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WRUP: Cuts like the very first time edition

The big release this week is none other than Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2. After giving it a thorough play, we found it to be an overall great title. With Europe getting Space Invaders Extreme and Arkanoid DS this week, we imagine you folks are going to be playing those?

How will you fill your free time this weekend?

Create Lulz of the Unemployed Ninja, win stuff

Do you enjoy the Izuna character portrait comics on the official website? If not, you probably haven't read them, because they're delightful. Atlus is now offering a chance for the fans to share their own Izuna comics, and get a shot at some free stuff for doing so!

All you have to do is pick one of four templates (each one featuring interactions between different Izuna characters), add text to a form, and submit your hilarity to Atlus for judging. The winner gets a copy of Izuna 2 and all the posters -- even the one that they didn't pick for Amazon copies!

Gallery: Izuna 2

DS Fanboy Review: Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2

There's one thing you need to know right up front: Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 is one of the best DS games to date, even without the benefit of some of the things that were added to the Wii entries in the medical franchise. The gameplay is much improved over the already-excellent first title, and the biggest complaint made by the original's detractors -- the difficulty -- is mitigated here by the inclusion of a range of difficulty settings. The result is pretty close to spectacular.

But when the gameplay is so good that there are few complaints, it's a lot easier to nitpick other aspects of the title, and we've got nitpicks in spades. That's all they are, though: tiny complaints that hardly matter. Under the Knife 2 should be remembered as one of the most satisfying experiences on the DS. Unfortunately, that's not likely to happen.

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Izuna 2 QA causes a lot of pink hair pulling

Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns is about more than mini-posters and sexy ninjas -- a lot of work goes into getting a game like this localized. Not only does a good localization team have to focus on the translation, but they also need to fix any bugs or problems that gamers found in the Japanese release. Apparently, fixing bugs for a roguelike is especially hard and frustrating, as you might have guessed.

Here's the Quality Assurance stat breakdown, according to Atlus:
  • Number of testers on Izuna 2: 6
  • Number of DS systems almost thrown against the wall: 6
  • Number of system-type bugs our testers reported: 104
  • Number of text bugs our testers reported: 259
  • Number of times the testers nearly gave the project lead a heart attack with a fake system bug: 3
  • Number of bugs our testers reported to which we responded: "That's not a bug, that's the way this game works:" 17
  • Number of monkeys we could have hired to do their job: 0
The production diary is actually a really interesting read that not only Izuna fans, but also people interested in the localization process should give a look. Besides, we always appreciate more insight on how the other side of the gaming industry works.

Gallery: Izuna 2

Rhapsody release date announced, Disgaea date confirmed

The release date for one of Nippon Ichi's SRPG remakes has been announced, and another one officially backed up, by a somewhat unexpected source. Atlus announced yesterday that they would handle the distribution for three of NIS America's upcoming games, including Disgaea DS and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. Before the American branch of NIS was founded, Atlus published the company's games, including, appropriately enough, the original releases of both Rhapsody and Disgaea. The games will be their own worst competition, being released simultaneously on September 23.

The American boxarts for both games have also been revealed. While the Rhapsody art (found after the break) is a simplified version of the original, Disgaea uses a different piece of artwork and a baffling "CAUTION: PLAYERS XING" road sign.

Gallery: Disgaea

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DS Fanboy Review: Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard

If you played Etrian Odyssey (parte the firste), then the beginning of the sequel will be no surprise to you. If you haven't, you're in luck -- Etrian Odyssey II takes the same approach as the first title, with a mini-tutorial hidden in the beginning of the game. In the early stages, you can't go wrong.

Enjoy that little feature while it lasts ... and it doesn't last long. After that, Etrian Odyssey quickly becomes one of the most difficult experiences to date on the DS -- but it's also one of the most fun. Heroes of Lagaard isn't for the faint of heart, though, so if you glaze over when we wax philosophic about Shiren and Izuna, this one may not be for you. If you're willing to jump in, though, Heroes of Lagaard will deliver one of the best gaming experiences of the year.

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New screens of Master of the Monster Lair, or Dungeon Maker, or both

It seems quite likely that Atlus's release of Master of the Monster Lair and Marvelous/Rising Star Games' European release of Dungeon Maker will share the same English translation. In that case, these screens of Dungeon Maker should also be screens of Master of the Monster Lair -- and even if they aren't, we can accept the possibility of seeing the same Japanese phrases translated two different ways, if only in the name of international accord.

Of course, our understanding of the game is that it's about a kid who uses a magic shovel to create dungeons, which fill up with monsters that he then kills. Who could tell when something like that has been translated accurately?

DS Fanswag: Map your way to Etrian Odyssey II

If you're having trouble finding your way to a copy of Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard, then try your luck in our current contest! The giveaway winds down tomorrow, but since you can enter once per day, that means you have two more chances to get your name into the DS Fanboy hat. To enter, just head over to the original post and leave a comment. It's that easy!

