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Dodge barrels in the comfort of your own room

Well, okay, you can do that by just playing Donkey Kong, but there's also another way. You can take these Nintendo wall decals from Blik and create a Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. or New Super Mario Bros. mural right on your wall. We won't tell you how we're getting some for our office, as you should have already figured that out by now.

What's really cool about these, though, is that the user has some level of creativity. It's not just one standard piece you slap on the wall. It comes in many pieces, meaning you can create a design all your own. Want it to look like an exact level from the game? Want it to be completely unrealistic? It's all up to you.

Of course, there is a catch. Each set costs $75, which means you'll need to spend a bunch of Mario's coins if you expect to send your walls back to the 8-bit era.

[Via Game Set Watch]

Advertise the Game Boy to yourself every day

While the prospect of advertising the Game Boy to ourselves every day sounds pretty good, we're going to have to pass on this auction for one of the sweetest things you could put on your wall. As has always been our luck, we're sadly stuck in the unfortunate position of having no monies to spend on anything right now, so it's not like our opinion regarding this lenticular display matters. Oh well ...

What do you all think? Would you find hanging this sign up on your wall is as badass as we imagine it to be, or could you care less?

See also: Donkey Kong GBA SP is the rarest member of the DK crew

[Via Gamesniped]

Donkey Kong GBA SP is the rarest member of the DK crew

We don't even like yellow that much -- or the Rare-fied Donkey Kong character -- and, still, this limited-edition Donkey Kong-themed Game Boy Advance SP calls to us. It's the allure of the rare item, of course, but it's also that the thing is just so distinctive-looking. Other than the banana color, all that marks this as Donkey Kong-specific is a little "DK" logo.

According to the auction, only 1,000 of these things were produced. And according to the current bidder, it's worth at least $200. For us, it's worth a link to the DK Rap.

[Via GameSniped]

Awesome sprite art mashes reality, fantasy

We've probably all done it: lazily daydreamed about how we could take out the bus stop across the road with a rocket launcher following one too many sessions of Goldeneye, or how we'd negotiate a real-life street corner after a night spent on Mario Kart. Or maybe that's just us. Perhaps the line in our heads between reality and fantasy is just a little too blurred. Wouldn't be surprised.

Anyway, the point is, these "games-meet-real-life" collages from Flickr user Pixel Fantasy look quite a lot like some of our daydreams. Featuring the cast of Mario Kart zipping between vehicles down a real street, Link taking on an Octorok in an actual forest, and Mario Jumpman having to negotiate a series of real-life platforms to rescue Peach Pauline from the clutches of Donkey Kong, they're simple, but effective.

Sadly, we've hunted high and low for these in wallpaper dimensions (as we particularly love the Mario Kart example above), but to no avail. If anyone can help, be our guest. Otherwise, hit the gallery to see more.

Gallery: Pixel Fantasy's art

[Via That Girl's Site; thanks, Simca!]

Mario and Link's youthful indiscretions

This GameDaily article on "Mascots Gone Wild" exposes some of the horrible things done by Nintendo's flagship characters (and friends) back when they were young, and needed the money. We're all quite familiar with the CD-I Zelda games, of course, but we haven't talked so much about the similarly abysmal Hotel Mario, also for the CD-I. "There's no jumping, no shell squashing, no recognizable Mario gameplay whatsoever – just opening doors and going through corridors."

Mario's other miscellaneous fringe material -- when he taught typing, was missing, and presided over a gallery of board games -- dominates the list, with appearances from other marred Nintendo characters, including Donkey Kong. Amusingly, Conker makes the list for his Game Boy Color game Conker's Pocket Tales, which failed to be filthy.

Happy birthday, Miyamoto-san!

He created Mario, Donkey Kong, and Zelda. He has been indirectly responsible for using up thousands of hours of our lives. We sort of want him to be our Dad. Yes, Nintendo design guru and general gaming god Shigeru Miyamoto turned 55 years young today (hasn't he aged well?), so it felt only right that we took the time to wish Shiggy many happy returns.

Here's to a long and prosperous future, sir! One with lots of cake.

DS Fanboy interviews Treehouse's Rich Amtower

Today, DS Fanboy has a nice little treat for all of our readers. We sit down and speak with Rich Amtower, who works in Nintendo's Treehouse division. Responsible for adapting Japanese titles to the English, French and Spanish markets, you can imagine he's got quite the difficult job to do.

That doesn't stop us from bugging him for an interview, though.

First of all, explain who you are and what your duties are with the company?

My name is Rich Amtower, and I work in the localization department. Our job is to take games made in Japan and make them feel like they were made in America, basically -- that means recording English voices if there are Japanese voices in a game, translating and rewriting Japanese text into English (and now French and Spanish), and doing whatever sorts of alterations need to be made so that when gamers pick up a title, they feel like they're playing something tailor-made for them.

Continue reading DS Fanboy interviews Treehouse's Rich Amtower

Promotional Consideration: Multi Screen

Promotional Consideration is a weekly feature about the Nintendo DS advertisements you usually flip past, change the channel on, or just tune out.

Gunpei Yokoi, the same engineer who would eventually go on to father the Game Boy and Metroid, was riding home one evening on a bullet train when he spotted a bored businessman randomly pressing buttons on an LCD calculator to entertain himself. Believing that commuters would enjoy passing the time with handheld video games, Yokoi soon developed a set of portable gaming systems which also doubled as watches/alarms -- the Game & Watch.

This week, we'll take a look at several ads for the fourth Game & Watch series, the Multi Screen, whose clamshell case and vertically stacked screens would later serve as inspiration for the Nintendo DS's design.

Continue reading Promotional Consideration: Multi Screen

DK Jungle Climber celebrates release with photo contest

To celebrate the release of DK Jungle Climber, Nintendo is teaming up with photo-sharing site SmugMug.com to give away some DS Lites and copies of the newly-released title. A total of eight systems and eight copies of the game will be awarded to the creators of the five best images. But, photochopping experts don't have much time, as the contest will end October 1st.

Any of you plan on entering the contest?

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