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Atlus lovers, head to Amazon

We've already established that having the Atlus name on the front of a box is usually A Very Good Thing, and look! Somebody at Amazon must clearly have been listening to us, as the uber-retailer has the following Atlus-published titles up for sale:
  • Rondo of Swords -- $19.99
  • Draglade -- $13.39
  • Ontamarama -- $10.04
  • Contact -- $23.44
  • Touch Detective 2 1/2 -- $9.99
That's not all -- while we were scrounging though Amazon's bargain basement section, we found a couple of other potentially worthy additions to your DS library:
  • Children of Mana -- $20.09
  • Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble -- $10.04
You can also get Ping Pals for $4.29. But like that deserves a functioning link.

'Tales of a series' event births new footage

At a promotional event in Japan for all things Tales, a number of guest speakers showcased plenty of new ideas and media for the groin-grabbingly popular RPG franchise. Some footage from the upcoming Tales of Hearts was featured along with running commentary, but our general stupidness prevents any translation. However, you can still see the game in action, as the charming little sprite characters duke it out in a beautifully detailed world.

This is self-inflicted pain. If you allow yourself to get excited over each superb entry in the Tales series, you'll wind up cold and alone. There's nothing more depressing than a neglected RPG.

[Via NeoGAF]

Square Enix announces new Chocobo Tales, Chocobo roguelike

As a promotion for its Virtual World -- yes, it's a virtual world titled Virtual World -- Square Enix held a special event in the beta 3D space unveiling two new Chocobo titles for the Nintendo DS -- Cid and Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon: Maze of Time DS+ (fall 2008) and Chocobo and the Magic Storybook: The Witch and the Girl and the Five Heroes (winter 2008).

Cid and Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon: Maze of Time DS+, as you can guess, will be a roguelike starring Final Fantasy figures Cid and Chocobo. This will actually be Square Enix's fourth Chocobo Mystery Dungeon entry, an enhanced port of Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon for the Wii, now with new jobs and a storyline told from a new perspective (Cid's).

The chances of this one coming to the U.S.? Given the current "surge" of roguelikes hitting the States, it's very likely we'll get this one! You can preview some of Cid and Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon's first screenshots in our gallery below.

The second title, Chocobo and the Magic Storybook: The Witch and the Girl and the Five Heroes, follows 2007's Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales, a minigame collection with RPG and card-battling elements. If you remember our favorable review for the original game, we called it "just about the cutest thing ever." Screenshots below!

[Via Duckroll]

Sega provides soundtrack, commercials for World Destruction

Making the most of its multiple media production, Sega debuted two new commercials for its forthcoming World Destruction DS game during the Japanese premiere of its accompanying World Destruction anime series. The videos are blurry, and there's less than fifteen seconds of actual in-game footage between the two clips, but you can still see a preview of the JRPG's combat! Plus, one of the girls totally kicks a prison door off its hinges.

Sega has also announced that it will throw in a "premium soundtrack" for anyone who puts in a preorder for World Destruction's September 18th release in Japan. The CD will contain five tracks picked out by composer Yasunori Mitsuda, whose name you should recognize from his work on Chrono Trigger and the Xenosaga series. Jump past the break for the album cover and second commercial!

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Larger than tiny Tales of Hearts screens

Scavenging for screens of rare and awesome DS games in the making is a tedious yet rewarding task. Oftentimes one will be granted a tiny sample of media from an upcoming RPG, while sometimes being rewarded with decent scans from the best game ever. What's the second-best game ever? Tales of Hearts, that's what -- and we have a couple of new screens that fit right around the middle size-wise.

Along with the rather colorful display right here, you can check out another dialogue shot after the jump. The Japanese has us scratching our heads stupidly, but the game itself looks good. Tales of Hearts is scheduled for a Q4 2008 release date in Japan, and we want it. In the meantime, check out the empty, pretty official site.

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Inazuma Eleven on TV tells you to buy, buy, buy!

It's true -- Inazuma Eleven looks great, and each piece of media has been drooled upon by RPG, anime and even general soccer fans alike. With the imminent Japanese release on August 22nd, Level-5 has begun advertising on television, and this commercial is a perfect place for gamers in the dark about Inazuma to take a first look and become ultra-interested.

Inazuma Eleven is incredibly original, featuring real-time strategy gameplay on the field, as players draw on the touch screen to direct positions of team members. Hopefully the gameplay is easy enough to understand for keen importers, because the chances of localization are not that great. Well, anything less than 100 percent won't be good enough!

Smuggling new Steal Princess screens

Our comedic rapacity knows no satiety. With every new batch of Steal Princess screens, we have to chuckle about some kind of petty theft. The video content and official website are showing off what promises to be a stealingly good game. Stealingly isn't even a word, and it's still funny.

Just a few new images today, but they do provide some insight into various features like the "Gimmick Setting" and "Land Parts Shop." Now, the recent announcement of Wi-Fi level sharing is associated with the shop -- you actually buy parts to create your own custom environments. No slave labor here, construction costs money! You can check out some more of the inventory systems and map screens over at Famitsu.

Chrono Trailer

The countdown on the Japanese Chrono Trigger teaser site has elapsed. Now, the teaser site redirects to, which loads up ... a new trailer for Chrono Trigger DS!

