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Mega Man pays homage to Super Mario Bros.

Sure, it's from a PSP game, but we can all admit that, aside from that small flaw, this video is pretty sweet. Apparently, this PSP game lets you create and download custom stages. From the looks of this recreation of 1-1 in Super Mario Bros., we're sure there are plenty of other sweet homages to other iconic gaming levels available for it, as well. Of course, the only problem with this user-created stage is that it lacks the music from the original Super Mario Bros. game. But, that's to be expected.

Someone let us know when there's a user-created stage that is modeled after the introductory level in Castlevania.

[Via Siliconera]

If you've been waiting for a Blooper hoodie, today's your lucky day

We've seen enough clothing branded with 1-up mushrooms to last us several lifetimes (which is sort of ironic), but other items in lastactioncowboy's new line-up of Nintendo clothing feature characters that haven't been so drastically overused. We've not seen too many Blooper hoodies, for example, while Bob-omb underwear is a new one to us.

Admittedly, probably none of this stuff is as effortlessly cool or obscure as those Sega-themed t-shirts from The King of Games, but then it's also not as horrendously pricey -- just $40 for a hoodie, or $18 per piece of underwear.

[Via That Girl's Site]

Cozy up with Blooper

We're not exactly sure where each of you would place cushions on a list of life's essentials -- they're right next to DS games ending with 'z' on our list -- but if you are a lover of cushions (and some of us live with such people), you may as well be a lover of totally awesome cushions.

That's where Etsy member punzie can help out, because she's crafted a (currently very small) range of $20 Nintendo cushions, including the charming teal Blooper design you see above. While there's only three to choose from right now, she does take requests -- we're half-thinking about asking for a Kuribo's Shoe cushion to call our own. Sit yourself down in your cold, hard, unpadded chair and hit the break for a couple more examples of her work.

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Hot on the streets of eBay: Bape DS Lite

You know the Bathing Ape DS Lite that you can't get? You can get it, thanks to eBay user garakuta1028! Unfortunately, like all designer goods, you have to pay dearly for the privilege of a thing with a label. Combine this with the usual premium associated with a limited-edition DS Lite, and you've got one pricey monkeyed system.

The white Bape DS Lite is now available on eBay for just $550. Chances are, if you're a fan of Tokyo fashion, you're used to paying that much for stuff. The rest of us will just have to be satisfied with the option to skin (or draw on) our everyday DS Lites.

[Via GameSniped]

Students tackle Nintendo tunes, a capella style [update]

If there is one thing we can appreciate, it's talent. And these folk have it, as the students from Hermann Wesselink College manage to bust out into a pair of great Nintendo themes a capella style. They handle a choice selection from The Legend of Zelda, as well as Super Mario Bros. in the video above.

If our school had stuff like this back when we were in our developing stages, maybe we would've paid attention and not grown up to become blogging scum.

Update: Some readers point out that this isn't a capella. Sorry folks, we're not a music blog!

[Thanks, SpinachConvention!]

See how badly Japan wants the Bape DS Lite

There's no doubt in our minds that the Bape DS is a hot little number, but we'd never wait on a line like this for one. At first, the line seems somewhat modest, but then the camera keeps on turning around more and more corners. We should have guessed as much, seeing how the video is over two minutes long.

To see exactly how much Japanese gamers love special edition DSes, check out the clip embedded above for yourselves.

[Via GameLife]

Super Mario Afghan

We like this new trend of people crafting game-related afghans. First it was with Tetris, and now with a scene depicting one of our favorite plumbers (Mario, obviously). This particular blanket was made by ThomcatDesigns, who have earned our complete respect for their (his? her?) mad crafting skills. The detail in this makes it look like it came right out of one of our favorite NES classics.

Check the gallery to see the chronological progression of the afghan as it was created. It's pretty amazing to watch it turn from a mess of yarn into a masterpiece.

Gallery: ThomcatDesigns' Mario Afghan

[Via Technabob; pictures via thomcatdesgins' Flickr account]

RC car and bottles become elaborate musical instrument for Mario tribute

Just when we thought we were tired of seeing videos of people playing the Super Mario Bros. theme with wacky, nontraditional instruments (including bottles!), here comes this brilliant piece of video to completely change our worldview. We cannot even imagine the time and effort required to arrange every bottle at just the right distance, with just the right amount of liquid, to accurately reproduce the Super Mario Bros. theme when hit in sequence by a passing RC car.

It must have been a lot less jovial in there for the guys doing this than it looked, and a lot more tense. Each note was another opportunity for the car to veer off course a bit and set off a domino-style chain reaction. Or even just to knock one bottle over and force the musicians to refill it to just the right level. The end result is transcendant enough to be worth it.

