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Show and Tell: By hand

Need a case? Sure, you could buy one -- and there are plenty available -- but as a dedicated Show and Tell reader, surely by now you can guess where this is going. If you just shouted out, "Wisconsin!," you are both very wrong and very random (also, stop yelling at the screen; it's sensitive). If, instead, you suspect a little DIY is ahead, you just may be right.

Reader Eleniel decided to make a case, but there was just one problem -- no sewing machine about. But that's okay, because DS Fanboy readers are hardcore, so like your intrepid hostess, Eleniel sewed it by hand. It is, however, one hell of a lot better than my work. It's got that fancy new zipper technology. That doesn't mean it's perfect, though; Eleniel confesses that the pocket designed to hold games doesn't exactly hold anything. We still like checking it out, though. And, while on the DIY kick, Eleniel also made an Okami-inspired skin. Might as well go all out, right? You can check out the finished products in our gallery below.

Show and Tell is all about your stuff, so long as it's Nintendo-related. We love to see your collections, your crafts, your frosted creations, your t-shirts and swag of all sorts. Just snap a few pictures, tell us what's up, and send it all to showmeit [at] dsfanboy [dot] com. We'll take care of the rest.

Show and Tell: With love from Mom

In honor of this past Mother's Day, we wanted to share reader Manoel's case with you. Why? Because it was made with tender loving care by his obviously wonderful mother. Aren't moms great? So, uh ... hey, Mom, you want to dig out your crafts box and put some yarn to good use?

Hit up the gallery below for a closer look at the case, which is really well-made. We've seen a lot of DIY cases, and while many of them look really good, the simplicity of this case, definitely won us over. Probably because we're utterly hopeless with crochet hooks and knitting needles. Can we get a training game or something for that?

Show and Tell is all about your stuff, so long as it's Nintendo-related. We love to see your collections, your crafts, your frosted creations, your t-shirts and swag of all sorts. Just snap a few pictures, tell us what's up, and send it all to showmeit [at] dsfanboy [dot] com. We'll take care of the rest.

Papercraft Links: useless against Dodongos

Because let's face it: you won't be rescuing that Triforce as a pile of ash. In fact, now that we think some more about this, these wouldn't be much good in the Water Temple either, or anywhere that is remotely windy (thus ruling out the Isle of Gust).

Heck, maybe these papercraft Links would just be safer making our desks look totally rad. Glad we agree.

[Via That Girl's Site]

A stylish DIY makeover

We love to see what folks do with their handhelds. Whether its DIY or just a really nice product, we're always looking for something new to feature on the site. Today, the above slice of heaven comes from flickr user southpawn, who's got quite the nice DS package. Whether it's the handheld, or the nice carrying case crafted for it, we're fans of the work southpawn has done here.

Head on past the break for a look from some other angles.

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DS Daily: Peripheral party

The DS might not be a system that can immediately benefit from peripherals, what with it being a portable games machine and all, but that hasn't stopped some from coming up with cool stuff to attach to your beloved. Whether it's something as simple as a stand or a wicked awesome controller, there's been some advancements in the field.

So, we figured we'd ask you what you were all rocking. Whether it's just a simple case that protects your DS, or something home-made, let us know what kind of fun stuff you have for your DS. If we covered it on the site, link it in the comments!

How NOT to make your DS look classy

We're all about the cool arts and crafts people come up with (especially our readers), but this is just too much. King, the company responsible for the ugly DS you see above, will take your handheld and, for a nominal fee, jazz it up with all kinds of different decorations. We're all for classing up our sleek and simple handheld, but these decorations just come off as too busy and tacky.

Of course, such a service is only available to folks in Japan. For once, we're glad that is the case.

[Via Game | Life]

Kirby's latest ability: being delicious

Kirby is a smart choice for video game-inspired cooking projects, because his games are eating-themed. In addition, his circular shape is the easiest to recreate in food of any of the Nintendo stable -- chances are you don't have a Samus Aran cake pan. For that matter, based on the general cutesyness of his universe, Kirby could very well be made of cake or something, unlike other Nintendo characters like Mario, who are unambiguously made of human flesh.

For her cousin's birthday, Craftster indeliblechange made 24 sweet cuppin' cakes featuring Kirbies of different colors as well as various Kirbyana. The chili-chocolate (!) cupcakes were decorated using fondant. They look really great!

[Via Craftster]

About the best shoes without laces ever

Click image to enlarge

As you can see, these fine kicks feature none other than Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword protagonist, Ryu Hayabusa. They were made by a Joystiq reader's much, much better half (sorry, if she can make stuff like this, she totally beats you) and absolutely embarrass any other shoes in the pair's immediate vicinity.

