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Phantom Hourglass ranks at 7 on Time's top 10 games of 2007 list

Frankly, we're shocked. Number 7 is a very respectable spot for any game, considering we're talking about the 10 best games of the year, but come on. This is The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass we're talking about here, folks. It's an amazing title and arguable the best in what has been an amazing year full of quality titles on the DS. Heck, this time of year, we can't think of a better gift than a Phantom Hourglass bundle.

Besides Phantom Hourglass, what would you consider to be the best of the best on the DS this year?

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12-11-2007 @ 5:33PM

nil said...

Etrian Odyssey, Custom Robo Arena and Bleach DS are also great games.


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12-11-2007 @ 5:34PM

Granteezy said...

Contra 4, and Puzzle Quest fo sho!


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12-11-2007 @ 6:56PM

hydralisk456 said...

I agree with everyone above me but I also must add Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. An RTS with just a few pathfinding errors that I can take on the bus equals a very fun time!


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12-11-2007 @ 7:30PM

Meatstiq said...

Eh, I found Phantom Hourglass amazingly disappointing to tell you the
truth. The swordplay was fun, and it had some neat innovations in the
puzzle department - and don't get me started on how much I love the
fact that you can draw on the map, but I can't believe they pulled
that Temple of the Ocean King.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be a troll. Zelda is probably my favorite series of all time,
but I just can't bear to enter that temple another god damn time, let
alone another 3-4. Seriously, fuck that. Was it necessary to make you do the same parts over and over again AND time you? Come on Nintendo,
don't play with my heart like this.


As for the article, the list is awful. Mario at #4? BioShock at #5? Halo at #1 bothers me, mostly because they didn't even use the real boxart for the game.


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12-11-2007 @ 7:31PM

Meatstiq said...

Why did it make my post all wonky? :/

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12-11-2007 @ 9:22PM

tamriel said...

Geometry Wars Galaxies (which is quite manly too) and Puzzle Quest.


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12-11-2007 @ 9:36PM

Greg said...

I LOVED Phantom Hourglass. I'm not a "hardcore" gamer, but I am really into gaming. In fact, I loved PH so much more than LoZ: Twilight Princess. I just like to play, I don't need a "hard" game. I hate how much I had to look at walkthroughs to play TP....


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Deuz Augustine8

12-12-2007 @ 11:57PM

Deuz Augustine said...

Twilight Princess was absurdly easy, and I absolutely suck at video games.

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12-11-2007 @ 10:30PM

sergioalb64 said...

Hotel Dusk, Puzzle Quest, Pokemon Diamond / Pearl, Phoenix Wright 3, and Picross DS, in no particular order.


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12-11-2007 @ 11:35PM

manaman said...


I must be a total newbie, but where the heck is this "Top 10" list? I mean, who said so? And from what I read in the comments, "Halo" wins? What's up with that?




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Benjamin L.11

12-12-2007 @ 10:59AM

Benjamin L. said...

Front Mission!


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Pizza Pasta12

12-12-2007 @ 11:41AM

Pizza Pasta said...

Pro Yakyuu Famista DS, no?


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12-12-2007 @ 3:11PM

bombtrak said...

Contra 4...tons of bang for the buck.

Puzzle Quest as well...until my save file mysteriously disapppeared... :(


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12-13-2007 @ 9:27PM

Guzzie said...

Phantom Hourglass is a disgrace to the Zelda namesake. Easily the worst one of the series(sans the bastard child CD-i games.)

The stylus controls absolutely kill the gameplay. It works great for the boomerang and swordplay however for running around and rolling it's abysmal. I loved Link's awakening and the Oracle series. Minish cap was slightly disappointing, yet it stayed true to the Zelda spirit. I was skeptical of Twilight Princess, and I enjoyed every second of gameplay, yet I found WindWaker to feel more epic. I had high hopes for Phantom Hourglass because of this, and it is not the quality that I expected at all.


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12-14-2007 @ 9:59PM

Tom said...


Thank you! Finally someone else with some sense. Zelda: PH is a truely horrible experience when compared to most other Zelda games. If I can't see the screen because half of it is obscured by my hand, that's a huge obstacle to my enjoyment of the game. I wish they had given the option for traditional controls. I finished the first few dungeons, then just gave up due to the sloppy gameplay. Minish cap, on the other hand, was a great Zelda game, possbily my favorite, although Wind Waker was amazing too.


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