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DS Daily: The Order

With Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia releasing on the DS this past week, how many of you have jumped into the latest Castlevania title? Have you finished it yet, ready to offer your opinions on the game's overall worth? Are you planning on picking it up? Or, do you think the frnachise needs a reboot or some other overhaul to freshen up what you think is a stale series? Let's talk Castlevania!

DS Daily: Ys or no

Atlus will publish Interchannel's DS remakes of the endlessly remade first two Ys games to North America next year. Japanese gamers are pretty familiar with Falcom and their venerable ARPG series, but it never really caught on outside of Japan, despite a decent number of releases making it over here on the Sega Master System, Turbografx-16 CD-Rom, Super NES, and other systems.

How familiar are you with Ys? Did you pass over the Virtual Console release in anticipation of the announcement of this DS game? Did that recent release pique your curiosity about the series? Or has Atlus's involvement gotten your attention? Alternately, you love these two games so much that you'll pick them up on every available system?

[Wallpaper found here]

DS Daily: Chocobo vs. chocobo

With two chocobo-centric games heading to the DS, cash-poor gamers may have to make a terrible decision: chocobo, or chocobo? Oh, the horror! They're both adorable, but one is packed with mini-games based on familiar stories, and the other is based on familiar (as in, old school) gameplay packed with aspects that will kick your ass. Similar in some ways, they are, but in the end? Very different.

If forced to choose, which would be your one chocobo game to rule them all: Cid and Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon: Maze of Time DS+ or Chocobo and the Magic Storybook: The Witch and the Girl and the Five Heroes.

DS Daily: Three hundred dollars

If you want to import a Nintendo DSi at launch, that's what you're going to have to pay -- that is, if you can even get one. That's about $100 over its retail price, for a system with only two confirmed launch titles (the browser and the notepad program) and only two more known titles (mini-Brain Ages) on the way.

Have the prices affected your decision, if you were previously planning to grab one? Or have the reports of rarity, which are helping to drive those high prices, accelerated the decision process?

Gallery: Nintendo DSi

DS Daily: Keeping a record

While we're still not fully convinced the DSi is the second coming of awesome, some of the features are undoubtedly neat. We spoke a little about the camera and some of the photo manipulation possibilities the other day, but another feature of the DSi (that also has nothing to do with gaming) is the ability to create an album-of-days, or basically, a photo diary on your DSi.

It's a neat idea, considering a lot of people carry their handhelds around nearly everywhere, though it certainly won't convince anyone to buy the reimagined handheld by itself (probably). What do you think of the feature? Is it something you would use, provided you had a DSi?

DS Daily: DSindifference

Here's an unthinkable thought: could the DSi actually flop? Earlier this week, GamePro speculated that there was a distinct lack of buzz around the upgraded handheld. This viewpoint was based on the fact that DSi reservation tickets (essentially guarantees that you'll get your desired product on launch day without the need to queue for hours) have hardly been setting Japanese auction sites alight.

We'd personally offer one of our limbs for a Japanese DSi at launch, but we also know that our reader's views on the DSi vary from wildly excited to massively underwhelmed. For what it's worth, we fully expect DSi to be a rip-roaring success, but it hasn't been that long since another upgraded Nintendo handheld met a frosty reaction at market. Could the DSi also fail?

Gallery: Nintendo DSi

DS Daily: Best bang for your buck

We were thinking about how many awesome games there on the DS. We then passed out from the exertion because, let's face it, there's so many great games available for the handheld. So, we decided to tackle something a bit less strenuous. We started thinking about how many of those awesome games are worth playing more than just once.

Do you have any favorites with an incredibly high replay value? Which DS games have you found to be the most filled with great gaming content?

Which games reign in replayability?

DS Daily: Has it changed your view?

With Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood finally releasing and all of us having ample time to play it, we'd like to know: has it changed your opinion of the blue, spiky hedgehog? It's quite the good game, which is weird for us considering Sonic hasn't been in one of those for quite some time. Maybe it's changing our view of Sega's mascot a little. How about you? If you haven't given the game a try yet, may we ask why?

DS Daily: Motherly love

With the unofficial Mother 3 translation project having reached its goal -- that is, its achievable goal of a playable English version of Mother 3, not the successful shaming of Nintendo into releasing one themselves -- we thought it was a good time to link back to our interview with Starmen.net's Reid Young from last year. And also to talk about the Mother 3 translation project in general.

Has the work of the dedicated grassroots Mother 3 movement made you into a fan? Did they make you aware of the series for the first time? Have you been following the progress of the translation? If so, we imagine this is a time to celebrate. Perhaps most importantly, does all this talk about Mother put that Danzig song in your head?

DS Daily: Browsing

Thanks to the DS homebrew community, you can enjoy at least one rudimentary web browser, and thanks to Nintendo, you can enjoy ... well, one official rudimentary browser. Come the time of the DSi, a browser will be included, and web browsing will just become a part of the DS experience.

Or will it? Not only was the official browser not very engaging, but we just never felt much need for net-surfing from the DS. Does that appeal to you?

DS Daily: Best place to bust out the DS?

One of the best things about the DS is that it's just so darn easy to transport. That means you can get your game on wherever and whenever. Stuck on the train? Time to game! Visiting the relatives during the holidays? Find a lonely corner and boot that sucker up (or even get your elders in on the action!). Our question is: where do you find is the best place for you to game? Where do you find is the best place for you to spend some quality time with your favorite handheld?

DS Daily: Planning a costume?

We've looked at a couple of things lately -- cosplay and crafts -- that serve to remind us that the official Day of Costumes is just around the corner. Are you dressing up for anything this year? If so, gonna incorporate something from the gaming world?

Must confess that we are indoctrinating the boychild early ... my chubby baby is gonna be a moogle for his first Halloween. I'm going to just prep some cards with moogle information that I can hand out every time someone asks what he is, which will probably be about every four seconds.

DS Daily: Most anticipated

Since the first footage of Ni no Kuni: The Another World appeared at the Tokyo Game Show last week, it has become the DS game I'm most looking forward to. A Level 5/Studio Ghibli collaboration is the stuff dreams are made of. The animation, predictably, looks wonderful. I already just want to hold the included spellbook. Maybe stroke it. Is that wrong?

Plenty of other titles were showcased last week in Tokyo, so now seems like an appropriate time to see which made the most impact on each of you. Are you crazy about Chrono Trigger? Giddy about Gyakuten Kenji? Cuckoo for Castlevania? If you could have one upcoming DS title in your hands right now, what would it be?

DS Daily: GameStart

Whatever we think about GameStop's latest initiative to bring people (specifically, women) into the store, we can at least say with certainty that it's fairly interesting. We aren't sure how well it will work, but it's interesting.

Most game enthusiasts end up in a GameStop now and again even if they don't care for the chain, either because they want to pick up new releases without waiting or paying for shipping, or they want something that isn't available new anymore -- or because there's one nearby and they're bored.

What is your opinion of the in-store atmosphere? What could be done to make it friendlier and/or more inviting? Besides just giving us some free games, that is. That would work pretty well. If any GameStop execs are reading, you can go ahead and write that one down and present it as your own at the next big meeting. We don't need credit or anything.

DS Daily: Fan of the controls

Which DS game (recent release or older title) do you think really has the right stuff in the controls department? Is it a matter of touch-screen controls or plain old use of the d-pad and buttons? Why do you feel it's a great control scheme? Is there an upcoming game you're excited for that looks like the controls are really spot-on? Lay it on us!

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