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Many of us cart our DS systems around with us all over the place, planning to play a bit between classes, or in the waiting room, or just whenever an opportune moment occurs. But where do you consider an inappropriate DS-playing location? For a surprisingly large number of you, the bathroom is not such a location. But a Halloween party? Inappropriate!

Where might you decide naah, maybe now is not the time? In a restaurant? A movie theater? In class? During a job interview? Climbing a mountain? In the cockpit of the Space Shuttle? While exchanging wedding vows?

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11-11-2007 @ 10:42AM

Phil said...

I see lots of kids in church with a DS. Whether you're religious or not, it's pretty disrespectful. Though I don't blame the kids; church is always boring for the kids. Guess it all comes back to the whole "parents' responsibility" argument.


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11-11-2007 @ 10:42AM

Brello said...

I actually had my DS in my suit pocket during a job interview just the other day. Granted, it was an accident and it never saw the light of, er, indoors during the interview.


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11-11-2007 @ 10:50AM

Croove55 said...

Me and my friends used to play Tetris and Mario Kart constantly during AP Calculus. The teacher didn't care, because that way we weren't disrupting the class as badly. I actually managed to pass that class somehow. IT WAS GOOD TIMES. But now I'm in college. THE TIMES ARE NOT AS GOOD.


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11-11-2007 @ 11:52AM

ardzeii said...


*is reminded of his classmate playing Portrait of Ruin while in one of his classes*


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11-11-2007 @ 12:14PM

hvnlysoldr said...

I was saludatorian, second in class after valedictorian, and was one of four selected student speakers at my high school graduation. 1st, 2nd, student elected, and faculty elected. During the student elected's speech- him being the kid easily made fun of by the honor class kids- I played around with a mini-Rubix Cube. If I had a DS then I wouldn't have played it back then. It would have been a little conspicous enough with a Rubix Cube.


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11-11-2007 @ 12:22PM

Don said...

At a funeral... no matter how much you just want to "finish off one more level" on your favourite new game.... INAPPROPRIATE!

(Though playing DS can possibly help with the grieving process, especially if the recently deceased is someone you don't know well, like a distant relative of your in-laws....)


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11-11-2007 @ 12:40PM

tcgiant said...

I play Picross and FFTA during my art history classes. It's boring. :(


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11-11-2007 @ 1:52PM

Shinshoko said...

I just played during my Sociology lecture a few days ago. I couldn't resist! Tetris WiFi


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11-11-2007 @ 2:10PM

Abby said...

I try to keep off of it during any social event, unless the particular event has a lot of DS players (multiplayer battles!) or I'm in a situation where I just don't care.
In my developmental psychology textbook a few years back, the full-page picture to illustrate the title of one of the "young adult" pages was a young woman playing with a Game Boy Color at her graduation. Seriously.


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11-11-2007 @ 2:30PM

Morose said...

Inappropriate places to play DS:
1) at the office - as much as work feels like a too-long minigame, they're not paying me to edit my Drawn to Life avatars.

2) In the middle of romantic getaways. http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/1999/07/14 sums it up. The exception to this is if you are on a romantic getaway with a fellow gamer, in which case a DS in your pants could be a Very Good Thing.


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11-11-2007 @ 4:08PM

DomoBraden said...

1. While showering/bathing.
2. While riding a bike.
3. While skydiving...well actually that might be cool.
4. While skiing or snowboarding...or skateboarding.
5. While in a coma.
6. While in an Amish colony.


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Deuz Augustine12

11-11-2007 @ 4:48PM

Deuz Augustine said...

Croove55, you read Dinosaur Comics, don't you? I'm saying that because everyone who types like that -- including myself -- does.


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Deuz Augustine13

11-11-2007 @ 4:48PM

Deuz Augustine said...

Croove55, you read Dinosaur Comics, don't you? I'm saying that because everyone who types like that -- including myself -- does.


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Evangelist Pinto14

11-11-2007 @ 5:41PM

Evangelist Pinto said...

lol, if I Play DS while taking a shower, then there is no innapropiate place for me. XD


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11-11-2007 @ 7:29PM

shaoron said...

how about during thesis meetings...


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11-11-2007 @ 11:04PM

Croove55 said...

Deuz, you are a man or woman who knows his or her webcomics.


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11-12-2007 @ 12:17AM

HawthorneKitty said...

You shouldn't play your DS if you are doing something that needs your full attention. =]


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11-12-2007 @ 1:06AM

stan said...

@11 ,
skydiving with a DS looks like fun



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Strike Man19

11-12-2007 @ 2:47AM

Strike Man said...

Inappropriate place to play a DS?

Anywhere within 500 feet of Clive Clemmons. You don't play the DS in front of a Rock God of that calibur unless you want to be seeing the Potato Judge in the morning.


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11-12-2007 @ 2:48AM

Miranda said...

Funeral, no ... but the social gathering after, yes. When my brother died last year, I had my DS in my purse at the prayer service the night before the funeral, and my nephew (my brother's 7-year-old son) had his with him. During the social time after the service, we played Mario Kart together. It was 60% me being a good aunt and keeping my nephew occupied during a difficult time, and 40% me keeping myself occupied during a difficult time.

In class: I don't think it's appropriate. I'm taking a community college class, and there's a student in the class who often sits and plays his DS all through the class. I find that impolite. If you have to play games during class, at least use your laptop so you could conceivably be taking notes. Using a DS is pretty blatant; you might as well hold up a sign that says "This class is boring." (I realize several of you have said you do play your DS during classes; I'm not trying to dis you.)

In the movies: sure, why not, as long as the light doesn't bother anyone else and you don't have the sound on (or you use headphones).

At a live theater: Oh, how I have wanted to ... but no, I wouldn't do that. Maybe you could get away with it, if you were seated far from other patrons and no one at the theater knew you. The theater I usually go to, I'm a member of, and everyone knows me. So I can't get away with it, but there have certainly been some plays during which I would have liked to.

Church: I'm an atheist and even I wouldn't do that. I'd want to, but I wouldn't do it. (Of course, the only times I go to church are for weddings and funerals, but even at a regular service, I think it's pretty disrespectful.)

Backstage when you're in a play: Risky. I almost missed a couple of entrances because I was playing Chibi Robo Park Patrol instead of paying attention to the scene before mine. :-)


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