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DS Daily: Choosing a favorite

Yesterday, we talked a bit about limited edition DS Lites. Sure, most of them are only available in Japan, but that doesn't keep us from drooling all over them anyway. Did you check them out? What do you think?

When looking them over, it's hard for us to choose a favorite. With so many great handhelds in one place, you can understand the difficulty we're having in choosing one. So, why don't you? What's your favorite limited edition DS Lite? Fan of the Zelda-themed handheld, or more for the simple style of the metallic blends? Which is your favorite?

Train Girl DS release date and limited edition bundle

Click for bigger image

Japanese gamers eager to get their hands on Train Girl DS will be getting a nice bundle come this October. But, wait, before we talk about the bundle, we should probably talk a bit about the game itself, right? Okay, let's go.

In Terminal Memory DS from Tomy, you have got to keep the trains running on time. According to some machine translation, it looks like you're charged with maintaining a fleet of trains and ensuring the women in charge of keeping them running on time are doing their jobs. Fun times, indeed!

As for the bundle itself, you can see the figure and art book, but also a "talk CD," whatever that is. If you're looking for more information on the game, check out the official web page here. You can also see some other screens at IGN here.

[Via Go Nintendo]

Metallic Rose DS Lite a reality

Turns out, the rumor is true: the Metallic Rose DS Lite will be available for standalone purchase starting later this month. So, for those of you that liked the look of the unit available in the Nintendogs bundle, yet didn't want Nintendo's puppy sim (or that big paw print on the unit), you're in luck.

Nintendo comments that you'll soon be seeing commercials for this new DS Lite color soon, stating that as of Monday, May 19th, you'll see celebrities America Ferrera and Carrie Underwood "featured in commercials for the Metallic Rose version of Nintendo DS."

Anybody interested in picking this model up, either for themselves, or as a gift?

[Via press release]

Activision announces Guitar Hero DS Lite bundle, new Tony Hawk

During Activision's conference call about their Q4 earnings, Activision dropped a relatively large bomb: in addition to the normal game/controller bundle, Guitar Hero: On Tour will be released as a bundle with both the Guitar Grip and DS Lite hardware. This portable Guitar Hero thing is much bigger than we thought, and this show of confidence on Nintendo's part bears out Todd Greenwald's prediction of big sales.

In addition, Activision's Mike Griffith announced a new DS-exclusive Tony Hawk game to be released this year, that will "utilize new technology not yet seen on the DS." Maybe it'll be wheels, so you can ride your DS for real.

[Via GameDaily]

Gallery: Guitar Hero: On Tour

Ys I & II DS get bundled, still cost too much

The remakes of Ys I & II should have been sold in one package to start with, as 5,040 yen ($49) each is rather a lot to pay for yet more Ys remakes -- especially since they were released on the same day and therefore fully intended by Interchannel to be sold together. All but about 1,000 Japanese DS owners agreed, as the games sold 2,000 copies combined in their first week., an online retailer run by 7-Eleven and NEC (who used to own Interchannel, the company publishing these games) is now offering a "Special Box" of Ys I & II DS containing both games, a soundtrack CD, and, yes, a special box. While it's awesome to have both games in one deluxe package, the 9,800 yen ($95) price probably won't boost sales that much.

[Via Inside Games]

A 'new' bundle for the UK

Nintendo is releasing a brand new DS Lite bundle containing ... the white DS Lite and the first Brain Training game. It couldn't be worse timing, with the BBC in the midst of attempting to manufacture controversy over the two-year-old game, because now it's going to be a new product and thus even more made-up-newsworthy. But for people who aren't convinced the game is discriminatory, and would like to give the DS a try, this £119.99 bundle is an option --a n option packed in a very clinical-looking box. If the DS supply continues to be as constrained as it is, it may be the only option!

The bundle will be out on the 15th, ready to help you learn and keep your brain young and maybe play a game or something if you're into video games.

All of the news DS Fanboy saw fit to print in 2007

Well, not all of it. This is more about the highlights, the big news of the year. The kind of stuff that we should look back to and highlight as being memorable in 2007. It's been one hell of a year; a roller coaster ride of hits and misses. So, grab your admission ticket, buckle yourself in and join us for this look back at the news of 2007.

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Duke Saraie's Healthy Buying Extra Stuff Navi

We were idly browsing when we happened upon four special-edition bundles for Duke Saraie no Kenkou Walking Navi, the adorably insane walking training game (which, coincidentally, just came up in discussion this afternoon). The Special Duke Set includes the game, two Duke Saraie towels, a zipper pouch, a Dukes Walk wristband, a pochette (basically a little plastic pocket, but pochette is so much more euphonious), and, best of all, a Duke t-shirt. The bundles are divided into "pink" and "gold" versions: the pink version includes a pink shirt and pochette, and the gold version includes a gold pochette and a black shirt.

