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Kablamo! Multiple: Option releases audio-enabled digital comic

Homebrew comic book readers have been available for over a year now, but Multiple: Option's latest release, A Question of Promise: Digital Comic, brings several innovations and welcome additions to the "reading comic books on a handheld" experience:
  • A single ROM that doesn't require any conversion and should have minimal DLDI-patching issues
  • Sound effects and music for specific panels/sections
  • An option to save the page you're on by simply hitting the Start button
The comic, a digital adaptation of Thuyen Nguyen's A Question of Promise, originally released in 2002, is a pleasant read, too, so long as you're not expecting any superheroes in tights. It's a "light-hearted story of a guy, a girl, and a sentient pool-of-water."

Phoenix Wright: Asset Attorney

We couldn't help but laugh at VG Cats' recent tribute to the Ace Attorney series. Those of you who've never played a Phoenix Wright game will find this strip confusing (and downright scary), but those of you who are fans of Capcom's lawyering franchise will certainly enjoy it. That is, once you recover from seeing Edgeworth and the Judge in a way that might traumatize you.

Just click on the image above to see the strip in full. Also, check here to see an alternate version of the comic (it's the same strip, but with a different final frame).

Everyone hates the zigzag

Not familiar with Eegra's Hilarity Comics? We're definitely fans, and this week's strip doesn't disappoint.

Yes, everyone loves the long block in Tetris. Not only does the line help you rack up points, but it's also probably gotten you out of some jams. But the zigzag? That piece is a heartbreaker, and arguably the most loathed block in Tetris.

Check after the break to see the rest of the comic.

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Rumor: Zelda manga releasing to North America later this year

For this blogger, the only manga experience accrued has been in the form of reading the greatest thing ever made. Other than that, this blogger has no experience with the medium. So imagine how excited we were when we received Josh's tip about The Legend of Zelda manga possibly releasing to North America.

The rumor stems from a listing for the manga at Canadian retailer RightStuf. It says the 200 page book will be releasing on October 7th of this year and published by VIZ.

Considering the lack of concrete evidence supporting the claim, we're going to keep this one marked as a rumor for now.

[Thanks, Josh!]

More like Professor LOLton

Oh, how we adore you, Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Not only are you one of the most distinguished DS games of the year so far, but you're also proving a rich source of inspiration for webcomic artists everywhere.

Penny Arcade's take on the Professor's adventure set our ROFLcopter in motion the other day, and our giggling continued after seeing 2P Start's answer to the biggest puzzle of all. Hit the break for the full (totally-safe-for-work) comic!

See also: 2008's Biggest Blips -- Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Gallery: Professor Layton and the Curious Village

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Penny Arcade and the Hilarious Comic

For the four people who don't check Penny Arcade three times a week: today's installment of the webcomic is about Professor Layton. Specifically, the tendency of pretty much everyone in the game world to have a pressing puzzle need that you must address before they are willing to have basically anything to do with you.

In the accompanying news post, Tycho refers to the game as a "logic opera," in that "every person you meet breaks into "puzzle" the way that viking ladies tend to break into song, out of nowhere, and now you're riddling out some jackhole's insane chicken scratches." It's a pretty astute way to describe the randomly puzzle-ful world of Layton.

In case you're not familiar with Penny Arcade, we'll warn you: there is adult language to be found! We mean "adult language" as in cursing, not talking about taxes or politics.

Printing money has consequences

Sometimes, as we get caught up in our passion for Nintendo, we forget to look at the darker side of the company's antics. Sure, we all joke about how the Nintendo DS just prints money, but we must have known that Nintendo couldn't keep up with this practice forever. Check after the break to see the rest of this webcomic, which takes a interesting approach to the printing money meme.

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Bad for your health, bad for your DS

You can easily predict the next couple of panels in this strip, but that doesn't make it any less funny! This cautionary comic reminds all the smokers out there why they shouldn't play with their Nintendo DS while sucking on a cigarette -- like smoking, it's just not a good idea in general! Put out that cancer stick, spray some Febreze around you, and join us past the break for the rest of this tragic, NSFW tale.

See also: Cheap stylus gifts that aren't really styli

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Penny Arcade on Bloggergate

Today's Penny Arcade comic covers a subject that is near and dear to us: the poor Nintendo employee who was fired for inappropriate statements made on her blog. Even though her blog was really mean to her coworkers, we feel a certain solidarity as Nintendo bloggers. Whether or not she deserved dismissal for statements made while off-duty is a little bit more of a complex issue than we want to get into right now (though we lean heavily toward "no"), but we have no problem pointing you at a funny comic so you can laugh.

Luckily for us, whenever we're mean on our blog, it's towards the Imagine games and not people. If Imagine Babyz were our boss, well, we'd probably be in jail by now.

