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Shaun White busts a backflip onto the DS

Ubisoft has announced that the Shaun White snowboarding games they have planned for all home consoles will also extend to handheld platforms, as Shaun White Snowboarding is coming to the DS and PSP on November 13th. Aside from the new screens below, we know that the game will feature a single-player campaign with 5 different mountain locations, a stat-based system to upgrade your boarder that will grant them new abilities as they progress and will support Nintendo Wi-Fi Connect. Wi-Fi enables four players to participate in races, trick competitions and a king of the hill variant.

Check out the new screens below and stay tuned to DS Fanboy for more information as it's made available.

[Via press release]

Suikoden: Tierkreis to feature 'rich' online experience

We've got roughly a gazillion RPGs to look forward to on the DS, and Genso Suikoden: Tierkreis is near the top of the pile. The game was first revealed last month in Famitsu, but since then an official site has opened (though is not exactly bulging with content yet, aside from the occasional character profile, as seen above) and Konami has dropped further details on the title.

The meat of the new press release is the news that Suikoden: Tierkreis will feature all-new online elements, which (Konami hopes) will spawn a "rich online community." How does it work? Apparently, players will be able to dispatch their characters on quests that other members of the community will then complete for them, before their character is returned to their party with new equipment, abilities and treasures. Make that two forthcoming DS RPGs with awesome online modes!

[Via press release]

DS Daily: The other Wi-Fi

While there are lots of DS games that support online multiplayer over the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, there are also many titles that use the service for some other online content. Level sharing is becoming a more common feature, and even downloadable content is available in a few games (though sometimes, it seems to really just be unlockable content). While we know many gamers crave online mutliplayer to extend the fun and replay values of their games, we're finding that these other uses for Nintendo's Wi-Fi can be just as interesting. Sometimes, of course, they're mediocre, but that's par for the proverbial course with any feature. The question is -- do you enjoy these options? Do you remember to use them? Have you unlocked puzzles in Professor Layton and the Curious Village or check out Civilization Revolution's games of the week?

Practice crashing planes in latest downloadable demos

DS demo updates on the Nintendo Channel often get a disappointed reaction from us, but this week's batch does contain at least one interesting addition: Sonic Powered's Air Traffic Chaos, as localized (complete with generic and terrible boxart) by Majesco. At the very least, we're hopeful that the game can replicate the frenzied, panicked pace of a Trauma Center game.

The rest of this week's update is fairly humdrum, consisting of a Crosswords DS wordsearch, a Pictoimage demo, and a chance to try out Carnival Games, which has stuck around like a bad smell. The full list of both old and new demos is past the break!

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Look at these Ragnarok Online screens with a friend (or two)

Call it Ragnarok Sort-of-Online if you want, but the lessened online play doesn't change the fact that the screens for the slimmed-down portable (and single-player-focused) version of the MMO game look pretty good. So good, in fact, that held up next to similarly-sized screens from the original game, they look eerily familiar.

Ragnarok Online DS does feature three-player parties over Wi-Fi in addition to a single player mode, and in our minds, that only extends the game's appeal. It's set for a debut in Japan in mid-December.

GTA Chinatown website opens, hints at online modes

Well, that didn't take long. A mere few hours after it was announced on stage at Hollywood's Kodak Theater, an official site has materialized for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. A few logos aside, it's totally content-free at the moment, but one thing did catch our eye: the appearance of the light blue Nintendo WiFi Connection badge.

This means that Chinatown Wars has some kind of online mode, but what, exactly? Expecting online play is probably overly optimistic, so we'd lean towards DLC, or the ability to share content.

[Via Go Nintendo]

E308: U.S. to gobble Prey the Stars this October

Koei has just confirmed a North American release for quirky eat-'em-up Prey the Stars. The game is due to appear this October, and stars four ravenous alien dogs (Gabu, Bari, Chuchu, and Pero), each with an overwhelming desire to outeat the others. The levels they nom through are almost entirely edible -- even whole buildings can be scoffed. Precisely why they're so hellbent on ingesting their world is never explained, though we suppose there was never a substantial story behind the Prince rolling that katamari of his.

If that sounds like it may have limited appeal (it did to us), then the multiplayer modes at least sound extensive, offering both local wireless and WiFi play for up to four players.

Gallery: Prey the Stars

[Via press release]

Steal Princess to include Wi-Fi level-sharing

Since we've heard about Steal Princess, we've been intrigued. The title not only has a wonderful artistic style, but now we get wind of the ability to transmit levels through Wi-Fi Connect and we're even more excited.

Players will be able to share their own custom maps, adding depth and replay value to a game that's already chock full of both these things. Too bad the game's staying in Japan.

Online battles ahoy for Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem fans must be fidgeting a bit too much these days, given the lack of details surrounding the upcoming DS instalment (lovingly tagged as New Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light). They want their turn at turn-based strategy, and are right to demand it. Advance Wars isn't enough! Settle on down, we have a hot new tidbit of information ready to satiate those hungers for fire! And emblems.

