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Space Invaders streamed

We've been hyping Space Invaders Extreme relentlessly since we saw the first screens. And now that Ruliweb has made a gameplay video available, we're going to have to up our efforts. The screens and description do nothing to convey the brilliance of this game, which not only speeds up the pace of Space Invaders significantly, but adds power-ups and quickly shifting challenges, all set to a thumping soundtrack (which, to some DS Fanboy ears, evokes Genesis's "Invisible Touch") and flashy visuals.

Space Invaders Extreme, in imitation of Rez, seems to time the collisions between bullets and enemies to the music, such that every explosion sets off an appropriate sound effect in time to the music. It worked to give Rez a rhythm-game feel without actually making it a rhythm game. Along with, of course, the cyber-psychedelic visuals and the optional Trance Vibrator, the musical integration just helped to make the whole experience more hypnotic. We knew that Space Invaders would probably feature something like that, but seeing it in action really shows how effective the technique is. We have watched this video at least five times already, and we're going to keep watching.

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11-27-2007 @ 7:19PM

Afterlifer82 said...

WOW I am definitely buying this, space invaders with powerups. That one Dodonpachi powerup looks amazing.


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11-27-2007 @ 7:36PM

Waffala said...

This game looks amazing, I was beginning to wonder if I had missed the release because you stopped writing about it, but way to go on this video. It's so beautiful.


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11-27-2007 @ 8:00PM

hvnlysoldr said...



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11-27-2007 @ 8:17PM

TCGiant said...



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11-27-2007 @ 9:08PM

Martin said...

reinventing the wheel?


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11-27-2007 @ 9:12PM

Brello said...

Was I the only one to put windows in front of the video to block out the sides? Game looks pretty awesome!


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11-28-2007 @ 1:16AM

jesus_bon_jovi said...

sounds like Rez but it doesnt look like Rez needs more BASS. I wonder if it comes with a "Trance Vibrator"


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11-28-2007 @ 8:38PM

ManekiNeko said...

Hmm... Taito tried this before on the PSP, and it wasn't very good. Remember Space Invaders: Galaxy Beat? It was supposed to be a fusion of music games and shoot 'em ups, and it stunk!


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