorites of each series.

Posted at 12:54PM on Oct 5th 2007 by thisguyrighthere

23. You should've made a poll for this :)

My least favorite is Zelda II, because although it's a decent game, it really can't compare to the quality of every other Zelda title (IMO).

Next is the Wind Waker. I didn't like sailing and I really, REALLY dislike pirates (both kinds :)) Hopefully these factors won't affect my PH experience, which I'm loving so far.

Posted at 12:58PM on Oct 5th 2007 by sergioalb64

24. Four Swords is an absolute blast if you have four people together. It's great fun. By yourself... probably the weakest game. For me though, Majora's Mask was the first Zelda I didn't beat and totally flip out over.

Posted at 1:18PM on Oct 5th 2007 by belston

25. Anyonne who said Link's Adventure just never played it through. Simple as that.

Majora's Mask was boring...not terrible, just really, really boring IMO.

Posted at 1:25PM on Oct 5th 2007 by HellsHammer

26. Phantom Hourglass.

Seriously. The stylus controls are intolerable at times, especially during boss battles. I've never hated Zelda controls before. It's absolutely killing the game for me.

Posted at 1:38PM on Oct 5th 2007 by jw

27. Twilight Princess is the one I liked the least...

Not that it was a bad Zelda game, I just wasn't as captivated by the art direction. It felt "dated" right from release, while my favorite, Wind Waker, had an art style that will look good forever, no matter what technical advances might come in future Nintendo consoles.

Posted at 1:50PM on Oct 5th 2007 by InvisibleMan

28. I guess it was Link's Adventure. It never felt like the original to me, and I couldn't get over the sidescrolling. We're not just talking about a secret passageway here or there, it was the meat of the game.

Granted, I have never played any of the 3d iterations.

Posted at 1:55PM on Oct 5th 2007 by chispito

29. Of what Zelda games I've played (all of them except the CD-i and OoA), my least favorite was Zelda 2. And yes, it was the style of play that turned me off. Not to say the game is bad, it just isn't as fun as the other games.

Four Swords Adventures is incredibly fun if you have more than 2 people. Two of my friends and I played it all summer and had a blast. The only game we've had more fun with was Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Posted at 2:23PM on Oct 5th 2007 by Paul S.

30. Hmmm, Four Swords Adventures will likely never be played again. I could never get four people together for that.

Zelda II is fun. But the maddening Ironknuckles and the occasional 'blind jump' makes it a chore.

The Oracle games were good, but the music in some parts was just torture, even for the GBC. I remember an underwater theme that forced me to turn down the volume every time I went through the area.

So yeah definitely Four Swords Adventures (should have been online anyway) followed by the Oracle games (the archaic hardware definitely justifies a remake somewhere down the line).

Posted at 2:33PM on Oct 5th 2007 by Antonio

31. twilight princess.

absolutely awful, with the exception of the bridge fight with the goblin riding a boar, it was just suck.

you take ocarina of time, add in some shapeshifting from majora, and you get tp, just with sucky graphics this time.

5/10. i was bored 95% of the time.

Posted at 4:42PM on Oct 5th 2007 by harrison

32. Uhh, my least favorite... The Oracle set. It's two, but I didn't like either of them.

Posted at 5:06PM on Oct 5th 2007 by Julia

33. I'm in the minority here, I know. But Ocarina of Time. I never owned an N64, so I played it on the Gamecube, and was severely underwhelmed. Of course comparing it to the graphics of Wind Waker isn't fair. And I tried giving it a chance. But I feel that it became dated too quickly. Especially considering that I can download Link to the Past on the VC and enjoy it just fine.

Posted at 5:24PM on Oct 5th 2007 by TD

34. I haven't played Zelda II, but I've seen screenies/vids, and It seems out of place. MM wasn't really that bad, I like the dark atmosphere and stuff, but it wasn't much in the sense of adventure. You felt you were in a big circle with a city in the middle...and that's good because that's how it WAS. However, the time elements, masks, and dungeons were pretty good.