The bundles are further divided into "face" and "torso" versions, which differ in the design on the shirt. The "face" version, featuring Duke's face and an I <3 WALK graphic, is nice, but we prefer the dandy pose and "Beauty Smile DUKES WALK Health Willingly Body" on the "torso" version.

These bundles are all available on Amazon for 11,550 yen ($102.45) though they're limited to 100 bundles in each variety. Meanwhile, the standalone game is available at a discount, which leads us to question the wisdom of releasing the expensive bundles.

Reminder: End of the Year Blowout!

Each day, between now and the 26th, we're going to look at a different piece of the DS Fanswag End of the Year giveaway as a reminder of exactly why you need to hightail it over there and enter -- and we figured we might as well start with the crown jewel: the Limited Edition Legend of Zelda DS Lite with Phantom Hourglass. It's gold. It's gorgeous. And it comes complete with one of the best games this year. Don't you want it? It's part of the grand prize, so if you're interested, head over and throw your name into the hat! Remember, you can enter once per day. And if you're having any trouble with the comments, check here for a handy walkthrough.

Sakura Taisen is overprotective

Sega's limited-edition release of the new Sakura Taisen dungeon crawler, Dramatic Dungeon Sakura Taisen: Kimi Arugatame, is heavy on the DS adornments, to the point of being ridiculous. In addition to a soft system case, the All-Star Pack also includes a slip-on shell and three stickers, each emblazoned with a different squad's colors and logo. The package also includes three DS card cases in a similar motíf.

For those whose lust for stuff with logos on it extends beyond DS care, Sega will also be giving away Sakura Taisen cups, bowls, and mugs in a contest. That contest will no doubt have numerous entries, since Sakura Taisen is a series big enough to support its own cafe.

[Via Dengeki]

Friday Video: Bundles are beautiful

What's a dedicated DS lover to do when two sweet new bundles hit the streets? There's really only one option on the table: shoot a video of the boxes, complete with music and dramatic close-ups. It's just such a random thing (and yet, exactly what we would probably do) that we couldn't resist sharing it with you as part of this week's video spotlight.

GameStop overbundles new DS Lite bundles

If you're looking to buy one of the new DS Lite bundles, we hope you have extra money! And, depending on which one you buy, very little shame. EBGames/Gamestop, the masters of making you buy things you don't want in exchange for the privilege of buying something you do want, are offering both the Nintendogs and Phantom Hourglass DS Lite bundles online-- with "exciting" "extras."

For $239.96, the Zelda bundle includes not just the DS and Phantom Hourglass, but Final Fantasy III and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker as well. Buyers of the Nintendogs bundle are even worse off, and not just because they're stuck with the Nintendogs bundle. For $249.96, you get the pink, pawed DS, three different versions of Nintendogs, and Petz Dogs 2. It's perfect for people who only like one kind of game, but like it obsessively.

Get the Pikachu DS Lite, plus some games or something

Finally, American gamers have a shot at the yellowest DS Lite ever, thanks to the Pokémon Center. Unfortunately, if you're enough of a Pokémaniac to want one of these, you probably already have Diamond and/or Pearl, both of which come bundled with the unit. Also included: a Pokémon Diamond/Pearl "scenario guide" and a Pokédex book, also known as "bundle bloat."

All that extra stuff, plus the usual rarity tax, means that you'll be $345.95 in the hole for choosing this DS Lite. But that's about what you'd pay for just the unit on eBay, without having to buy it from some dude who is probably ripping you off in a unique way.

[Via GoNintendo]

Nintendo confirms new bundles for the holidays

Nintendo dished out a press release this morning, declaring that the previous rumor of two new DS Lite bundles hitting in time for Black Friday is, in fact, a reality. These two new bundles (other pictured past the break) will greet eager shoppers looking for the perfect gaming gift. No word on how long they'll be around, but the press release did state that they're limited-edition units, so we wouldn't expect them to be around forever.

So, who's getting one of these new bundles?

Continue reading Nintendo confirms new bundles for the holidays

DS Daily: Would you buy another DS?

When it comes to the DS, you've got options. You can go traditional, you can move up to a Lite, and you can choose from a variety of colors. You can even import if your region doesn't feature the shade you prefer. But would you buy another regular DS or bundle? Would it depend on price? What about the rumored redesigned DS, sans GBA slot? If it came with that also-rumored download service, we'd be all over it, but the GBA slot is near and dear to our hearts. There might be tears.

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