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DS Daily: Favorite Nintendo game?

We all love Nintendo. And they've shown a ton of support for their handheld system, offering up great Nintendo titles for us to play. Whether it's New Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, or even Elite Beat Agents, they've provided us with hours of entertainment.

Given that, which is your favorite Nintendo game on the platform? Do you absolutely love Electroplankton (we do)? Is Animal Crossing your favorite? Out with it!

DS Daily: On display

DS game packaging is some of the best yet in Nintendo's history, largely because it abandons the flimsy, easily torn cardboard boxes of the past, but also because the games look very pretty lined up together. With this in mind, how do you display your games?

Do you have them proudly sitting on a shelf for the world to see, or tucked away in a box? Do you use a dedicated DS game rack? Maybe your DS collection isn't even on display, but haphazardly scattered all over your living environment (that's a display of sorts, we guess). Are you, like this gamer, constantly frustrated by PAL region and NTSC region game boxes not lining up perfectly due to their slightly different dimensions and colors, or how rogue games (like Electroplankton) insist on not conforming? Or am I just incredibly anal?

BAFTAs postponed, no chance for Nintendo love in 2008

No BAFTA game awards this fall? How can this be? The last two years, Nintendo has picked up a few awards and a little bit of sweet, sweet recognition, and we're not sure we want to face a 2008 without the same treatment. The British awards, which lauded Wii Sports in 2007 and Electroplankton and Brain Age in 2006, suffered some problems last year and will be postponed until 2009. Due to the awards' schedule, games that weren't yet released or finished were being considered, and one of the games up for an award last year ultimately wasn't released in 2007. Sounds like the changes are necessary, but an award-free year is a sad proposition indeed.

Maybe they'll make it up to us next year.

Electroplankton fuels bands

Using a DS (with a copy of Electroplankton), along with a pair of iPhones, the above trio manage to create some pretty melodious tunes. It's not really the kind of music we would rock out to on our own time, but we must admit that this video is still really impressive.

Also, it reminds us of the end credits to the Hulk TV show.

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DS Fanboy Favorites: Jason's top five

All this week, the DS Fanboy staff is letting you in on a few of their favorite titles. Each day, a different member of the staff will present their personal top five DS games along with a snapshot of their gaming paraphernalia and habits, in an effort to provide our readers with a little more information on the tastes and personalities of our writers.

It's odd; in the past two years, I've played my DS more than any other system, console or otherwise. However, I very rarely play outside of the comfort of my own room. Sure, I have the ten minute bus ride to campus everyday, and an hour break between classes, but the bus ride is relaxing and the hour I spend on campus, playing chess with some friends. It's really a testament to the quality of the library on the DS, that it would stand against the heavy-hitting consoles without the added advantage of portability.

I'm a bit of a Renaissance gamer, playing titles far and wide. Sure, I've grown tired of the World War II shooters, but if a game is innovative and/or well-crafted, I'll give it a shot. I also like bunnies and salsa dancing and figure skating; I'm so macho.

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DS Fanboy Favorites: Dave's top five

All this week, the DS Fanboy staff is letting you in on a few of their favorite titles. Each day, a different member of the staff will present their personal top five DS games along with a snapshot of their gaming paraphernalia and habits, in an effort to provide our readers with a little more information on the tastes and personalities of our writers.

I own a total of 19 DS games. Yes, just 19 games. I've never been too crazy about handheld systems, mostly because I'm the type of gamer that enjoys the escape of playing something more immersive, like console games. That's not to say the DS isn't capable of presenting games that allow me to escape, even some of which are in my collection, but gaming lends itself a bit more to pick-up-and-play, quicker gaming sessions on a handheld when compared with a console.

With that in mind, let me show you my top five DS games.

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DS Daily: Your MOM likes video games

She does. I've seen her.And she might! Thanks to the alluring and radical power of the DS. How many of you guys have been searching for your DS high and low for a rousing game of Metroid Prime: Hunters, only to find your mother or sister locked away in their rooms caring for their virtual canines? How about Animal Crossing, Electroplankton, or even more traditional fare?

The DS is easier to pick up and play than your elementary school recorder; this causes problems in the DS Fanboy offices when the three butlers and five secretaries all vie for our glossy handhelds.


We love non-games now: Jam Sessions preview

We know Electroplankton sort of covered the musical DS toy thing, but we are so impressed with every aspect of Jam Sessions. It sounds great, it looks fun, the interface, while a little homebrew-looking, is just ... pleasant. Look at that floral background!

We now know a little more about Jam Sessions, like that it will come loaded with 20 licensed songs to play along with, complete with lyrics, and that your playing is limited to strumming rather than picking individual notes-- sorry, no solos. You can also change the sound of your guitar, adding distortion and delay effects. There's still no game attached, just songs you can play along with, or freeform strumming.

This game (well, toy) just goes so far against what usually gets released in the US in so many ways. It looks totally fun and totally relaxing.

Check out a couple of screens after the break.

[Via GoNintendo]

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What are you playing: Electroplankton edition

We weren't lying when we said this would become a regular Friday feature like how it originated at Xbox 360 Fanboy. So, another week, another asking. What are you playing? Like we said last week, we recently received Electroplankton and Star Fox: Command.

As much as we'd like to say Corneria is saved and currently defended against all ne'er-do-wells, we have to admit that it has been hard to put down Electroplankton. Our favorite gametype in Performance Mode is currently pictured.