My least favorite would probably be Oracle of Ages. I liked the minish cap, even though parts were tedious, it was pretty good. Ages had some glitches (which is why I never finished it), and it had a dull atmosphere. Other than that, I DID like it, because the dungeons were fun, so that goes to show that even my least favorite of the series was good.

Posted at 5:47PM on Oct 5th 2007 by dreamparacite

35. The Oracle games actually. I just could not get into them for some reason. I have found that most of the people who hate Majora's Mask or Legend of Zelda II actually have never completed them. I have completed both and think that Zelda II is a bit under rated and could have used some more polish; but Majora's Mask was perfect and was the best infusion of horror into the franchise. It was also one of the most emotional ones in the franchise. Besides, Majora's Mask had more play options and DEPTH than Ocarina of Time.. despite having less dungeons. Remember that Majora's Mask had those three masks that change your form, each with their own moves, weaknesses, instruments, et cetra. The bosses were pretty tough, it also had the most bad-ass Link transformation ever in that final mask. It also had the most disturbing new "characters" like the Mask Salesman, Toilet Hand, Tingle, and that moon. The game was actually tense and the last "area" was more SILENT HILL than Legend of Zelda. The levels were brilliance that could not be denied, especially the dungeon you flipped over or the water dungeon. The water boss was that horrible fish. The water creature in Ocarina of Time has NOTHING on that damn fish. The game also features some of the most satisfying sub-quests ever. From shooting down aliens to reuniting a Father and Daughter. If you failed on those sub-quests, they even made you feel *really* guilty. If you've visited the farm after failing the alien shoot down... you know what I mean. Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time have their moments of sadness and terror; but they are not anywhere as cruel, and unforgiving as Majora's Mask is in that regard. Majora's Mask remains one of the more mature Legend of Zelda titles... ever.

Posted at 6:12PM on Oct 5th 2007 by Philip Wesley


The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening.

Posted at 10:01PM on Oct 5th 2007 by padgon

37. I gotta say Twilight princess

It's not a bad game, on the contrary, but what hooked my in Zelda was the "wow" feeling & from playing OOT for the first time .... Twilight doesn't make me go "wow" ... it was too much like OOT.

Posted at 10:01PM on Oct 5th 2007 by Philippe

38. I'm gunna have to say OoT. i know that many of you will not be happy to hear this, but i played WW before i played OoT, so my opinion is probably biased. anyways the action is slow, the dialog is slow, the story is confusing, and it just gives me a headache playing it. i like WW more because everything is smoother, the GC controller is much better, the action is faster, and i love the stylized graphics that they used. but my all time favorite is TP, mainly because of the more cinematic cut scenes and the captivating character development.

Posted at 10:48PM on Oct 5th 2007 by Rodney

39. Zelda II is by far something I just can't get into and I keep giving up on it after the first dungeon, which is unfair, I know, but the change in style just irritates me, and it would irritate me even if it weren't Zelda. Heck, if there were a Zelda platformer that played like Super Mario Bros. I'd be incredibly satisfied. The gameplay of Zelda II is just tedious - I've never been one for most RPGs - and I fear that I will never be able to finish the game. *sigh* The combat just sucks, too. Still, I bought the GBA Classic NES port out of my OCD-level of Zelda completeness. I really wish they'd make a enhanced remake just so I can try again, though.

Posted at 2:33AM on Oct 6th 2007 by Seraph_X3

40. Probably Majora's mask. It is the only console Zelda game I never even cared about owning. I've pre ordered and bought every console zelda game since Zelda III (even four swords for the GC) except for Majora's Mask. For some reason the game never was a big deal to me and I have no idea why. My best friend is a huge Zelda fan and even he didn't buy it when it came out.

The only reason I have it is because it came in the collectors edition on the game cube and I haven't even loaded it up to play it. If I had a chance to play either that or the CDI zelda games I would probably choose the CDI games because of their pure awesomeness in suckage.

Posted at 10:52AM on Oct 6th 2007 by knocturnal

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