DS Daily: The great war

No, we don't mean World War II, but considering every third game made these days revolves around that great war, we can forgive you if you made that assumption. No, we're talking about the never-ending conflict between the DS and the PSP, and we're wondering: where does it come from? Sure, we see a lot of fanboys arguing back and forth about the home consoles. We've heard thousands of iterations on the 360-vs-PS3-vs-Wii theme, but the whole PSP vs. DS issue is somewhat different. It seems to be a created beast.

Oh, don't get us wrong. We're not above ribbing the other guys occasionally, just as they'll sometimes poke fun at us. That's just part of owning any piece of video game hardware, it seems. But in reality, the "war" isn't very vicious ... though to look at advertising and the media, one would think that DS fans are at war with PSP fans, and DS fans have always been at war with PSP fans.

Maybe we just have stars in our eyes. This recent VG Cats strip certainly makes us giggle; that poor, weepy PSP just looks so forlorn. But is it an accurate depiction? You tell us.

Penny Arcade discovers Pokemon, already knew how to curse

Here's something for the grown-up Pokémon fans: after checking out Pokémon Battle Revolution at the Nintendo Media Summit, Gabe and Tycho were struck by a sudden bout of Pokémania (the uncontrollable compulsion to be the very best, like no one ever was). They both became hooked on the latest DS Pokémon. As it turns out, they often draw comic strips about video games they enjoy playing. It's a hobby of theirs.

Their resulting Penny Arcade strip, titled The Coming Apokélypse, illustrates the sadistic hatred that drives every Pokémon trainer to imprison and abuse his or her adorable little creatures. We recommend it for the more seasoned trainers out there (read: not children) because dropping F-bombs is another hobby in which Gabe and Tycho dabble.

Etrian Odyssey Age

Developer Atlus admits that it will have a tough time selling Etrian Odyssey to anyone who isn't already a fan of dungeon crawls or other niche genres. As great as a turn-based, first-person RPG might sound to some of you, it's rare for that kind of game to register even a blip on the radar of most gamers or gaming media.

Atlus has been updating Etrian Odyssey's official site with promotional webcomics, the first of which proposes how the title can attach itself to current trends and elbow its way to the front of the crowd. Likening the game's dungeon crawl experience to Brain Age is a huge stretch, but we have to applaud the creative approach. See what we mean after the post break!

Continue reading Etrian Odyssey Age

Puzzle Quest loved by Penny Arcade, tossed aside by game shops?

Ever since Infinite Interactive released a PC demo for Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, gamers have been scrambling to find a DS or PSP copy of the title. The addictiveness of its Puzzle/RPG blend is matched only by its apparent rarity in stores. NeoGAF forumer Eric P aptly described the game and its limited distribution when he posted, "If Bejeweled is crack, then this is Space Crack that you can only buy from Space Crips in Space Angeles's space ghettos."

Don't expect those Space Crips or your local shop to hang onto unsold copies for too long, though. According to Penny Arcade, Electronics Boutique stores in Canada might already be taking the game off their shelves due to disappointing sales. Considering that this much sought-after title was released only a week ago, ousting it this early in its lifetime seems downright unconscionable. We really hope this isn't a trend that other North American retailers will follow.

Meanwhile, both the DS Fanboy and Penny Arcade offices have been caught by Puzzle Quest's steely grip, rendering us incapable of focusing our thoughts on anything else. Tycho and Gabe have drawn up two comics about the title in just the past week, dedicating several posts to their adventures obtaining and playing the game.

Infinite Interactive's Steve Fawkner published a short comic of his own, explaining Puzzle Quest's shipment shortage. Check it out past the post break.

Continue reading Puzzle Quest loved by Penny Arcade, tossed aside by game shops?

Play DS for a good cause

Not that "enjoying yourself" isn't a good enough cause, but this is for a good social cause., a group that gets together in London for DS multiplayer sessions, is holding a charity tournament on March 10, to benefit Comic Relief, who we had no idea still existed, and who continues to raise money for various causes in Africa.

The event is being held to coincide with Comic Relief's "Red Nose Day", which is kind of like Britain's version of the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon, but with more comedians and novelty nosepieces. British readers, feel free to correct us.

Participants pay £1 to get into the tournament, and all of the proceeds go to the charity. We admire the DSMeetup group for wanting to do something positive with their DS gaming sessions; the most charitable thing our Game Nights here do are keep us from debilitating, painful loneliness. And even then, only for a few hours.

[Via Wonderland]

Hold it! Phoenix Man

Is our abject lust for all things Phoenix Wright so terribly transparent? It must be, because you guys are forever sending us lawyerly tips, and we love you for it.

Not that we're complaining. Please don't stop. Never stop.

Today's edition of All Random Phoenix Wright Stuff comes by way of a regular feature from webcomic Dueling Analogs, wherein they envision possible rejected Mega Man villains. Gotta love this one! He would own us every time. How could we fight Phoenix Man? He has a attorney's badge and wings! That's an unstoppable combination right there.

[Thanks, Jesse!]

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