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Clubhouse Games and Hotel Dusk: new Player's Choice?

We've been hearing word recently of restocks of Clubhouse Games and Hotel Dusk: Room 215, but as CAG forumite worrybomb reveals, the new cartridges are more than a simple reprint. Hotel Dusk has been labeled as a Touch Generations game, for one thing, and both games now sport orange banners with content descriptions (the real one, by the way, is posted after the break, as is the new Clubhouse Games box).

Could this be the new iteration of Player's Choice? Both games are now selling for $19.99, and the orange bar evokes the yellow bar of the GameCube/GBA Player's Choice line. It's pretty smart to maintain consistent budget-rerelease marking while also providing info about the games.

[Via NeoGAF; the CAG link requires registration]

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Another Week in Europe

Didja hear? Doctor Who is back from the future to save the DS in Europe! Hurray!

Haha. Not really. In fact, even though Top Trumps: Doctor Who is the only new Nintendo DS game to appear in a European chart this week, it still only managed a risible 33rd spot in the UK. Still, that should keep you David Tennant fans happy, and we even included a shot of Dave to aid your celebrations. Aren't we nice?

Aside from that, it's the usual tiresome faces, which means lots of Professor Kawashima and ... actually not so much of Mario and Sonic. Yep, there's no doubt about it: the pair's Olympics game is slowly dropping off the pace, appearing in only two top tens this week.

As usual, hit the break to peruse the charts, though please accept our profuse apologies for the lack of an Irish top ten.

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DS Daily: Worst Wi-Fi problems

We all pretty much agree that friend codes aren't exactly Nintendo's best decision ever, but every week after Game Night (which is probably when this blogger does the lion's share of weekly online DS gaming), there are always a few thoughts rumbling around about things that could be better. Being unable to add new friends to Clubhouse Games while in a room, for instance, or the 2-or-4 player restrictions on Tetris. Any other issues you can think of? Sometimes it seems that online multiplayer functions just weren't quite subjected to the same quality control issues. They work well enough, to be sure, but they could easily be better in a lot of cases.

DS Daily: Recommendations

Let's kick off this fine Tuesday with a hypothetical scenario or two. If someone asked you for DS game recommendations, which two would you pick? Wait, let's make it more difficult. Which two would you recommend for:
  • a gamer under the age of twelve?
  • someone new to the DS who was a longtime gamer?
  • someone new to the DS who was not a longtime gamer?
Of course, answers would likely depend on the person, but let's be general. We spent a lot of time recommending games to people in the last year, particularly around the holidays (when it seemed that everyone who didn't already own a DS bought one) and often ended up pushing a lot of the same titles. Dragon Quest games came up a lot, Clubhouse Games was bandied about, and we tried to push Contra 4 onto as many people as possible. How about you?

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 12/6/07

Quick, check your calendar. What day is this? Thursday? Awesome. That means it's time for Game Night, our weekly tradition of throwing down with you, the reader, in the best and brightest of the Wi-Fi Connect-compatible library of games. Sure, we vote for a "theme game" each week, but that doesn't mean that's all there is to play. Heck no, we've got tons of different games at our fingertips that we're dying to play. So, be sure to stop by tonight and play them with us!

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DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 11/29/07 aftermath

It felt good to be back after our break over the holiday, as we threw down in some Metroid Prime Hunters and enjoyed the company of our good friends. You could be one of those good friends, you know. All you have to do is show up at next week's Game Night and you're in our very exclusive club. It's so exclusive that anyone can join.

What should be our theme game for 12/6/07?

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 11/29/07

Oh, how good it feels to be back. After the holiday, we're glad to be back into the swing of things. So, tonight we gather and get our game on. Join us, won't you? We sure would appreciate it.

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DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 11/15/07 aftermath reminder

Sure enough, we informed you last week that we would be taking this week's Game Night off because of the holiday. And, we put up the poll for determining this upcoming session's game. We just wanted to remind all of you who might have missed it by including that same poll below. So, vote for next week's game and we'll see you Thursday night!

