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DS Fanboy hands-on with Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero

When in Konami's booth yesterday, I was happy to see Elebits: The Adventures of Kai & Zero available for play. And play it I did, as the first title was one of my favorite launch games, nay, favorite games period on the Wii. But, what's this DS title all about? Would it be just a portable version of Konami's first game?

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E308: Konami booth tour in photos

Click to head into the gallery

When arriving at Konami's booth for our appointment this morning, we were surprised to hear that they did not mind if we took some photos. So, we did. And while we're still working on our impressions of their line-up and running to other appointments, we figured some of you would want to check out their games. In the least, you can see exactly what games we'll be writing impressions up for later. So, hit up the gallery below.

Elebits 2's tentative release date tentatively changes

Before Elebits: The Adventures of Kai & Zero was officially announced, Gamefly listed the game with an August release date. In fact, Gamefly still says August 14. That's oddly soon for a game that was just shown for the first time in June. Since the game's release, it's been bumped somewhat: the IGN reveal article said "this fall," for example.

Now Gamestop has assigned a different tentative date to the electricity-hunting sequel: October 28. That makes a lot more sense, in that it gives Konami some time to actually promote the game. Fall also makes more sense for a game that will probably be a high-profile part of Konami's lineup (since it is a sequel to a well-known Wii game).

Electrifying Elebits screens

If you haven't had a peek at Elebits: The Adventures of Kai & Zero, then poke your nose into our gallery and have a look around. Instead of motion-controlled hunting and grabbing, the sequel to the Wii game is taking a much more traditional approach. While we weren't terribly surprised by the shift to a top-down action/RPG style, we're still happy to report that it looks pretty cute, if not quite as original as the first game.

We'll likely see a lot more of Kai and Zero during E3.

Surprise! Elebits: The Adventures of Kai & Zero revealed

We knew this was coming, thanks to retail databases, but we had no idea what the actual game was going to look like or how it was going to play. Konami has officially unveiled the sequel to the Wii launch window game Elebits, this time on the DS. The Adventures of Kai & Zero trades the original's first-person perspective for a top-down Zelda-style 2D look. The gameplay still revolves around finding Elebits, but this time the environments are more varied, as are the Elebits: the "Omega Elebits" you hunt have more environmental abilities beyond electricity.

The new game features a Wi-Fi multiplayer mode for two players and local multiplayer for four. IGN has the first screens. We wonder why Konami decided to reveal this now? They'd almost made it all the way to E3.

DS Daily: Elebit off more than they can chew?

Apparently, Konami will release an Elebits sequel on the DS in a couple of months. We know absolutely nothing about it, including if it really exists, so we have no idea what they have planned. It could be a completely different style of game, like a top-down action-RPG, or it could be the same kind of furniture-tousling game that came out on the Wii.

If Konami is making a "true" sequel to Elebits, that is, one that is in the same genre as its predecessor, do you think it could work well on the DS? Can Konami overcome the technological limitations in screen and controller to deliver a worthwhile Elebits experience? Or are they simply turning over the DS hoping to uncover some quick cash?

More retail confirmation of Elebits 2, Docomodake

A few weeks ago, Elebits 2: Adventures of Kai & Zero for the DS showed up on Gamefly's "coming soon" list. That listing has now been joined by one on Gamestop, with a similar title (minus the number) and an even closer date (August 1). Konami still has yet to make any announcements about a DS sequel to Elebits -- we were sure it would come out at their Gamers Day event, the same time Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (itself the subject of protracted rumors) was revealed.

Another noteworthy new addition to Gamestop's list of upcoming games: Ignition Entertainment's release of the cell-phone mascot platformer Docomodake. We knew from an ESRB rating that it was coming, but not when -- Gamestop says next February. The new English title? Docomodake BOING!

Gamefly lists new Elebits 2 title, possible Dragon Quest IV date

The rumors of a DS Elebits sequel, fueled by an "Elebits 2" Gamefly listing, have gotten a lot more plausible with a revision to that same listing. The title for the supposed sequel is now Elebits 2: Adventures of Kai & Zero, and the release date has been moved up two weeks to August 14.

If this is real, we expect to hear about it very soon, since a Konami Gamer's Day took place yesterday. If it's fake, we expect to feel surprised.

In other Gamefly news, Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen has an August 30 release date on the rental service's web page. No idea if it's accurate, but if it is, this is the summer of Square Enix "IV" remakes!

Rumor: Elebits to make shocking transition to DS?

If you ask us, Konami's Elebits is one of the Wii's truly underrated gems, so when we saw that a page for a sequel had appeared in the database of rental specialists Gamefly, we whooped, punched the air, performed chest bumps with one another, and said stuff like "OH YEAH!!" a lot.

Then we calmed down, only to realize that Gamefly has Elebits 2 listed as a DS title, with a release date of August 30th! Cue further bumping of chests and abusing of the exclamation mark key!

Unless this is a simple error (and Gamefly is usually right on the money with these kind of things), we're dazzled by this development. Could a DS version of Elebits successfully recreate the wonderfully tactile sensation of chucking furniture about that was such a key part of the Wii title? Why, yes, we think it could!

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