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Windy x Windam x Trailer

This Windy x Windam trailer explains what the title refers to, but unfortunately it does so in Japanese and is therefore a bit hard to parse. It appears that "Windy" is a term for basic combat, and "Windam" is used to denote super attacks, which decrement the "Windam Gauge." More interesting than the name discussion, we think, is the fact that wow, this game looks nice. Are those painted backgrounds? More than being simply an Izuna vehicle, Windam looks like a potentially high-quality DS fighting game.

It even features a (sort of) strategic element. The vertical gauge seems to decrement when a character makes a move that doesn't connect, and refills very quickly. In a way, it's sort of like the action points used in SRPGs, or like a slightly turn-based system that limits what you can do before you attack (thus switching the turn). Or maybe we're seeing too much in it.

[Via Siliconera]

Create Lulz of the Unemployed Ninja, win stuff

Do you enjoy the Izuna character portrait comics on the official website? If not, you probably haven't read them, because they're delightful. Atlus is now offering a chance for the fans to share their own Izuna comics, and get a shot at some free stuff for doing so!

All you have to do is pick one of four templates (each one featuring interactions between different Izuna characters), add text to a form, and submit your hilarity to Atlus for judging. The winner gets a copy of Izuna 2 and all the posters -- even the one that they didn't pick for Amazon copies!

Gallery: Izuna 2

Izuna 2 QA causes a lot of pink hair pulling

Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns is about more than mini-posters and sexy ninjas -- a lot of work goes into getting a game like this localized. Not only does a good localization team have to focus on the translation, but they also need to fix any bugs or problems that gamers found in the Japanese release. Apparently, fixing bugs for a roguelike is especially hard and frustrating, as you might have guessed.

Here's the Quality Assurance stat breakdown, according to Atlus:
  • Number of testers on Izuna 2: 6
  • Number of DS systems almost thrown against the wall: 6
  • Number of system-type bugs our testers reported: 104
  • Number of text bugs our testers reported: 259
  • Number of times the testers nearly gave the project lead a heart attack with a fake system bug: 3
  • Number of bugs our testers reported to which we responded: "That's not a bug, that's the way this game works:" 17
  • Number of monkeys we could have hired to do their job: 0
The production diary is actually a really interesting read that not only Izuna fans, but also people interested in the localization process should give a look. Besides, we always appreciate more insight on how the other side of the gaming industry works.

Gallery: Izuna 2

Izuna poster overload!

The Izuna 2 poster situation has officially become ridiculous. Atlus has revealed that the cover of every copy will not feature the same mini-poster on the reverse; rather, each copy will have one of two pieces of arttwork. In addition, they've released the winning design from the Amazon poll.

With the Gamestop-exclusive poster, there are now four different Izuna 2 posters. Each copy ordered from Amazon or GameStop will include two, one of which can be chosen. Crazy people can try to collect them all by ordering one copy from each retailer and just hoping for two different posters on the boxes.

Gamestop furthers Izuna's new modeling career

Not only is Atlus including a fold-out poster on the back of the Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns boxart, they're bundling one of two provocative posters with Amazon orders of the game as well.

But even that isn't enough coverage for Ninja Studio's roguelike heroine: GameStop orders of Izuna 2 will ship with yet another mini-poster featuring a more dressed, but no more demure, Izuna than the others. You could probably get away with having someone see this one on your wall.

We predict a minor swell of unopened Izuna 2 copies on eBay shortly after release, sold by people who just couldn't choose a poster.

Izuna's milkshake brings all the boys to Amazon's yard

While Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns comes with a spiffy reversible boxart feature, that's not the only bonus male Atlus fans can expect this July. There will actually be another mini-poster included with the game -- a much more risqué poster, at that. Here's the catch: in order to get one with your copy of Izuna 2, you have to order it from Amazon.com (which means the promotion is only available for folks in the U.S.). Atlus tells us that there are only a "limited" number of these special edition copies available, so take that as you will.

Atlus is also holding a voting contest to see which one of two posters (shown in full after the break) will be included with the software. When we last checked, the two options were almost neck and neck, with the first one taking a slight lead.

If your lecherous curious eyes want to see the uncropped posters featuring Izuna and Shino's scantily clad figures, just click past the break.

Gallery: Izuna 2

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Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja's Boxart Reverses

Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns featured some fairly risque alternate boxart in Japan, where initial shipments were packaged in H-game-like boxes with art of Izuna and Shino bathing in an onsen. The American box for the game may not be modeled after erogames, but it does feature some extra pinup-style art of the title character.

In an absolutely lovely trend, the Izuna 2 boxart has been revealed as reversible, like the boxart for Victorious Boxers Revolution. However, instead of alternate boxart on the other side, the reverse of Izuna 2's cover is a mini-poster of the title character. Nice to see Atlus treating a niche game like Izuna as such a deluxe product.