What should be our theme game for 11/29/07?

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 11/15/07 aftermath

Even with some of us being very late (see: the author of this post), we still managed to get our game on. Races were had in Mario Kart DS and we tasted the utterly horrible, yet very familiar, taste of defeat. Oh well, there is always next week to reclaim our honor as kinda OK at games.

Oh, wait, next week is Thanksgiving! Sorry, but we'll have to wait until the following week before getting back to Game Night. It's a holiday and we'll be busy taking various naps fueled by our bellies full of turkey.

So, enjoy the holiday and we'll see you guys at Game Night on November 29th!

What should be our theme game for 11/29/07?

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 11/15/07

If you're anything like us, when you punched out of work last night or perhaps as you were finishing dinner with the family, you felt a slight tingle run down your spine. It was the calling. It lets you know that something big is coming. An epic struggle, between the forces of Lite and Phat, where men and women meet in the arena of combat, DS clutched tightly in their hands. Well, tonight is the night it all goes down. So, kiss you loved ones goodbye and prepare for the fight of your life.

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DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 11/1/07 aftermath

Friday has become a mixed bag for us. On the one hand, it marks the beginning of the weekend, which is always nice, but it also means we have to wait a really long time before we can play games together again. And, being bloggers and having a responsibility that never ends, we rather enjoy the small break we get to play games with you awesome readers every week. So, hit up the poll below and vote for next week's theme game while we cry in the corner, waiting for Thursday to come back again.

What should be our theme game for 11/8/07?

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 10/4/07

In just a few hours, a battle of epic proportions will be waged across the world, across DS units. There will be winners and there will be losers. It's just a fact of life that some must win and some must die. Go on into the post to see your weapon of choice.

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DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 9/27/07 aftermath

Why do all good things have to come to an end? As we dropped our fair share of blocks in Tetris DS last night, we held on for as long as we could, but eventually had to depart. As much fun as Game Night always is with you folks, we just couldn't stay longer than an hour. We wished we could, but them's the breaks,

Hit up the poll below to see what next week's theme game will be and bring us that much closer to the next Game Night.

What should be our theme game for 10/4/07?
Picross DS
Clubhouse Games
Planet Puzzle League

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 9/20/07 aftermath

Yesterday evening was the kind of magical event that occurs when two loving people attend a nice restaurant and one of those individuals gets down on one knee, presents a ring and proposes marriage. We felt the love. We also threw down in some Metroid Prime Hunters and Tetris DS. Seriously, it was a Game Night to remember.

Let's make sure next week is even better! Vote below and rope a friend into attending. We, as well as you, know it won't be a disappointment for them.

What should be our theme game for 9/27/07?
Picross DS
Planet Puzzle League
Clubhouse Games
Tetris DS

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 9/13/07 aftermath

Sadly, I was unable to partake in the festivities last night. No worries, we've been doing this Game Night thing for quite awhile now. So, you can bet next week I'll be there, with several bells on. In the meantime, why don't we figure out what our theme game for next week will be by voting below.

What should be our theme game for 9/20/07?
Picross DS
Planet Puzzle League
Clubhouse Games
Tetris DS
Metroid Prime Hunters

Gaming to Go!

This Month's New Games

Name Date
Bleach: Dark Souls
Oct 6
Legend of Kage 2
Oct 6
Crash: Mind Over Mutant
Oct 6
Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals
Oct 6
My Japanese Coach
Oct 14
Korg DS-10
Oct 14
Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2 Oct 14
FIFA Soccer 09 Oct 14
Populous Oct 14
Rock Revolution
Oct 14
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Oct 21
Oct 21
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Oct 21
Away: Shuffle Dungeon
Oct 21
Oct 21
Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon
Oct 21
What's Cooking? With Jamie Oliver Oct 21
MySims Kingdom
Oct 28
Ninjatown Oct 28

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