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Henry Hatsworth in the Trailer Adventure

Though there've been some great screenshots and amazing art released for Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, we've had to rely on old indirect-feed videos for previews of the action/puzzle hybrid in motion. Not so anymore!

EA put out this short trailer to show off Henry's upcoming adventures, and it pretty much looks as awesome as we thought the game would be, if not awesomer. The game even has a combo counter at the bottom right, just like one of our favorite 2D platformers, The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night!

We believe in Metal Slug 7 videos

We've heard some pretty bad things about how the Japanese version of Metal Slug 7 turned out, and that's so sad! Because it continues to look so awesome in trailers! Look at this one, in which a giant walking robot mows down tanks, trucks, helicopters, and even another giant walking robot!

We're just going to continue thinking it's awesome until we play the final US version, for our own sakes. It's a lot more fun to watch videos like this (and several more new videos at IGN) and look forward to playing it. There'll be plenty of time to be disappointed later. And at least it isn't Commando: Steel Disaster.

Gallery: Metal Slug 7

Impressive homebrew gives Renegade Kid a run for their money

Seriously, we thought the only people who could create such sound first-person shooting were Renegade Kid. But, homebrew creator Smea has gone ahead and disproved that notion with the tech demo you see in the video above. With some impressive lighting effects and a custom 3D collisions engine, you can bet we're impressed.

[Thanks, HBM!]

Wacky Japanese games, emulation, DS Fanboy's recommendations, naughty homebrew: our recent week of homebrew coverage had it all. Don't be put off if you're a beginner, either -- we have guides and a glossary for the newest of newbs.

MillionHeir is a poor man's Layton

The concerns we voiced about Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir after playing it at E3 have not been assuaged by the latest videos for the game. While we were hoping for a puzzle-based adventure in the vein of Level 5's brilliant Professor Layton and the Curious Village, MillionHeir won't be that title. By relying mainly on one type of puzzle -- the "Where's Waldo?" variety where the player has to find objects in an elaborately painted scene -- the game already looks like it will lack serious depth. We don't really hold it against developer Big Fish Games; this was obviously made with younger gamers in mind, and not for us. Shame.

The bright side of all this: now we want to play Layton again. Locate and go through the post break below for a MillionHeir developer walkthrough and more footage.

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Fresh footage for Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff breaks through the line

Ah, Tecmo Bowl. We have some very fond memories of you, namely getting together with the cousins and other relatives on holidays and racing upstairs to the NES so we could throw the virtual pigskin around. Those were good times.

And when Tecmo announced that the series was making a comeback, we found ourselves to be cautiously optimistic. Sure, we had hoped the traditional approach would return, but when things are revisited so many years later, there's a danger of losing what originally made the source material great. Thankfully, that isn't the case here, and we feel that Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff is not only a must-have, but also could very well be a cheap ticket back to the wonderful days of our childhood.

Valkyrie Profile delay softened by new footage

Square Enix has delayed the Japanese launch of Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One by four weeks, citing a need to improve the game (in ... four weeks?!); the title has now been shifted to October 30th.

While we immediately began to fret over the implications of this development, Square Enix skilfully took advantage of our famously short attention spans and chucked a new video our way, one that left us gurgling with pleasure at some of the ridiculously over-the-top attacks that will be available. Honestly, give us some bright colors and fast-moving images, and you've got our undivided attention.

Source: Nooo! Delay!
Source: Yaaay! Video!

Knytt Stories to see a DS port

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of Knytt Stories's release for PCs, homebrew programmer rrc2soft has released a video for his DS port prototype of the freeware game. in case you've never had the pleasure of playing the original game, it's a neat 2D platformer from Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren with a heavy emphasis on atmosphere and exploration. instead of graphics and combat.

As with the PC release, Knytt Stories DS looks to be a collection of short adventures starring Juni, an agile character that can learn several abilities, such as a double jumping and wall climbing. Rrc2soft also hopes to eventually allow you to download and play through user-created levels, a feature we've already seen implemented wonderfully in StillAliveDS.

The clip only shows the tutorial level, but expect to see more as development continues!

Wacky Japanese games, emulation, DS Fanboy's recommendations, naughty homebrew: our recent week of homebrew coverage had it all. Don't be put off if you're a beginner, either -- we have guides and a glossary for the newest of newbs.

Age Of Mythical Creatures All Up In This Piece

THQ wasn't exaggerating when it promised giant mythological beasts for Age of Empires: Mythologies, the turn-based strategy follow-up to 2006's DS sleeper hit The Age of Kings. The only legendary creature missing from the above trailer is the elusive Phelddagrif.