[Via press release]

Windy x Windam's new characters include another familiar face

The Windy x Windam website now reveals more of the Ninja Studio fighting game's cast. Of the new additions, you'll recognize Shino, who joins Izuna from Ninja Studio's Izuna roguelike series. The game's Vega (agile, masked, and creepy) quotient is being filled by the green-haired G, while the role of the Big Grappling Guy has gone to ... Big.

The "system" area features a couple of new screenshots, including one of G transforming into some kind of monster. In addition to the life gauge and "boost" gauge, there's a circular "Windam Gauge" that seems to have something to do with power. Super attack gauge, maybe?

There's a wallpaper of the boxart image in the "special" page. We're still not sure of Ninja Studio's ability to create a fighting game, but what they have so far looks neat!

Gallery: Windy x Windam

[Via Insert Credit]

Windy x Windam uses the standard fighting game storyline

Except for the (necessarily) strange aspect ratio, Ninja Studio's Windy x Windam seems as straightforward a 2D fighter as you could get. Completely 2D sprites and backgrounds depict a fighting tournament in which each participant enters for their own personal reasons.

Thanks to character profiles, we know a bit more about a few of the non-Izuna characters: Ashley sells flowers on the street (and is fighting for equality in the world or something). Kiriku is a self-taught swordsman who enters the fighting tournament to help his injured sister. Stein is a robot who wants freedom and searches for his creator. (Izuna, of course, is in the tournament for money.)

It's a good thing story doesn't matter in fighting games, because Windy x Windam is turning out to be a pastiche of fighting game cliches so far. Oh, maybe it's parody!

Gallery: Windy x Windam

More Izuna 2 art than you can shake your fist at

Her games haven't broken any sales records, but everyone seems to like Izuna anyway ... which may go far in explaining why we've seen tons of artwork for Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns, but not a lot in the way of screenshots. Guess that's one way to rope the unbelievers into laying hands on a roguelike, but will the pretty, pretty character portraits make them forget the ass-kickings that came before? We'll see. Besides, you can always get some ass-kickings in yourself with the recently-announced Windy x Windam, eh? Check out the new portraits in our gallery below and start gathering your courage. You'll need it come July.

Gallery: Izuna 2

Izuna 2 screens simulate gameplaying experience

Do you see the tears in this screenshot? This is a message. Don't be fooled by Izuna's pink-haired cuteness -- this girl isn't as easy as she looks. The first title was all about kicking your ass (and having a laugh about it), so we fully expect the same challenge from Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns. The big zero next to the hit points here gives us hope.

If, like us, you enjoy a challenge, make your way into the gallery below for the latest screens from the upcoming title.

Gallery: Izuna 2

Windy x Windam: Fighting Game of the Unemployed Ninja

A poster on the fighting game forum Shoryuken.com found a small blurb and screens about one of the mysterious games on Success Corp.'s summer release list: Windy x Windam. The name certainly didn't provide any clues to the game's content, but it turns out that Windy x Windam is a fighting game based on ... Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja.

Windy x Windam is being developed by Izuna's Ninja Studio. We don't know how much experience they have with fighting games -- maybe someone from the company worked on fighting games previously. Their history as Ninja Studio seems to contain only mobile casual games, mobile SRPGs, and Izuna. Maybe it'll be a turn-based fighting game!

Gallery: Windy x Windam

[Via NeoGAF]

An unemployed ninja enlists the aid of a new trailer

Atlus has gone ahead and released a trailer for the upcoming sequel Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns. As you may well remember, we found the original game to be pretty satisfying, so imagine how delighted we were when we found out the sequel would be releasing to North America in July.

We're glad we featured it in our 2008 round-up, as we're sure the power of our site and its 12.5 readers made this happen. We must remember to only use our powers for good, though!

Gallery: Izuna 2

[Via press release]

Izuna 2: The gallery returns

At least one guy involved with Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns has a steady job: the guy responsible for uploading screenshots. Just one day after the initial announcement and the first delightful bundle of screens, Atlus has already sent us more screens of the ninja roguelike sequel! This time, it's all awesome 2D gameplay.

What is up with the DS and roguelikes? We've got Izuna, three Pokémon roguelikes (and the GBA one that also works on the DS), Shiren, Tao's Adventure, and now a second Izuna game. The DS completely wins at having games at which you're likely to lose repeatedly.

Gallery: Izuna 2

[Via press release]

Izuna 2: Jobless again in July

Back in February, when we wrote about our most anticipated titles of the year, we were hoping Izuna and her crew would return, and lo, Atlus has announced the sequel's localization. Rejoice and prepare to get your ass thoroughly kicked this summer, when Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns shows up for a second round of punishing-yet-hilarious roguelike action.

While the first game was a solid offering, the second purportedly packs more action, more content, and more challenges -- but also offers up the buddy system to help you through the pain. Don't expect that to ratchet down the difficulty, however; import impressions indicate that Izuna's return is a much bigger experience, and very much worth the wait.

Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns
slides into an already-tight summer schedule July 22.

Gallery: Izuna 2

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