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Joystiq presents

DIY: make your own Phoenix Wright shirt

After receiving the gift during Christmas from a friend, reader 20XX decided to put his newly-acquired t-shirt creation kit to work, choosing to stamp the silhouette of our favorite ace attorney onto one of the included shirts. The end product is the shirt pictured above, which turned out pretty good. Anyone care to object?

As always, if you spot a cool DS-themed shirt online or, like 20XX made your own, let us know!

The one TGS booth to rule them all: Phoenix Wright courtroom

It's things like these that make us wish we were in the land of the rising sun. Our love of Phoenix and his "mad lawyerin' skillz" have kept us warm through many a night as we clutched our copy of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney against our chest and fell into a sound sleep. We've also constructed a wonderful shrine in our garage. Capcom issued a restraining order, but luckily that doesn't apply to posting entries in online blogs!

The pictures over at Famitsu show one heck of a courtroom mock-up. In fact, barring any items out of stock at our local Home Depot, we're fairly certain that we've found our next home project. It'll be kind of hard to do, what with us needing to keep these mandatory Joystiq employment ankle bracelets on at all times, but we'll manage.

Also, be sure to check after the break for a trailer for Justice For All from TGS.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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Phoenix Wright orchestra samples

Some snippets of the orchestrated Phoenix Wright soundtrack releasing in Japan have hit the net and like the responsible Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney junkies that we are, we've already got them downloaded, loaded into the mp3 player and are listening to them right now. We also burned a CD for the car. You can find the mp3 files under the GYAKUTEN MEETS ORCHESTRA header after clicking the read link.

Another interesting little tidbit of news is that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is currently the number 5 best seller in Amazon's videogame category. We enjoy seeing such success (say that 5 times fast!) for the spiky-haired lawyer, not only because it increases our chances of getting localizations for every game in the franchise, but also because it shows that American audiences are hungry for these types of games in general. Maybe Konami will notice and give us a similar game we're dying for?

[Thanks Kat!]

Rumor: Phoenix Wright 2 to feature English option in Japan [Update 1]

A vicious rumor has surfaced that the sequel to DS Fanboy's favorite lawyer-em-up Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is to feature an English language option in the Japanese release. There is, however, some corroboration from Play-Asia, which states this to be true and that the game will release with a budget price.

So why is Phoenix Wright: Justice For All having an English language option such a vicious rumor? Because if it turns out to be false, we will literally destroy all life. Or, y'know, wait for the game's release next year. Whichever happens first.

[Thanks Andrew Yoon!]

[Update 1 by Jason Wishnov: the term "viscous", used to describe a fluid with high viscosity, has been changed to the proper term "vicious". David's a little slow, you know, like molasses.]

Phoenix Wright defends Sony

In the case of the perjurious PlayStation, Phoenix Wright goes on to defend the PS3 against some of the accusations surrounding its E3 05 promises and motion-sensing controller. Now, we sure aren't any kind of PS3 Fanboy blog, but the overall message that Phoenix conveys in this video is strong enough to transcend the fanboy boundaries and touch our hearts. While Phoenix may appear to be a Nintendo fanboy, he remains interested in the PS3 and shows us that brand loyalty beyond reason will only make us look the fool in a court of law.

[Note: We understand this isn't our regular kind of post, but you guys know by now that pretty much anything related to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney gets posted. Maybe you'd like to object?]

[Thanks BPM Omega!]

Phoenix Wright gets us off the hook

Seriously, we were almost done for, set to take the fall for a crime we did not commit. Phoenix Wright, the ace attorney that he is, managed to cut holes through the prosecution and get us off the hook. Maybe you are in need of a good lawyer also?

Second course is a humorous cut-up over at YTMND, which you may well know is a good way to waste some time. Also, there's some hilarious stuff there sometimes.

OK, let's see your own submissions!

[Thanks BPM Omega!]

Screenshot roundup: Justice For All

One of the requirements for being a part of the DS Fanboy staff is an undying, borderline obsessive, love for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. There's just no dancing around it; if you've failed to play it then you're fired. As such, our previously stated love for Phoenix and his immaculate "lawyerin' skillz" causes many of the staff to often wake in the middle of the night, covered in cold sweat, screaming out for our hero.

As such, you can imagine we've been pretty excited for the latest installment, not only so that we may defend the innocent from an almost certain doom in the courtroom, but also so that we may scream "hold it" again in public without looking like total basket cases (people just don't get it if you aren't holding a DS). So, like they say, when in Rome do as the Romans do and join us in quietly, and quite disturbingly, fondling our monitors over these new Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All screenshots.

Spoiler Alert: Phoenix Wright: Justice For All footage

Please be aware that by clicking on the link to the You Tube video, you may be provided with spoilers on the final game's release. Please be advised of spoilers and do not say we didn't warn you.

Now that is out of the way, one of our illustrious, and often times referred to as "dead sexy," readers sent us in this link to footage of Phoenix Wright: Justice For All in action. The game plays out just as you expect, with a lot of the wonderful humor and contradiction-locating courtroom gameplay we've all come to love. Watching the video is sure to please, but for all of you out there who want to go into Phoenix's next adventure with a clear mind, maybe you should just look the other way.

[Thanks Dead Sexy AssemblyLineHuman!]

Nintendo losing their Touch (Generations)?

If Nintendo's desires are realized, it won't be too long before the image of Grandpa hunching furiously over his DS Lite and murderously screaming "Blue" joins that of the bespectacled nerd in the ranks of uninformed gamer stereotypes. In an effort to reach out to those who would normally shy away from electronic devices and their confusing beeps and boops, several forthcoming and readily available DS games have recently been shoved under the Touch Generations banner. The range highlights Nintendo's popular "non-games", titles that are meant to be approachable by any person, regardless of their previous gaming experience.

