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Final Fantasy III settles at $19.99

It's not the lowest price we've seen the remade Final Fantasy III sell for, but Gamestop's latest price drop isn't bounded by a sale period. Now that Final Fantasy IV is on the way, it's just the right time to drop Final Fantasy III to $20 and use it as a marketing tool for the new game. That's our theory, anyway.

That's not to say you necessarily have to feel like a pawn in some devious plan -- you can just buy a cheap game and enjoy hours and hours of dungeons and leveling. Cheap RPGs are great, because you get so much entertainment for the price.

Bargain Quests and a Cheaper Fantasy

Looking for a DS RPG, but Square-Enix's sky-high prices have you eying those Volume 9 DS Games carts from across the pond? Bat away those temptations to take to the seas and don an eye patch; consider these Amazon deals instead!

Up until tonight, Amazon is offering copies of Final Fantasy III for almost half the game's usual price, marking down the 3D remake to $16.99. If Dragon Quest spin-offs are more your thing, DQM: Joker and Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime are also featured with sub-$20 sales, and those markdowns should stay up while stocks last. Those games should keep you busy for weeks, and you didn't even have to spend £6,000!

[Via CAG]

Read - Final Fantasy III at Amazon- $16.99 ($29.99)
Read - Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker at Amazon - $17.96 ($29.99)
Read - Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime at Amazon - $14.99

DS Daily: Touchscreen and traditional

Which control scheme do you tend to prefer in your DS games? Do you like (well-done) touchscreen controls, or would you rather use the d-pad? Some games offer you a choice -- can you think of any times when you used the opposite of what you usually prefer, because it felt right for that particular title? Or, when given the option, was there ever a time the opposite of your usual preference won you over? Final Fantasy III comes to mind here for us; when we first tried it, we weren't much for navigating with the stylus (though we typically enjoy stylus-based play for convenience), and yet after a while, using the stylus just seemed to make more sense.

DS releases for the week of April 30th

This week is apparently the official week for movie tie-ins, because that's all we have coming out for our beloved DS here in the States. This week, Europe and Australia are the places to be, when it comes to games, and how often do you guys get to say that? Don't worry -- tomorrow, some delay will be announced for you guys, and it'll be back to business as usual.

We don't poke fun at you. We're commiserating. Luckily, this week there are games slated to hit PAL regions that are worth the wait, particularly in Australia.

On the shelves this week in the U.S.:
  • Shrek the Third
  • Spider-Man 3
For the rest of the world, check after the jump.

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DS Fanboy Favorites: Alisha's top five

All this week, the DS Fanboy staff is letting you in on a few of their favorite titles. Each day, a different member of the staff will present their personal top five DS games along with a snapshot of their gaming paraphernalia and habits, in an effort to provide our readers with a little more information on the tastes and personalities of our writers.

If there's anything that can be said about my life -- and that includes my gaming life -- it's that it's messy. I'm messy. I have all this organizational garbage that's supposed to make it easier to store and find all my stuff, but see, I keep accumulating more stuff, and so I need more organizational items ... it's a vicious cycle, and it's part of why I love cartridges. I know where the box is for Clubhouse Games. It's about three feet away as I type this. I could get it, but why? Clubhouse Games goes in and out of my beloved handheld so often, I usually just leave it here on my desk along with the other games I'm interested in at the moment, and I don't have to worry about it getting all scratched up because it isn't delicate like some pansy disc. This makes me happy. I have to be more careful with CDs and DVDs ... but that doesn't mean there aren't a few stacks of discs around my workspace. Believe me, if it's at all stackable, I'm gonna stack it, and to hell with the consequences.

Of course, the problem with the size of DS carts means that sometimes I lose my Clubhouse for a while, and that makes me unhappy to the extreme. Luckily, there are other games that can distract me ....

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Upcoming releases for Europe

If you are the kind of person who might have a few euros in your pocket, then you might want to break out a calendar and that special red pen, because the latest list of upcoming DS releases is full of stars. Even better? The next two months are pretty packed. Makes up for a few of those lackluster weeks, eh?

Hit the jump if you wish to grok the list in fullness, and remember, this is by no means complete. Do we need to mention also that it's subject to change? In fact, since it's a European list, we're pretty sure it will change, and probably often.

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Peep these sweet Final Fantasy III figurines

For all of you that got a real kick out of the game, these figurines here might be right up your alley. With a total of seven available (with three of them pictured, natch), we imagine many a cubicle area or home desk could be spruced up (or even defended from ne'er-do-wells) by these awesome figurines. Play-Asia supposedly sells them, but they're currently sold out with no signs of replenished stock coming.

Anyone want to get their hands on these?

DS Daily: What's your style?

We already know that you guys use your DS at home more than anywhere else, despite its portability. Now we want to know how often you pull it out. Is the DS secondary for you to another system, or does it dominate most of your free gaming time? Do you prefer games you can play in short bursts, or the extended sessions of a game like Final Fantasy III? And how do you approach games? Are you satisfied with getting through a game any old way, or do you like to dedicate yourself to perfecting every challenge and every level of difficulty in games like Trauma Center and Advance Wars, no matter how long it takes?