[Via Boing Boing]

Playing your homemade DS can be fun, too

It's too bad that creating a DS out of paper wouldn't really work like this -- then we'd all have a lot more money in our pockets. Our hats definitely go off to you tuber and deviant artist Zikayn, though, for making this awesome video. While we've seen similar stuff before, we haven't seen anything with as much polish as this. We can't be sure how long these kind of animations take to create, having no artistic bones to speak of, but we imagine that it wasn't just a quick endeavor.

[Via Kotaku]

New Super Mario Bros. hack transports us back to 1985

Yes, yes, New Super Mario Bros. is pretty and enormously fun. We get it. But while playing through that otherwise delightful slice of 2D platforming, we often found ourselves missing the challenge of an old-school Mario game.

That's why we're excited when we see stuff like New Retro Mario Bros., one of the downright sweetest Mario hacks we've encountered in a while. Combine the luscious, 3D-on-2D visuals of the mentally popular DS game with the level design and increased difficulty of the peerless Super Mario Bros., and you're talking about our kind of game.

That's essentially what New Retro Mario Bros. is: a landmark NES game wearing fancy new DS pants; everything that appeared in Super Mario Bros. is here, right down to the last item box and Goomba. To see just how accurate it is, hit the break for videos of the original game, as well as the updated version of World 1-1. Oh, and bear in mind that the Machinae Supremacy soundtrack is for placeholder purposes only.

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Rumor: Disney looking to take on Mario?

Each month, the EGM rumor mill churns out some very interesting topics of conversation. Well, the latest rumor that will be on the minds of all Nintendo-faithful is Disney's supposed intention to take on Nintendo's platforming plumber with their strongest mascot, Mickey.

Most of us probably played Mickey's Illusion games back on Sega's systems, so we recall that Mickey can be in a good game (some of you probably count those Kingdom Hearts games, as well?). But, does he have what it takes to compete with Mario? Perhaps, with Warren Spector supposedly heading up the project.

It seems silly that anyone would try to compete with Mario, but hey, that's just us. What do you all think?

Mario Farty DS

At first glance, Flickr user Punkfish-'s modded DS Phat is like a thousand other slightly underwhelming DIY mods. But then you catch wind (ho ho) of the upper half, and a double take is the only reasonable reaction. That's because Mario is ... farting! Breaking wind. Tooting. Passing gas. Cutting the cheese.

Needless to say, we are shocked and appalled (okay, and also amused). We hope Punkfish-'s sister, Rosa, appreciates her DS's new look!

Gallery: Punkfish-'s modded DS Phat

[Via GayGamer]

Nintendo-themed cases bring style to your DS

If you're still searching for the perfect case for your DS Lite, you might want to check out these handmade options by eBay's munkybaby05. Made with yarn, felt, and plastic canvas, these cases are adorably geeky, and according to the seller, will fit snugly on any DS Lite.

There's two Metroid options, including the one pictured above and a Samus vs. metroid case. If you prefer the Legend of Zelda as your game of choice, though, she also has a case featuring Link and another with a sparkly Triforce.

The cutest of all, though, are the Mario-themed cart cases, which are shaped like little boxes and can hold about nine or ten games. The game holders are available in red mushroom, green mushroom, or question block designs.

Currently they're not too expensive for handmade items ($18 including shipping and handling for the DS Lite cases, $11 for the game cases), but of course, you never know with eBay.

[Thanks, GenoBoost!]

Do you trust Mario's grip?

More to the point, do you get the appeal of DS stands? This blogger doesn't. Why pay for something that your hands can do equally well? Alas, it looks like I'm in a minority, because companies keep churning the damn things out. Somebody out there is buying them, and no doubt somebody out there will lay down $30 for this 12-inch PVC Super Mario stand. Madness.*

Even if yours truly was a fan of stands, it would be a struggle to recommend this, mainly because rival stands offer so much more on the features front, such as the ability to charge your DS (like the Hori Charge Stand), or the ability to play your DS while on its stand (see: Hori's Taiko no Tatsujin model). That minimalist bendy DS stand from last year still comes across as the most sensible purchase.

* I fully reserve the right to entirely backtrack on this paragraph and squeal like a schoolgirl if anybody ever makes an Animal Crossing: Wild World stand.

[Via Go Nintendo]

Take a bath with Mario

With our two cruel, merciless lovely, thoughtful, and charismatic leads cracking the whip gently encouraging us to blog, we barely find time nowadays to recline in a long, hot bath. Next time an opportunity arises, however, we plan to share our tub with one of these Super Mario Brothers Bath Bombs.

Available at ThinkGeek for $5.99, these release a yellowish, fragrant foam into your bath, before dissolving to leave you with a cute Mario, Luigi, Fire Mario, Bowser Jr., Goomba, or Power Mushroom figurine. DS Fanboy: your one-stop source for Nintendo-themed toiletries.

[Via Hawty McBloggy]

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