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A look at Chrono Trigger's new stuff

Square Enix has released screenshots of the new content in Chrono Trigger DS, including the two dungeons. Above is a screen of the most bizarre of the additions, the monster arena. In this mode you can control 50 different types of monsters and power them up to battle others. There's not too much that can be gleaned from a picture of two monsters facing off -- for example, whether combat is controlled by the player or determined entirely by the stats of each monster.

The dungeons include Dimensional Distortion, which spans across three time periods in one trippy dungeon, and the Dragon Sanctuary, which we hope wasn't a gimmick name. This dungeon takes place in the past and involves taking on quests to help the Reptites.

[Thanks, WarChild!]

DS Fanboy's Media Summit screen round-up

The worst bit about big industry events for impatient bloggers and readers? The game assets. Oh Lordy, the assets. An absolute landslide of screens, usually scattered about across, ooh, dozens of pages.

But not at DS Fanboy! Not on our watch! Because we wub you, readers, we've collected a big old stack of new screens for your viewing pleasure and placed them all after the break of just one post. This post, in fact. From the well-known to the obscure, we'd be amazed if there's not at least one game that appeals to everyone past that line of blue text. Mario & Luigi 3, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (right), Professor Layton and the Last Time Travel, Shining Force Feather, and Picross 3D is only scratching the surface, so make the jump!

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Dungeons & Dam: Two great structures in one game

Acquire's Dungeons & Dam, or "Dandam" for short, is a pretty strange concept. We don't know how some designer got the idea to combine dungeons and rushing water, but it seems like it could work. We first saw this game in Famitsu last week, but this is the first actual information we've been able to figure out about it.

We were just talking about how great it is to have controllable characters in a tower defense game, and it looks like Acquire agrees. Well, this isn't "tower defense" so much as dungeon defense. During the day, you'll recruit adventurers who will mine for materials and build defenses around the city, including dams. At night, creatures will come, but so will flowing water which, depending on how you have directed it with your dams, can help hold back or defeat enemies. At the same time, you'll be traversing the dungeon and fighting. We fully encourage more developers to experiment with defense-type games!

Square Enix prepares another book of Chocobo Tales

The cute little Chocobo has really warked his way into the spotlight: after Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales on the DS, Square Enix was inspired to revive the Chocobo's Dungeon series on Wii ... and then, this summer, Square Enix announced one of each for the DS, as a follow-up to the success of Chocobo Tales. That's one busy little bird.

New details and screenshots are available at last on Chocobo's foray into the land of Final Fantasy Fables. Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon: Majiyo to Otome to Gojin no Yuusha (Chocobo and the Magic Storybook: The Witch, The Maiden, and the Five Heroes) follows the fat chocobo as he ventures, this time, into a story book drawn by Cid. Both of Square Enix's new Chocobo games focus heavily on Cid, so we're not surprised to see the franchise staple putting pen to page in this game. Players will tackle more than 40 mini-games when the title is released in Japan this December.

Gallery: Chocobo and the Magic Storybook: The Witch, The Maiden, and the Five Heroes

[Via Siliconera]

Take a closer look at Ni no Kuni: The Another World

Well, it's Friday, and as promised, Level-5 has sent out some juicy screens for their upcoming game with Studio Ghibli, Ni no Kuni: The Another World. As you can see above, Studio Ghibli's amazing animation is present and the their wonderful imagination means the game will have some incredibly inspired characters. Head past the break for some more screens, courtesy of Famitsu.

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Shaun White busts a backflip onto the DS

Ubisoft has announced that the Shaun White snowboarding games they have planned for all home consoles will also extend to handheld platforms, as Shaun White Snowboarding is coming to the DS and PSP on November 13th. Aside from the new screens below, we know that the game will feature a single-player campaign with 5 different mountain locations, a stat-based system to upgrade your boarder that will grant them new abilities as they progress and will support Nintendo Wi-Fi Connect. Wi-Fi enables four players to participate in races, trick competitions and a king of the hill variant.

Check out the new screens below and stay tuned to DS Fanboy for more information as it's made available.

[Via press release]

Capcom delivers verdict on Gyakuten Kenji date

After a long stretch of hearing nothing about Gyakuten Kenji, Capcom has issued a Japanese release window for the Miles Edgeworth-flavored Ace Attorney spin-off: a vague "Spring 2009." Unless an English language option is included in the game (it's happened before in this series), that's fairly useless to those who don't speak Japanese, but there's still time to amend that.

To coincide with this announcement, Capcom passed a bunch of new screens around, mainly depicting scenes from the opening case and new prosecutor Makoto Yuuki (which translates as "truth courage"). Anyone else find Edgeworth's bobble-headed physique a bit weird, by the way? No? Okay, probably just us.

