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Let's Yoga: We did!

I've always wanted to try yoga. I've bought mats and cubes and even a DVD, and once I went so far as to sign up for a class I never attended. There's just never been time, and these days, I have even fewer moments to spare for something that seemed so esoteric. However, when Konami first announced their yoga trainer for the DS, I got excited. Maybe this time I would be able to put some effort into it; after all, DS training is fun and mostly effective, right?

Then I had a baby, and everything changed. I despaired at ever having time to do anything again. Between juggling work and the tiny boy, as well as other hobbies and family obligations (and, hey, gaming), finding ten minutes a day to sleep is a challenge, much less ten minutes to focus on any sort of workout. But with the long-overdue release of Let's Yoga in the U.S., I was determined to try.

Gallery: Let's Yoga

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The DS Life: Dropping weight

The DS Life is a weekly feature in which we scour the known world for narrative images of Nintendo's handheld and handheld gamers. If you have a photo and a story to match it with, send both to thedslife at dsfanboy dot com.

Planning on getting yourself in shape this year with video games? Though Wii Fit and My Weight Loss Coach look like excellent tools to help you work out, their hefty prices -- $90 for the former, $40 for the latter -- might be too much for your slim budget. Illustrator Cory Godbey has come up with a lo-fi alternative to those expensive software solutions. Join us past the post break to find out how you can lose weight and save money! In just 30 days!*

*not in 30 days

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Doko Demo Pilates follows you everywhere

Konami's Doko Demo Pilates is shaping up nicely -- oh man did you see what we did there -- providing nice graphical demonstrations of exercise moves along with textual explanations, and just generally being pleasant, like you would expect of an exercise program. We don't really know how to gauge exercise programs, since our personal experience starts and ends with NES Dance Aerobics. It seems to us that the controllable interface, which allows you to move through text and video, and the game's emphasis on highlighting the specific areas worked by each exercise, allows the game to include more information, accessible in a more convenient way, than most other media could. You know what to do, why you're doing it, and you can rewind and watch the move as many times as you need.

Konami is taking the "doko demo" ("anywhere") in the game's title to heart, as evidenced by this screenshot of an exercise move done in a bathtub. You are never safe from Pilates with this cartridge around! Pilates can find you wherever you go.

DS gymnastics game looks too dangerous to try at home

We know that the Wii has the potential to be a fat-burning machine, but what about the DS? First there was yoga, then walking, and now ... gymnastics?

That's right, folks. Japan will be seeing a game starring exercise celebrity Hiromichi Sato, aptly titled Hiromichi Oniichan no Oyako Taisou Navi. The game "encourages" kids and their parents to be active by showing them how to do different exercises.

We're pretty skeptical about exercise via DS being effective at all, but we suppose it's all a matter of motivation. Still, will children really be tricked into performing these exercises by thinking it's a game? Wouldn't kids prefer to join the baseball team or something?

[Via Kotaku]

Be the ball in Doko Demo Pilates

We're not exactly the best people to ask about Pilates, especially in regards to how it differs from yoga. All we know is that they're both activities that require you to carry a mat around and hurt yourself stretching. That's why, even though we're not exactly the target audience for Konami's Doko Demo Pilates, we're the ideal audience for it. We're fairly doughy and out-of-shape, and we need exercise training in a form we can understand (i.e. on a game cartridge).

And now, looking over these screenshots, we see that Pilates training gives you super powers. Advanced practitioners can manifest enormous scissors, crazy energy waves, and even a gigantic, phantom soccer ball, all through nothing more than positioning one's own body. We cannot even begin to name all the situations in which we wished we could do that. We are in, Konami.

Here comes Beefiness Training

From Dorasu, developers of Duke Saraie no Kenkou Walking Navi, comes the very latest in awkward-looking health training programs for the DS. Nobuaki Kakuda's Kaku-chan Type Muscle Train-Navi will use exercise descriptions and animations of the very big and tough-looking karate champion Nobuaki Kakuda to teach users how to bulk up.

Users will be able to choose what bulk-related issue they need to work on, with exercise programs based on specific goals, like looking good in a tank top. Then they'll get to watch Nobuaki performing the exercises in a fake living room, sometimes using chairs as props.

Stuff like this is precisely why we love reporting on the Nintendo DS. We can't wait to see what the other four games in Dorasu's series are.

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Hilarious press event promotes hilarious walking "game"

Walking Navi spokesman and star Duke Saraie led a demonstration of his exercise techniques for members of the Japanese press, in order to promote his first DS program. In addition to showing off some of the exercise routines used in the game, Duke talked about his success with exercise books and DVD's. He said (within the context of a press event promoting this particular product) that the DS software is superior because it's more like one-to-one training. The president of developer Dorasu also gave a presentation, indicating that Walking Navi is only the first of six health games planned.

Check after the break for two new screenshots. We've also included our favorite picture from the event, where Duke proves how strong his walk-fu is by teaching reporters about walking while they're sitting down at their desks.

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Learn to walk with Walking Navi

Now that your brain is sufficiently trained, you can begin figuring out how to move around! Okay, so really it presumes you already know how to walk and are interested in walking as exercise. Too bad, because it's a lot funnier the other way.

Just like Cooking Navi and Dokodemo Yoga, Duke Saraie no Kenkou Walking Navi (Duke Saraie's Health Walking Navi) is designed so that users can choose their program, set their DS systems down and have directions barked at them while they follow along. Fitness celebrity Duke Saraie will help you warm up, then lead you through your workout.

Wait, workout? We want to try this to see what kinds of "workouts" could be involved other than "walk for a while", "walk for longer than the last time", and "walk for a while, but faster".

Try Screenshot Inspecting Navi after the post break.

[Via NeoGAF]

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