Featuring the original Akira Toriyama character art and footage of just one gameplay screen, this trailer could easily pass as a promotional video for the original Chrono Trigger if not for the "2008. Winter" tag at the end. The game looks identical in motion (unless that is Super Famicom footage). Of course, that will change when whatever is going on on the other screen is revealed.

After the video plays, a link comes up for an "About Chrono Trigger DS" page, which mostly states what we know (that Chrono Trigger is old, and that the DS version will differ in the fact that it uses two screens), but it mentions that the game (presumably in the Wireless Play mode) will support up to four players.

Majesco bringing Away toward North America in January

The latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly features a nice preview of Mistwalker's Away: Shuffle Dungeon, which also happens to contain a nice bit of news: the game is given a January 2009 release date for North America, with Majesco publishing. This is somewhat surprising since AQ Interactive, who is publishing in Japan, owns an American game publisher; in addition, dungeon crawling is pretty divergent from the kind of casual games Majesco generally publishes.

Not that we're complaining, of course. Away looks awfully clever, and we're just happy we'll get to play it. One warning: given the history of this game, we wouldn't get our hopes up for it to make January.

Delay: Shuffle Dungeon

Away: Shuffle Dungeon has already been announced as a PAL release (and sort of announced as a North American release), even though the Japanese version of the game isn't out yet. AQ Interactive, Virgin PLAY, and (probably) Xseed should be able to give us firmer Western release dates for the dungeon crawler now, because the delayed Japanese game finally has its own date. Of course, that date is even later than the vague "summer" named in the last delay statement.

AQ Interactive announced the final (probably) release date for Japan yesterday: October 16, right in the middle of the "fall" release window Virgin PLAY planned for Europe. Unless AQ Interactive is planning a simultaneous worldwide release, we expect the late release will cause the European version to get bumped into next year. The U.S. version still has yet to be officially unveiled.

Tiny screens from Tales of Hearts get our blood pumping

We already showed you a snippet of the Shonen Jump scans for Tales of Hearts, but Gamekyo recently added more, this time showing off some enticing (albeit tiny) screens.

Like some of you, we're trying not to put our hearts into Tales of Hearts, just because we don't want them broken if the game doesn't get localized. Normally we're localization optimists, but after Namco Bandai decided to work on the Wii's Tales of Symphonia as well as the 360's Tales of Vesperia, but not the DS's Tales of Innocence, we've been a little bitter. We won't even mention our still stinging wounds over Tales of the Tempest, even if it wasn't too well recieved -- except that we just did. We've said it before, and we'll say it again: if any system deserves catering to niche audiences, it's the DS.

Rant aside, enjoy the lovely screens! We'll just be out back, crying softly to ourselves.

Wind of Nostalgia keeps sounding better and better

If we're (maybe) not getting a Skies of Arcadia sequel, Wind of Nostalgia sounds like the next best thing. In fact, it sounds like the same thing, only instead of air pirates, you're ... Londoners. Even with that not-as-cool difference, the gameplay of this RPG includes both dungeons and air battles, just like Skies. Interestingly, though, the setting for Wind is in the 19th century -- you don't usually associate the 1800s and air ships together, not that we're complaining.

IGN pointed out another interesting detail that has us salivating over this new IP. Not only is Matrix (think the Final Fantasy III and IV DS remakes) working on the project, as we knew, but also the producer is Keisuke Kikuchi of Fatal Frame fame. asdlfjasdlkjfa -- oh excuse us there, we were just wiping drool off the keyboard.

First image of Chrono Trigger DS revealed

So, apparently the game isn't getting a visual overhaul in the slightest, as, should our memory serve us correct, the images in the scan to the right look exactly like the original SNES title. Hey, we're not complaining! Who has any right to complain about Chrono Trigger getting re-released for the DS? Nobody, that's who!

Seriously, we're so stoked for this game, we doubt any other happening could ever rival it. Actually, if Abraham Lincoln and George Washington rose out of their graves to take part in a zombie steel-cage match, it would probably rival Chrono Trigger. But, Chrono would still win.

See how crazy this game is making us?

Bleach: The Third Phantom poisons everyone with new trailers

Bleach is cool. It's like the cool kid in a playground of anime, and the fansubbers go mental at the slightest hint of a burnt DVD collection. Hey, nothing wrong with that, it's just some bloggers feel left out, having not caught a single episode in their life. So, it's no surprise that the latest trailers for Bleach: The Third Phantom have already been downloaded thousands of times.

The above video is the opening cinematic, which is pretty low-budget and lame. It's a DS game, but maybe the tiniest bit of animation wouldn't go astray. Either way, the trailer after the break shows the real meat-and-potatoes of Bleach, and you can check out the unexpected strategy gameplay in action. Fighting game, schmighting game -- this has evil flying clown things.

Continue reading Bleach: The Third Phantom poisons everyone with new trailers

Create Lulz of the Unemployed Ninja, win stuff

Do you enjoy the Izuna character portrait comics on the official website? If not, you probably haven't read them, because they're delightful. Atlus is now offering a chance for the fans to share their own Izuna comics, and get a shot at some free stuff for doing so!

All you have to do is pick one of four templates (each one featuring interactions between different Izuna characters), add text to a form, and submit your hilarity to Atlus for judging. The winner gets a copy of Izuna 2 and all the posters -- even the one that they didn't pick for Amazon copies!

Gallery: Izuna 2

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