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Assassin's Creed DS box art, details at last

It's been a long wait, but at least we're seeing something at last from the DS version Assassin's Creed -- the box art. Even though it looks like it has potential, is it a good sign that this is the first bit of media we've seen on the title? The silence may be due in part to the mixed reviews that met that other Assassin's Creed, but we'll admit, it has us a little concerned.

But here's the good: now that we've seen a little of the title, due to the box art having been scanned by a quick-thinking gamer who went in to preorder at GameStop, we'll say that it does look good. It sounds good. The DS version is a prequel that focuses on the origins of assassin Altaïr, and the game takes on a similar, though scaled-down, approach. Concerned that it might be more like the mobile version? Fear not, as Altaïr's Chronicles is not using the sprites and 2D design available on cell phones. If nothing else, it seems apparent that some care went into re-imagining the story for a stylus-based approach.

How does it look outside of a few tiny, scanned and grainy screens? We don't know yet. How will it look in motion? We're not sure. How will it play? Beyond stylus-based controls, we don't know that, either, but unless the release date changes, we'll soon find out. The game is currently slated for early February.

We are, we must admit, surprised that it's not a) a card game, b) mini-games, c) a rollicking pirate adventure, or d) a music simulator.

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Izuna 2 has a naughty costume

As a bonus item, Japanese retailer Sofmap is including a collectors' edition box with copies of Izuna 2. The box features artwork of scantily-clad Izuna and Shino relaxing at an onsen, and is designed to mirror the appearance of PC eroge (hentai games.) No, Izuna 2 isn't a hentai game. But it does star female characters with whom plenty of otaku are no doubt obsessed.

Publisher Success is partly making fun of eroge, we think, and simultaneously serving and mocking any prurient interest in their characters. Can you imagine an American game made to look like pornography for the purpose of sales? But it's different in Akihabara, where apparently you wouldn't want to be caught dead buying just a DS game and no porn.

Possible English-language Phantom Hourglass box

It's considerably less blue than than the Japanese box art, but word around the campfire is that this may be the box we're all going to be opening in October for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. While it seems a little less playful than the Japanese counterpart, the brown background seems very much in keeping with the series. And we just love Link's expression!

[Via Digg]

Monster Rancher DS Japanese box art

It's no secret around here that we love Monster Rancher, but the latest version headed to the DS has us a little wary, and the box art isn't making anything better. Is it just us, or does it seem like this image is striving for more of a Pokémon style? With the shift to RPG, we can't say we're surprised by that.

The classic Playstation games (hailed by us many as the best in the franchise) were focused on the monsters themselves, and that focus was reflected in the box art. Here, the focus seems to be equally on the childlike trainers and the monsters both ... and that, combined with the cartoony style shown here, is what makes us begin to doubt the potential for awesome in this game. When the series moved to the Playstation 2 and took on a cel-shaded design, the games suffered both graphically and content-wise. This box doesn't give us much hope that we'll see the series returning to its (incredible) roots.

But we're still willing to wait and see, with fingers crossed and fervent hopes.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings boxart unveiled

She's a beaut
We don't normally display boxart here on DS Fanboy, but we do tend to make exceptions. Revenant Wings dresses to impress with minimalistic flair; its DS predecessor was also rather impressive. A beauty, no?

Square-Enix is bombarding the DS with meteor showers of love. Here's a little "DS Bi-Daily" for ya: do you think Square-Enix's support means as much as it once did? By diversifying its game library and stepping into the realms of spin-offs and direct sequels, many feel as though they've watered down the intense quality of software they once provided. Or are we just insane? Still, We await FFXII: RW with open and eager arms.

Pair of boxes from the land of could-be

Over at Go Nintendo, it looks like someone tipped them off on new boxes that turned up on the EB Games site. These could be the real deal here for Lunar Knights (and after the jump, Spectrobes). How do they look to you? If that's the box for Lunar Knights, we give it a tentative stamp of approval. It seems to capture the campy feel that's come across in the trailers and ads.

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Less cool Hotel Dusk box

Reader KLind is looking forward to Hotel Dusk just as much as we are, and after we sighed over the Japanese boxart for the graphical adventure, KLind tipped us off to the box floating around various online retail outlets. We've used the image before ourselves, but hoped it was just a placeholder. Tragically, it looks like this is the real deal for the English language version. It may not be as slick and sinister as the Japanese version, but at least it shows off the look of the game. Still, we're sad.

But we'll play it anyway.

[Thanks, KLind!]

US box design for DS Lite confirmed

There you have it. The final package design for the DS Lite doesn't really wow us all that much, but you can bet the handheld will when it releases in just 18 days. Trust me, I know, I held Ludwig's for about 3 seconds during E3.

Best 3 seconds of my life.

The worst 3 seconds followed when I tried to make off with it and he beat me to near death without mercy.

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