We're not kidding here. We're fully prepared to go ahead and award the creator with a medal, trophy or whatever they want. Just give us as much advance notice as possible. We want to make sure it's something especially shiny.

[Via Joystiq]

Wonderful apron is better than Mama's

Mama would no doubt agree that everything is better when you make it yourself (or, in the case of her games, simulate making things yourself) -- that's why it's Cooking Mama and not Ordering from a Menu Mama or Warming Up some Lean Cuisines Mama. This Cooking Mama apron from Craftster user crafterbation is proof. She appliquéd a Mama sprite and a text window (just as they appeared in the DS game) onto this apron to create a wearable representation of the Cooking Mama results screen.

Contrast the homemade creation with the (also quite nice!) professionally-made aprons Majesco gave away at the launch of the Wii game. We think the home recipe is much more enjoyable!

Cozy up with Blooper

We're not exactly sure where each of you would place cushions on a list of life's essentials -- they're right next to DS games ending with 'z' on our list -- but if you are a lover of cushions (and some of us live with such people), you may as well be a lover of totally awesome cushions.

That's where Etsy member punzie can help out, because she's crafted a (currently very small) range of $20 Nintendo cushions, including the charming teal Blooper design you see above. While there's only three to choose from right now, she does take requests -- we're half-thinking about asking for a Kuribo's Shoe cushion to call our own. Sit yourself down in your cold, hard, unpadded chair and hit the break for a couple more examples of her work.

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Super Mario Afghan

We like this new trend of people crafting game-related afghans. First it was with Tetris, and now with a scene depicting one of our favorite plumbers (Mario, obviously). This particular blanket was made by ThomcatDesigns, who have earned our complete respect for their (his? her?) mad crafting skills. The detail in this makes it look like it came right out of one of our favorite NES classics.

Check the gallery to see the chronological progression of the afghan as it was created. It's pretty amazing to watch it turn from a mess of yarn into a masterpiece.

Gallery: ThomcatDesigns' Mario Afghan

[Via Technabob; pictures via thomcatdesgins' Flickr account]

Passing on that fanboy love

As Nintendo fans, we're pretty much required to at least attempt to pass on that love to our spawnlings, and if you're going to do it, you might as well get started early. Y'know, before they can crawl away from you and protest over your choice of clothing. Thanks to Etsy marketeer kaytea, you can start dressing your children in geeky style before they can wriggle out of your insistent hands. The above NES-decorated onesies are available in both yellow and green for $20 -- a bargain for any fanboy parent.

Unimportant side note: You'd better believe one of these is going on the boychild. He's already alarmed.

Chococat case cuddles up against our heart

We don't have to tell you how cute this case is. It's etched right on the front of the kitty with the big eyes. And, with a see-through pouch on the back (complete with velcro strap for securing precious games), this thing also has "complete package" written all over it.

For further evidence of flickr user Michy Michelle's extreme skill at DS crafts, peep the Hello Kitty DS Lite. We just wish we had a bigger picture to drool over. Hello Kitty isn't really our thing, but if someone did the same thing to a DS except replaced the Hello Kitty with, say, He-Man, then we'd totally be down with it.

Head on past the break for a look at the Chococat case from a different angle.

Continue reading Chococat case cuddles up against our heart

Show and Tell: A stitch in time

We love sprites, the older, the better, and so do many crafters. After all, the blocky character figures are easier to recreate on quilts and cookies than are more rounded models. Sprites also lend themselves well to cross stitch, as reader Jenni can testify. Jenni, who also writes for Gamertell, has built up quite a collection of character cross stitch, and many of her efforts feature characters Nintendo fans just might recognize. Hit up the gallery for some of her work -- and if you're interested in getting started yourself, Jenni has a good piece on how to go about it.

Got something you want to show off to all the other DS fans? We like just about anything with a little Nintendo flavor, so snap a few pics and send 'em off to tell us what's up, and send it all to showmeit [at] dsfanboy [dot] com. We'll take care of the rest.

It's dangerous to chop vegetables on an unprotected surface alone! Take this!

We'll be honest -- as charming as it was, we found ourselves struggling to understand how the Zelda universe was an appropriate choice of subject for a themed, crochet teapot mat. Eventually, we concluded that, hey, Link does occasionally drink potions in his games, right? And you can also drink ... what? Yes! Tea! Ahem.

Anyway, this Triforce-branded cutting board from Etsy user 1337motif ... we're stumped. Totally at a loss. There's just no reasonable connection between Zelda games and cutting boards. Then again, we're yet to find a more awesome way to chop vegetables, so we'll roll with it. Cough up $125 (yes) and it's yours.

[Via HawtyMcBloggy]

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