In North America, games like Nintendogs, Brain Age and Sudoku Gridmaster seem to gravitate towards the label quite naturally, but it seems that the selection differs significantly from that of other regions. Anthropomorphic neighbour sim, Animal Crossing: Wild World, slots right in with Electroplankton in Europe, but the choices of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Trauma Center: Under the Knife seem to fit in less comfortably. The latter two titles are far more traditional, with linear stories, clear conditions for success and failure and, in the case of Trauma Center especially, a more pronounced difficulty level that requires intricate stylus strokes--lest your patient's internal organs become reduced to a bloody mush (technical term). In other words, all the stuff that the mythical casual gamer doesn't want.

The Japanese selection is almost the exact opposite, filled with English trainers, dictionaries and travel guidebooks. If you looked up "game" in one of those dictionaries, you'd likely find a description far removed from most of these titles. It raises an interesting question, then: What constitutes a game that, according to Nintendo's mantra, anyone can pick up and play? Is it a game that almost exclusively relies on intuitive touch screen controls? Or is it something with simplistic gameplay mechanics? Perhaps it's not even a game at all. Nintendo's pretty clear about the kind of people they're chasing with the DS and the Wii, but things seem less vivid when it comes to matching specific games with specific audiences. With games being such unique and often personal experiences, it's doubtful that the line between hardcore and casual will ever become especially obvious. 

Anime homage to Phoenix Wright

In this episode of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, the characters find themselves at a turnabout dinner table, trying to get to the bottom of a mystery. If you've played Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (and you really, really should have), you may spot some awfully familiar mannerisms that give the homage away.

[Thanks BPM!]

New Phoenix Wright 2 screens and info

If there is one thing we here at DS Fanboy want to be known for as we are killed in a hail of gunfire is our undying love for Phoenix Wright. Causing witnesses to crack under pressure on the stand is like the sweetest of luncheon meats to us and the announcement of a sequel hitting US shores actually caused Ludwig to have a full-blown seizure. Me? Well, let's just say I needed a cold shower afterward.

More information than you needed to know aside, turns out Phoenix Wright: Justice For All is a remake of the Game Boy Advance game. Where in the first game you found contradictions in witness testimony to see through their thinly-veiled lies, in Justice For All you'll be attempting to break through each witness' 'Psyche Lock,' which is best summed up as a kind of mental barrier guarding the truth. The role of the new prosecutor in Justice For All (well, new for us anyway) is the puffy-shirt-wearing Franziska von Karma.

Clearly she did something wrong in her past life for being stuck in a shirt like that in this one. Hssn't she seen Seinfeld?

DS mega list shows Phoenix Wright 2, more

If you thought Reggie was skilled at assaulting posteriors and acquiring names, you'd best beware of the author of one highly comprehensive fact sheet that was pulled from Nintendo's press website. A tipster sent us the document in question and, upon reading the list of currently planned titles and their projected release dates, we experienced something that could best be described as a seizure of delight. If the epic list is to be believed, zany courtroom adventure (and DS Fanboy favorite) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is receiving a sequel in October. The rest of the document also contains a bunch of unannounced titles (none of them from Konami) and some specific release dates, including one for Star Fox DS. Another click will take you to the complete list. Trust us, it's a good read.

[Thanks, Ryan F!]

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Phoenix Wright goes budget in Japan

Still can't find a copy of the fantastic, "we're running out of good adjectives" Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney? Perhaps it's time to import a copy from Japan, especially now that Capcom has slapped a new and unnervingly attractive price tag on the game's box. The new price translates to about $26, a small amount of money considering the sheer amount of hilarious courtroom hijinx contained within the tiny DS cart. And yes, the Japanese version has an English language option.

[Thanks Siliconera!]

Phoenix Wright calls iTunes to the stand

Capcom of Japan sends news that the soundtracks to all of the Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright to you and me) games will be hitting the Japanese iTunes store, each song fetching a price to the tune of about $1.25. Complete albums will go for between $8 and $20. (Converted to American currency for your convenience.)

The music in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney certainly spurred you on to point out that final contradiction just as the shady witness was cracking, but I don't think it would work as well when detached from the game. I think prolonged exposure to it in its seperate form is likely to result in feelings of elevator claustrophobia, along with a strong desire to play the full game.

Still, I'd like to see Capcom's musical endeavor succeed, if only for the reason that it might prompt them to throw some more Mega Man remix soundtracks on Apple's download service. I could listen to the Mega Man 2 title screen music or the theme from Ring Man's stage all day. Any other great Capcom tunes you'd like to have on your MP3 player?

[Thanks mandarin! Strange image from Siliconera.]

Brave Story told on DS

4 Color Rebellion got a hold of some Famitsu scans from a brand new Bandai game called Brave Story. Based on an upcoming Gonzo Digimation film (the guys that did Last Exile, if I'm not mistaken), it revolves around a young boy forced to wield a sword and embark on a perilous, family-saving journey, one fraught with ghosts, magic and terrifying sliding tile puzzles. The game happens to be an old-fashioned point-and-click (or is that tap?) adventure game, resulting in my desire to see this game translated for a US release grow quite rapidly. The game boasts quite an appealing art style and, judging by the icons in the HUD, some pretty typical adventure gameplay mechanics.

The DS is an ideal platform for the genre, and after the stellar Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (and to a far lesser degree, Trace Memory), I'm convinced that adventure gaming will continue to find new avenues to explore, a situation far removed from the repeated (and incorrect) claims that the genre is "dead". It's not dead--it has merely changed and moved beyond its traditional PC platform. I don't think anyone ever expected adventure games to eventually include wacky manga-inspired titles on a portable platform.

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