As a remake of the original NES Fire Emblem way back when, what's the most obvious option for developing a fancy new version in this day and age? You guessed it -- online play! No longer will strategists be forced to sit close by and trade blows. The game will utilize Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection, with players choosing five of their best units from the single-player campaign and pitting them against a real life opponent. This is the first time online multiplayer has been introduced to the Fire Emblem series on any console, so progress is on the cards at Intelligent Systems.

Gallery: Fire Emblem DS

Wet your wireless whistle at new Nintendo DS Centers

Nintendo is taking the whole portable connectivity concept one step further in the UK, with 33 brand-spankin' new DS Centers installed at various retailers. There used to be a bunch of creaky old "Download Stations" dotted about the place, but these latest models outstript the dated machines with their sleek superiority and high levels of rad.

The official website has launched, where you can learn what these white towers of fun can do for you and your DS. We love making generalizations around here, so we'll assume every UK citizen lives in a quaint little cottage in the countryside, always having scones and raspberry jam for tea. If you want to try one of these DS Centers, you'll need to crank up your old Reliant Robin and pop down to the local big-shot retailer to bust out some Wi-Fi fun.

These centers are a pretty good way to physically show UK gamers that their DS can do more than sit unloved at the bottom of a bag while waiting around for the next Coronation Street house party. You can download the latest demos, try a game you may have missed, and even get global with a worldwide network of DS players. It'll be just as fun as downing a pint at the Rub-A-Dub, right lads?

The track and field is a bit more crowded now

Besides sprinkling in some of its most notable characters, Konami is also employing another key strategy to ensure that New International Track & Field is a success: online multiplayer. That's right, folks, the title will support online multiplayer for up to four players!

Along with online leaderboards, the inclusion of online multiplayer means that the game will not only be a viable option for Game Night, but also allow you to settle that argument about who's the better swimmer, Pyramid Head or Solid Snake, you had with your friend halfway across the world.

Oh, and Pyramid Head would totally win. His head is practically a boat.

Nobunaga's Ambition Dominates our Brains

Look, Koei, this relationship -- you and us -- it can work. It's really quite simple. We have money. You have Kunitori Zunou Battle Nobunaga no Yabou (Domination Battle of the Brains: Nobunaga's Ambition). Announce a western localization and the twain shall meet. It's mutually beneficial, y'see.

Game Watch has new shots of the turn-based strategy title, including first glimpses of the extensive multiplayer modes (you may recall that both local play and Wi-Fi Connection battles are supported), the usual line-up of terribly stern Japanese army generals from a simpler, more violent age, and lots of cryptic-looking maps we can only pretend to understand. Charge headlong into our gallery for 21 fresh screens.

DS Daily: Local laughs

It goes without saying that all of the DS Fanboy team are colossally (some would say inexplicably) popular. However, despite the fact that we're swimming in chums, here's something not a lot of us have: DS-owning friends who will play games against us on a regular basis. Like, in the flesh.

What about you lot? Do you have a large crowd of friends who are equipped with a DS and regularly indulge in local multiplayer? Or are you like most of us, sadly limited to battling over Force Gems and taking out tank units with strangers from afar?

Free Wi-Fi for DS no more at North American McDonald's now

Personally, we can't remember the last time we were in a McDonald's, so this news comes as, uh, well ... news to us. You see, the partnership between McDonald's and Wayport actually expired back in November of last year. Canadians are also up the same creek without a paddle, as the deal with Fatport also expired. This is not to say you can't still get online at McDonald's, it'll just take a bit more for you to get online with your DS.

Apparently, using the DS Opera Browser or a wi-fi dongle with a laptop will still allow you to get your DS online. But, as one might imagine, these alternatives aren't the best. Unless you go with the second choice, you won't even be able to enjoy a game online. Oh well, if it forces you to get wireless internet in your home, it can't be all that bad of a thing, right?

Nobunaga's Ambition exceeds that of its rivals

Our recommendation of Kunitori Zunou Battle Nobunaga no Yabou (Domination Battle of the Brains: Nobunaga's Ambition) as an alternative to Advance Wars is looking safer by the day, with Koei revealing to Impress Watch that the game would support certain modes that not even Intelligent Systems' title featured.

In particular, the multiplayer seems to have had considerable attention lavished upon it. Not only is there wireless DS-to-DS play and the ability to play others with a single card, but there's also Wi-Fi Connection battles for -- get this -- up to four players. Which is precisely what Advance Wars: Days of Ruin needed, if you ask us.

Aside from this super-happy news, Impress Watch profiled the eight daimyo (warlords from Japan's feudal period) that will appear in the title, all of whom are historically accurate figures (with probably-not-historically accurate special abilities). Apparently, players will have the option of fighting actual battles that took place. Oh yes, and there are screens. Lots of lovely new screens. Many of which contain this strange device. What is it? No idea. First one to tell us gets our everlasting admiration.

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