Izuna poster overload!

The Izuna 2 poster situation has officially become ridiculous. Atlus has revealed that the cover of every copy will not feature the same mini-poster on the reverse; rather, each copy will have one of two pieces of arttwork. In addition, they've released the winning design from the Amazon poll.

With the Gamestop-exclusive poster, there are now four different Izuna 2 posters. Each copy ordered from Amazon or GameStop will include two, one of which can be chosen. Crazy people can try to collect them all by ordering one copy from each retailer and just hoping for two different posters on the boxes.

A delay for Dokapon

Dokapon Journey is just so cute that it couldn't even make its forthcoming release date. At least, that's our first guess. They might have just been low on insults. Whatever the reason, the Japanese release for both the DS title and the Wii's Dokapon Kingdom has been bumped to late next month. We would moan and complain about the possibility of the delay affecting the US release, but -- oh, that's right. There isn't one. Only the Wii game is scheduled for localization.

Bitter? Us? Maybe. If you need us, we'll be scribbling "Buttface" on all Atlus materials until we get an announcement about the DS game. We won't even mind if it takes a while to get here. See? We're nice.

Gallery: Dokapon Journey!

Gamestop furthers Izuna's new modeling career

Not only is Atlus including a fold-out poster on the back of the Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns boxart, they're bundling one of two provocative posters with Amazon orders of the game as well.

But even that isn't enough coverage for Ninja Studio's roguelike heroine: GameStop orders of Izuna 2 will ship with yet another mini-poster featuring a more dressed, but no more demure, Izuna than the others. You could probably get away with having someone see this one on your wall.

We predict a minor swell of unopened Izuna 2 copies on eBay shortly after release, sold by people who just couldn't choose a poster.

Izuna's milkshake brings all the boys to Amazon's yard

While Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns comes with a spiffy reversible boxart feature, that's not the only bonus male Atlus fans can expect this July. There will actually be another mini-poster included with the game -- a much more risqué poster, at that. Here's the catch: in order to get one with your copy of Izuna 2, you have to order it from (which means the promotion is only available for folks in the U.S.). Atlus tells us that there are only a "limited" number of these special edition copies available, so take that as you will.

Atlus is also holding a voting contest to see which one of two posters (shown in full after the break) will be included with the software. When we last checked, the two options were almost neck and neck, with the first one taking a slight lead.

If your lecherous curious eyes want to see the uncropped posters featuring Izuna and Shino's scantily clad figures, just click past the break.

Gallery: Izuna 2

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Rondo of Sales: SRPG, Crosswords bargains

Like the purple-haired sword dudette above, Amazon has slashed away at its pricing for Atlus's quirky SRPG, Rondo of Swords. Until midnight tonight (or however long the retailer's stock lasts), you should be able to get the game and its innovative combat system for only $17.99.

Of course, if you can bring the total of your order to $25, you can also receive free shipping. If you haven't picked it up yet from the dozens of other sales we've featured, Amazon also has a New York Times Crosswords "lightning deal" planned for 1:00 PM EST today, though the product page hasn't revealed yet how much the game will be discounted.

You could always add that to your SRPG cart if you need some filler! Presumably, the New York Times Crosswords sale will be up for four hours (or while stock lasts).

Gallery: Rondo of Swords (Atlus)

[Via CAG]

Read - Amazon product page for Rondo of Swords
Read - Amazon product page for New York Times Crosswords

DS Fanswag: Etrian Odyssey II

Last year, DS Fanboy was one of the few places you could find a copy of Etrian Odyssey, and in anticipation of the eventual rarity of the sequel, we've doubled up this time around, and have two copies on offer for two lucky readers! And just to sweeten the deal, we'll throw in the Monaco aluminum case for one of our winners. We know Etrian Odyssey can be a little difficult -- this way, your handheld will be safe when it accidentally falls right under your shoe. Well, safer, at least.

What do you need to do to win? Just tell us about some of the most difficult games you've played on the DS here in the comments on this post. You may enter once per day. One grand prize winner will walk away with a copy of Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard ($29.99), as well as the Monaco case ($24.95), and a second winner will pick up the game as well. The contest will run through Monday, June 30; that night, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern, entries will close, and we'll choose two winners in a random drawing. To enter, you must be 18 or older, and a current legal resident of the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec). Have questions? Check the official rules.

DS Daily: The Atlus Effect

We had basically totally forgotten about Dungeon Maker until yesterday. For that matter, when Global A first revealed the game, we were (personally) unfazed by it -- it seemed to be just another dungeon RPG.

Yesterday, however, Atlus announced that they intended to release Dungeon Maker in the U.S as Master of the Monster Lair. For whatever reason -- either our appreciation of Atlus, of games whose text we can read, or of Monster Lair, we found the news rad.

Atlus games are generally great. But until yesterday, Dungeon Maker wasn't an Atlus game! Are there any publishers for whom the act of publishing a game improves that game's standing in your mind?

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