DS Daily: Old school redux

Unless you've been living in a hole in the Arctic, you probably heard a little something about the redone Final Fantasy III that was recently released. All in all, it's a beautiful reimagining -- and reimaging -- of a solid, but not universally beloved game.

But what if someone did spruce up one of those older games that drive us crazy even now? As soon as word of the new Final Fantasy III hit the streets, fans immediately started speculating about other Final Fantasy titles, but what about games outside the FF oeuvre? What game would you like to see given a spit-shine and a fresh coat of paint? The characters of FFIII gained new life and personality (even names), and certainly there are a few other old school heroes who could benefit from similar treatment. What would you like to see?

DS releases for the week of January 15th

There are really only two words of import this week: Phoenix Wright. Unless you're in Japan, and then the big word is "Wario." For everyone in browser-free North America, we can also turn a glaring eye on Australia, where the official NDS browser is set to hit shelves this week. The globe is teeming the DS goodness this week, so let's get to the details, with the US up first:

DS releases (US):
  • Fossil League: Dino Tournament Championship
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All
For the rest of the world, check after the jump!

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DS releases for the week of November 13th

Big week for handheld gaming! As we creep closer to the end of the year, release dates are just more and more packed with must-have titles. If this keeps up, we may have to consider undertaking a life of crime in order to afford everything we want. What are you picking up this week, and how much ramen are you gonna munch to compensate?

DS releases:

  • Asphalt: Urban GT 2
  • Bionicle Heroes
  • Bomberman Land: Touch!
  • Brain Boost: Beta Wave
  • Brain Boost: Gamma Wave
  • Charlotte's Web
  • Digimon World DS
  • Eragon
  • Final Fantasy III
  • Gunpey
  • Happy Feet
  • Monster Bomber
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids
  • Spider-Man: Battle for New York
  • Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2
  • Tomb Raider: Legend
  • Totally Spies! 2: Undercover
  • Yoshi's Island 2

GBA releases:
  • Bionicle Heroes
  • Charlotte's Web
  • Eragon
  • F-24: Stealth Fighter
  • Happy Feet
  • March of the Penguins
  • Polarium Advanced
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis
  • Spider-Man: Battle for New York
  • Super Robot Taisen 2
  • Tomb Raider: Legend
  • Tonka on the Job
  • Totally Spies! 2: Undercover
  • Yggdra Union

And don't forget (like you were going to!) -- next week is the first of the global launch dates for the Wii! Then we'll really be awash in Nintendo goodness. As for this week's games, as ever, supplies are subject to manufacturer delivery.

[Big ups to whoever the games in the picture belong to!]

The forgotten DS at the Nintendo Fusion Tour

In all the buzz about the Wii, no one's said much about the DS at this year's Nintendo Fusion Tour, which is a shame, since some really great games are playable on the tour, like Elite Beat Agents and Final Fantasy III. Where's the love? We can't let the Wii overshadow everything, Nintendo fans!

Last week at the Fusion Tour in Arkansas, we spent some time observing the DS and get got in some hands-on action with Final Fantasy III. Unfortunately, despite the excitement of the Wii, there was always someone playing Elite Beat Agents, and since there were no monitors on the DS stations, there was no moderation of time. As exciting as it was to note that people were all sorts of about the game, there are still disappointed fingers here that were thwarted in the epic quest to rock some beats while helping people out.

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FFIII figures cute enough to melt any heart

It's a new week, and of course, that means a new challenge for our armchair translators. We're gonna need to know when these go on sale, where they are, and how much milk money we need to shake down to score a few. These Final Fantasy III figures turned up on 4cr's news feed and they were just too cute to resist.

And if you're paying attention, you might get to see some Nintendo panties in action. Ah, forum posters and their wacky avatars.

[Via 4cr]

Final Fantasy III figurines

Alright fanboys and fangirls, Final Fantasy III is out in Japan and America has a release date. You have seen the millions of videos, screens, previews, news articles, pictures from E3, web site, wallpapers, special Crystal DS Lite and more. We bet you didn't think that there could possibly be something else Final Fantasy III, did you?

Well, there is! It's time to squeeze the last drops of milk from the Final Fantasy cash cow and put out some FF III figurines. We aren't sure if these tiny guys are for sale or if they are going to be for sale but they sure are, brace yourself, cute!

These, in our opinion, aren't as cool as most FF figurines, (Bahamut pwns) but they carry a different kind of air to them. Suddenly, we are reminded of Final Fantasy Tactics...

FFIII, as far as the eye can see

The staff at Siliconera was kind enough to drop us an e-mail announcing that they survived the lines and were having a blast with their shiny new copy of Final Fantasy III. They've been churning out video footage in order to share their experience with the world ... and maybe to brag, just a little.

They've got the opening movie, as well as the first moments of the game, which we've included above. This is particularly interesting, as not only do we see some of the controls here, but the remake deviates a bit from the original.

Yes, that means spoilers. Skip this if you want to experience it for yourself! And check out the rest of their videos.

[Thanks, Siliconera!]

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