Gallery: Gyakuten Kenji

[Via Siliconera]

Take a closer look at GTA: Chinatown Wars

Courtesy of RockstarWatch, the November issue of Nintendo Power has been scanned and uploaded online. In case you missed it last week, it's the issue with all of the details and first screens for GTA: Chinatown Wars. With all four of the pages scanned, it's a wealth of information on the upcoming game that you likely won't want to miss out on. So head on over here to check out the scans.

[Thanks, Josh!]

Elebits: The Screens of Kai and Zero

Konami just sent over a press release, chock full of fresh screens from Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero. We're just as excited for the game as you all are, and these latest screens show off more of what got us excited in the first place: a fusion between the scavenger hunt gameplay of Elebits on Wii and the RPG mechanics of the Pokémon games. Check out the fresh screens in our gallery below.

[Via press release]

Killer Fish and the Order of Ecclesia

Konami really wants us to get accustomed to Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, for some reason. It's as though they think we won't embrace the title or something, since they keep waving around screenshots and soundtracks. We're surprised they're not shipping free demos and complimentary massage oil or something to potential buyers at this point. But listen, we're not complaining. We'll watch Shanoa beat down fish any day of the week. It's very important to keep those killer fish under control, you know.

Phantasy Star Zero site launches, we totally geek out

Sega just launched the official site for Phantasy Star Zero. Although most of the screens on the site were present in scans earlier this week, it's always nice to see them in gallery form, right? (And see them you must, because seriously: this is some of the best 3D on the DS to date).

Throughout these screenshots, we can spot bits of old Phantasy Star Online games (the brightly-colored levels, Rappies, huge bosses, and MAGs), something which delights us. Speaking of which, we really hope Sega-themed MAGs will be included, such as the Saturn, Master System, and ChuChu MAGs that could be found in PSO. Sega included some of its old consoles in English of the Dead, so maybe we'll get to slay dragons with a Dreamcast by our side in Phantasy Star Zero!

The site reveals that the game will support online parties of four players, that characters can be created from three races and 14 classes, and there's also a small section on the ace-looking, sketch-compatible chat system, as seen here. In fact, the only part of Phantasy Star Zero we're unsure about is blowing into the DS microphone to send messages, but we're finding it difficult to object that strongly!

[Via NeoGAF]

Support your Order of Ecclesia

Dearest Shanoa,

We cannot tell you how pleased we were to see new pictures from the front. It has been too long since we were able to gaze upon your icy features and battle prowess, and we are happy to be afforded this new opportunity. We can only hope you are safe and warm, especially at night. We don't hear much of your battles against the eternal and unnameable evil here and we are hungry for any details on the Order of Ecclesia. Please send word when you can. Keep your eyes out for glyphs, and stay safe.

Love forever,

Your fans, who are, as ever, awaiting your release

P.S. We have enclosed a turkey and some pot roast, as we have heard that food is scarce in the field.

Like Castlevania? We do -- to an embarrassing degree. Check out our impressions of Order of Ecclesia from E3, settle in for a trailer, or go Behind the Boxart with a Konami graphic designer. But enough talk -- have at you!

Fresh Gauntlet shots arrive: 'Welcome, brown screens!'

Even by Gauntlet standards, the latest screenshots from Eidos' hack-and-slash revival are chockful of brown and beige. Not that we even care that much about how this will look -- Gauntlet is all about the co-op, after all -- but come on, guys! We know you possess knowledge of other colors.

In between the unrelenting brownness, you'll get a glimpse of a couple of the enemies you will encounter, including the "Soulless Leech" (the red, swirly chap here) and the "Beast of Burden" (here, no, sorry, here). Gauntlet will now be coming out in October, after it slipped from its original June date.

Finally, if somebody could reassure us that they got the reference in the title so we don't feel about 800 years old, that'd be peachy. Cheers.

Gallery: Gauntlet

[Via press release]

Hanging out in Ninjatown

Come my ninja
Come come my ninja
You're my defender

My wee ninja

Oops, wrong town. Today, we're on about Ninjatown, the adorable Tower Defense-style game which uses cookies as currency. In fact, we've got ten cutesy new screens. Even though Ninjatown is based on time-honored gameplay principles, it takes such a fresh approach that we're always happy to see something about it. The enemies, the minions of Mr. Demon, can't resist the Ninja Baby, and neither can we.

New tilt-controlled Tony Hawk game revealed

Activision has revealed a new Tony Hawk game for the DS, titled Tony Hawk's Motion. Utilizing some sort of "Motion Pack" that attaches to the DS (how it attaches is an unknown at this point, but it's likely going into the GBA slot), Activision says players will "twist, tilt and turn through various skateboarding sessions." Sounds like a neat idea to us!

But, in an odd move and series first, Activision will include snowboarding into the game. Snowboarding in a skateboarding game. We guess those two activities go hand in hand. We wouldn't know. When it comes to defying gravity, we're usually full of fail.

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