Nintendo DS brings home the BAFTAs

Though they were both nominated in multiple categories, Brain Age (aka Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old is Your Brain?) and Electroplankton each picked up a single award in yesterday's British Academy of Film and Television Awards. Electroplankton was acknowledged for audio achievement (color us unsuprised at that one) and Brain Age was named the most innovative of the year's titles by the British organization.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for the Xbox 360 picked up the nod for game of the year, beating out Brain Age. Trauma Center and New Super Mario Bros. were both nominated as well, but picked up no awards. We're pretty sure that's probably a crime against humanity, but just this once, we'll let it slide.

[Thanks, elbono!]

DS gets some love from BAFTA

It's the first time the U.K.'s gaming awards have been in their own spotlight (instead of relaxing in the shadow of the film and television awards), and the Nintendo DS has snared some of the attention. We would expect nothing less.

Electroplankton and Brain Age both picked up nominations in multiple categories, and they'll be butting heads (brains?) when it comes to which game is Britain's choice for the most innovative of the year. Trauma Center got a nod as well in the simulation category. We're not sure the other nominees are even worth mentioning next to that one. Too bad there isn't a category for games that make you sweat, 'cause they're just that damned hard at times. Trauma Center has always made us idly wish for a third hand, but we love it like ice cream. Can't say we agree with everything they're doing across the pond, though -- they've got New Super Mario Bros. tagged as a children's game. Oh well. I guess we should all put it down and step away slowly.

The winners will be announced on October 5. Check back for confetti and poppers when the DS snags some awards.

Weird Electroplankton style guitar band

Single String GuitarYou know, we've been waiting forever to use the term "Electroplankton-esque" in a post. We are now given the opportunity to not only thoroughly abuse the newly-coined description, but to experience one of the strangest (and coolest) bands we've heard in a while. The Six String Sonics / The Six String Stairs (their website can't seem to decide on the official name) are very much in opposition to traditional band setups and instead adopt a group of musicians that are each equipped with a single-string guitar.

They make the interesting argument that, because an average guitar has 6 strings compared to the 5 fingers on a hand, a human's creative capability when creating music with the instrument is more limited than it could be. By spreading out the strings between six people, you can distribute the music and obtain more creative melodies. Of course, the next step is to put all these people into a 12 foot gymnasium and throw in giant bass guitars, computer sound mixing and interactive light shows. The end result?

. Do yourself a favor and check out the demonstration video, keeping in mind how each of the repeating guitar sounds eventually combine to form a wonderful piece of music. It's positively Electroplankton-esque!

[Thanks Hudson Pridham!]

Another Electroplankton review

ElectroplanktonThis one's from the crew at Go Nintendo and further strengthens what we already know - this is one trippy musical experience you simply don't want to miss. "Electroplankton is THE most surreal experience I have ever had with a game. It is the most relaxing, yet stimulating experience on the DS, and in ANY game yet."

I've always thought that Burger Time was one of the more surreal games out there (giant hamburgers are quite terrifying), but it seems that some of the cute little amoeba things in Electroplankton can even top that. The Volvoice species, for instance, will listen intently as you speak into the microphone and will then repeat your voice back in different tones. You could essentially construct a little choir out of the variations on your voice while you think about the musical implications and what it must be like to have schizophrenia or a multiple personality disorder.

This is exactly the kind of game that makes you go "Ahh...so THAT's what Nintendo wanted to do with the DS." Look out for our MetaReview once more sites get their hands on the game.

[Thanks Kevin]

Electroplankton = best new reason to get a DS

ElectroplanktonThe guys, gals and (we have to assume) benign robots over at Gearlog have already a posted a short and sweet article about the charms of Electroplankton, Nintendo's wonderfully weird musical toy that's due for release early next month. The author, Carol Mangis, is spot-on when she notes that Electroplankton isn't really a game in the traditional sense, but a rather unique exercise in music manipulation. She may also be correct in calling it the best new reason to buy a DS. She may also be a man. A man named Carol. There are plenty of options to consider here.

Of course, we're mostly interested in the game because it'll let us lord over perennially happy little creatures, coaxing them into submission with an iron stylus. That's not quite the inspiration that lead to the creation of the game, however, as a letter from the game's creator printed in the manual is keen to point out. "At different times in his life, he variously used and loved a microscope, a tape recorder, a synthesizer, and a Nintendo NES. These devices were the combined elements that sparked the idea."

Well, that settles it. I'm off to play around with a toaster, a clarinet, an egg whisk, a baby seal and my DS in the hopes of coming up with an amazing new concept.

Electroplankton at Target next month

Electroplankton CoverElectroplankton was one of the games that appeared during this year's E3 as a downloadable demo from the veritable Wi-Fi nexus that was Nintendo's floorspace. After grabbing it from their ethereal streams of data, I spent some time with it in my hotel room. And by "some time", I mean a period of clock cycles which seemed to stretch on for an eternity. I was plunged into a world where I reigned as conductor supreme over constantly smiling amoeba-like creatures, gently poking and prodding them to elicit unique sounds and instantly create my own music.

Some have expressed unhappiness over Nintendo's current tune, a little ditty that goes along the lines of "For January this release is timed / buy it if you're musically inclined / don't go looking amongst the mortar and the bricks / for it's only available after several clicks / point your browser to Nintendo / listen to Reggie 'cos he says so." No wonder people are so unhappy - it's a really awful tune. It seems that Target agrees, as according to their Get into the Game website, their stores will be selling the game when it releases on January 11th.

Though the game may end up just being relegated to Target's website, there's certainly a fair chance that such a mainstream store would end up carrying a title that would have the most success amongst the Nintendogs audience. There's no reason for such a gaming gem to be restricted to online shoppers only - setting the game up on demo stations in a shop's music section would be a great way to market Electroplankton. What do you guys think?

[Via 4cr]

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