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WRUP: On a flight back from E3 edition

It's still technically Friday, for about a few more minutes. By this time, this blogger will be sound asleep and preparing for an early trip to LAX, to get on a jetplane back to anywhere that isn't E3. What do I have in my DS for the trip? A little bit of Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword. On my second playthrough, the game is still as fun as the first time.

Who cares about that, though. In all honesty, I'll probably get 5 minutes in before totally falling asleep in the tiny tin can. What about you all, though? After the craziness of E3, can you even manage to sit still long enough to play a game? I imagine you're all probably far too busy spinning in your chairs with glee.

WRUP: Leading the revolution edition

Without a doubt, the biggest and best release of this week is Civilization Revolution. We're big fans of that Sid Meier guy, so his latest game immediately won us over. You can bet we'll be spending a large amount of time this weekend taking Abe Lincoln and the Americans to the top (their bonuses are just too awesome to ignore).

What about you all? Going to lead the revolution, as we are, or are you playing something else? How will you fill these last few days leading up to E3 2008?

WRUP: Cuts like the very first time edition

The big release this week is none other than Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2. After giving it a thorough play, we found it to be an overall great title. With Europe getting Space Invaders Extreme and Arkanoid DS this week, we imagine you folks are going to be playing those?

How will you fill your free time this weekend?

WRUP: Rocking out edition

Holy cow, DS gamers! There's a bunch of new games available this week! Guitar Hero: On Tour? Check. Mega Man Star Force 2? Check. My Weight Loss Coach? Check. Too many games to choose from? Check.

With the wide assortment of new games available, what will you be enjoying on your DS this weekend? Planning on playing something new? Something old? Something blue? Wait, that doesn't sound right ...

What are you playing?

WRUP: Paddle-tastic edition

This weekend, the DS Fanboy staff will likely be knee-deep in conflict. Whether it's against invaders from space or gigantic blocks, we'll be armed with one weapon that will aid us in defeating these threats: Taito's paddle controller. Seriously, it's all Arkanoid DS and Space Invaders Extreme for us this weekend.

What about you all? Going to be playing the same games as us? Playing something else? What will you be playing?

WRUP: She shouldn't have eaten the pizza rolls edition

Seriously, she only brought it on herself. Sharing is caring.

In all seriousness, we were looking forward to the release of Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles this weekend for some crime-solving fun, but after checking out the reviews and discovering our localized version would only get half the game the Japanese currently enjoy, we're doubting if the man is as tall as he's said to be.

With that said, we don't know how this weekend will unfold for us, from a game-playing perspective. So, what will we play? Wait, who cares! We're just some jerks who blog. Let's find out from more important people what they'll be enjoying this weekend.

What will you be playing?

WRUP: Summon the Hulk's Original Adventures edition

This week's release list looks pretty healthy, if you ask us. We've got some games for just about everyone, including an RPG, along with some action/adventure titles. Oh, and some licensed titles, for good measure.

So, what will you be playing this weekend? New game, or something in your collection? How do you plan on getting through this weekend with your DS?

WRUP: Take a ball to the face edition

Are you sitting there and reading this? May we ask why? You have a game that you should be out getting right now! Okay, you ordered it online? Fine, you may read the rest of this then.

Seriously, only one game is on our mind right now: Super Dodgeball Brawlers. We've been waiting on this sucker for what seems like forever now and we're finally going to be able to play it. How many of you out there are doing the same this weekend? If not Brawlers, then what will you be playing?

WRUP: Beginning of a busy season edition

With no new releases this week (well, for us in the states), one reader put it best when they claimed this was the calm before the storm. It totally is, because this summer and beyond is going to be so jam-packed with great games, your wallet is going to feel like it spent years in a Turkish prison. It's going to be tired and beaten into submission.

So, perhaps you aren't playing any new games this week. If you are, let us know! If not, then tell us which of the crazy line-up of games releasing this summer you're looking forward to playing. We know there's plenty of titles you want to pick up because there's plenty of titles we want to pick up.

WRUP: Tactical insects edition

For us, this week's releases only come down to Drone Tactics and Myst DS. Sure, we could check out Prince Caspian (it did launch the Dgamer network, after all), but we're not really ones to enjoy the licensed games too much.

What about you all, though? Are you digging on Atlus's SRPG action or the classic Myst? Are you resorting to busting out a dusty, old cartridge and seeing what that's all about this weekend? For us, it looks like mostly rain, so it's the perfect excuse to sit indoors and spend some quality time with our DS.

Gallery: Drone Tactics

WRUP: Expand your vocabulary edition

The majority of this week's releases have one goal in mind: increasing your knowledge. Thanks to the release of the Nintendo Channel, you've all undoubtedly checked out the Crosswords DS demo, among others. So, will you be picking it up this weekend?

For those of you not getting your down and across on, what will you be playing this weekend? One of the other new releases? Or, are you playing something older?

Gallery: Crosswords DS

WRUP: Let's get fit edition

This week's releases are full of titles aimed at making you a healthier human being. We can get behind that, because being healthy is a pretty important thing in life. And, of course, there's also Iron Man.

Any of our faithful readers looking to cleanse their body and soul and go for a healthier you? Or, are you already knee-deep in another game, like The World Ends with You? What will you be playing to get you through this weekend?

What are you Playing? is a weekly feature where we ask what it is that you're, well ... playing! Every Friday, look for a new topic and a new chance to converse with the community about what games you're enjoying and which games are disappointing. So tell us already!

WRUP: The World Ends with Pokemon edition

Gamers, this is a good week for picking up something new. Not only are the pair of competent Pokemon Mystery Dungeon sequels available, Square Enix's The World Ends with You is also on tap, ready for your consumption. And that's just here in North America!

So, let's get to it. What are you picking up? Were you thinking about getting Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 (did you read our review?), or were you looking to Square Enix's title for some fun? Perhaps both? What are you playing this weekend?

WRUP: This or that edition

Well now, considering that in recent weeks we haven't had much in the way of new releases, it's nice to see that this week has a plethora of games on tap. Consider our hiatus from playing games at an official end. Do we pick up Rondo of Swords? Should we nab Teenage Zombies?

Wait, we know. Let's ask you what you plan on picking up and playing. So, how about it? What are you going to play this weekend?

WRUP: Australia gets Layton and everyone else gets nothing edition

Looking over this week's releases, we're feeling a lot like last week: empty and cold inside. Unless you're in Australia, there pretty much isn't anything worth checking out. We're in kind of a GBA mood, though (after reading JC's Virtually Overlooked last night), so this weekend will probably have us dusting off our copy of Metroid Fusion or something.

What about you all? Have any good GBA games that you could play while waiting for some new DS games to enjoy? Or do you have something else in mind? What are you playing?

Gallery: Professor Layton and the Curious Village

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