Gone are the days of filling your army's ranks with pikemen and samurai; now you're more likely to rely on sphinxes and centaurs. Personally, we would have preferred to stick with more traditional units, but we understand that there are a bunch of you out there who prefer to play with pegasi!

Are you a strategy nut? Check out our coverage on titles like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars! We even put together a collection of strategy recommendations for crazies like you!

First look at DS Neopets Puzzle Adventure

This holiday, DS puzzle fans will grudgingly line up for a game about Neopets, and Neopets fans will grudgingly line up for a game with actual gameplay in it. And lots of us will line up for glorified Othello! The reason for the strange situation is Infinite Interactive, whose Puzzle Quest has inspired deep loyalty in pretty much everyone who has played it.

IGN has the first screens and videos of the DS version of Neopets Puzzle Adventure, a game which we fully expected to scale down to the DS admirably. And it has, although certain changes have been made from the other versions. For one, Petpets, which act as special magic attacks, are limited in stock (to five) rather than by a supply of MP. The changes don't sound like anything done to adapt to the DS's limitations, so maybe Infinite Interactive is just trying to sell you two versions.

Video, in case you forgot what Chrono Trigger looks like

Have you noticed that Chrono Trigger looks awfully familiar? Okay, you have, and most of you don't care (because it's Chrono Trigger we're talking about here, after all) ... but that begs the question of whether or not we want to watch Chrono Trigger videos.

The answer? Of course we do. It's Chrono Trigger we're talking about here, and it's coming to the DS! Bring on the videos! We have the three latest right here. Not enough for you? If you're really desperate for new-old content and can't wait for the game's release, then we recommend watching a speed run and reading the game's script.

Continue reading Video, in case you forgot what Chrono Trigger looks like

Latest Lock's Quest trailer shows off build, battle phases

For those of you that got a kick out of Drawn to Life, you've likely been watching Lock's Quest. Following up the video that was released back at E3, we've been sent a new trailer which details the premise of the game and shows off some of the things you can do in it. It's a really interesting title, if we may say so. What do you all think?

Gallery: Lock's Quest

[Via press release]

New Sonic Chronicles video focuses on combat

If you've been waiting on Bioware's Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, then you've been waiting on a definitive look at the game's combat system. Heck, we have! Well, boys and girls, the wait is over. Feast your eyeballs on the trailer above and tell us what you think in the comments!

Gallery: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

[Via press release]

Development for StillAliveDS is ... continuing

Promoting the 1.2 update for StillAliveDS (and drumming up votes for his Neoflash homebrew coding competition entry), programmer T4ils put out this trailer for the new version of his 2D Portal remake.

The release piles some impressive additions on top of an already exemplary stack of features; in addition to its polished mechanics, in-game level editor, and online custom game directory, StillAliveDS now features custom campaigns/stories, DS Motion support, online leaderboards, a skinning system for tilesets/sprites, and cool new elements like the wall that reflects your portal gun's shots.

If you haven't downloaded and played it yet, you should! This great game isn't a lie!

Gallery: StillAliveDS

Wacky Japanese games, emulation, DS Fanboy's recommendations, naughty homebrew: our recent week of homebrew coverage had it all. Don't be put off if you're a beginner, either -- we have guides and a glossary for the newest of newbs.

GC 2008: Elebits and Enchanted Folk trailers magically appear

Elebits: The Adventures of Kai & Zero may diverge almost totally in style and presentation from the first Elebits game on Wii, but, thankfully, it still employs the same iridescent-looking, dreamy artwork found in that game and in Dewy's Adventure.

This trailer for the DS sequel, from Konami's Leipzig Games Convention media, uses that artwork to convey the game's premise, in which the title characters are taken away in what appears to be a magic bus. And then a bunch of gameplay footage ensues!

After the break, we've got a German trailer for another magical-type Konami game: Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry. It really looks a lot like Animal Crossing. We just can't see it without thinking Animal Crossing.

Continue reading GC 2008: Elebits and Enchanted Folk trailers magically appear

Mega64's 'undisclosed DS guitar game' ad gets rejected

The above video was a proposed advertisement from comedy group Mega64 for Ubisoft's Jam Sessions an undisclosed DS guitar game. Instead of actually being used, the ESRB put the smack down on the troupe's ad for ... well, we'll just let you watch and find out for yourself. We don't want to spoil it for you.

If you liked that, then be sure to head past the break for the "safe for the ESRB" version.

Continue reading Mega64's 'undisclosed DS guitar game' ad gets rejected

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