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To Love-Ru: Milk-squirting joins butt-slapping

We thought we'd seen the most risqué content To Love-Ru had to offer with its bottom-slapping minigame -- we were wrong. Kotaku discovered that one of the more innuendo-laden minigames involves squirting, um, milk at a strawberry held by Lala, pink-haired alien girl and love interest of protagonist Rito.

Those with an interest in either of the activities mentioned in our title will be able to import this from August 28th. Meanwhile, if you missed it first time, the full (N entirely SFW) trailer is past the break.

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Chi's Sweet Home is very sweet indeed

Chi's Sweet Home is a manga and anime series about a lost kitten who gets adopted by a loving family. Interchannel-Holon is turning it into a heartbreakingly cute DS game that combines comic-style storytelling and graphical text adventuring with adorable and weird minigames. Depending on the date, different minigames will be available, ranging from throwing a ball for Chi to ... kitten sumo? It also includes the requisite interactivity, allowing you to pet, feed, and otherwise care for little Chi.

It's easy not to love the soulless, polygonal Nintendogs, but Chi's face could easily sway even the most stalwart pet-game hater. This isn't a standard pet game, in any case -- it's an adventure game starring a pet.

Popular manga Blazes way to DS as an RPG

World Destruction isn't the only RPG Sega is cooking up for the DS right now. The company is also slaving over a DS adaptation of Blazer Drive, Seishi Kishimoto's popular manga set in a futuristic Tokyo where society has developed "Mystickers," adhesives which contain various elements (electricity, ice, light, etc.) and assist in day-to-day life.

Certain individuals -- known as "Blazers" -- can activate Mystickers on their skin, and this plot mechanism plays a role in the Blazer Drive game. In the title's turn-based battles, Mystickers can be applied to characters using the stylus to let them attack, use special skills, or generate combos. Players fill the boots and spiky hair of Shiro and Tamaki, two Blazers.

A localization of Blazer Drive looks unlikely, but to be honest we're surprised that it's even getting a game of its own -- the manga can't be more than three months old! Check out more screens beyond the break.

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Absolutely Lovely Children exist on the DS

More manga/anime adaptations head DS-ward, this time in the form of Zettai Karen Children (Absolutely Lovely Children). Konami grabbed the license for the series and is making it into an RPG for the DS, which comes out on September 4th in Japan.

We never heard of Absolutely Lovely Children before, well, yesterday, but the story focuses around three young girls with ESP. It's not uncommon for people to have ESP (in this manga/anime-verse), but these ten-year-olds have the highest level of the power. The government thus forms them into a seemingly elite unit known as "The Children."

Since more details on this recently-announced-yet-soon-to-release game have yet to surface, it might be worth checking out some of the screens below to see if the style appeals to you. Keep in mind, though, that Zettai Karen Children DS: Dai-4 no Children probably won't be localized outside of Japan.

Gallery: Zettai Karen Children DS: Dai-4 no Children

[Via Siliconera]

To-Love-Ru: Do I have something on my butt?

File this one as another crazy Japanese game. We knew about To-Love-Ru awhile back, but we never knew it'd be like this. As you can see in the video above, the main goal of the game seems to be slapping young ladies on their bottoms. Well, maybe not slapping them so much as clearing evil little things away from their backside.

Move over, Doki Doki Majo Shinpan. There's a new almost-obscene title in town.

[Via Kotaku]

Namco Bandai publishing Square Enix-owned Soul Eater

Square Enix was awarded the Wii license for the Soul Eater manga by the property's publisher ... Square Enix. Their Soul Eater: Monotone Princess is a third-person 3D hack & slash set in the manga's universe. Despite the apparent nepotism, Square Enix's publishing arm and its little video game business aren't as exclusive as they may seem: for some reason, Namco Bandai has the license for a DS game based on the franchise. Namco Bandai has chosen to create ... a third-person 3D hack & slash!

Despite being developed by different companies for different systems, Soul Eater: Medusa no Inbou (Medusa's Plot) looks extremely similar to the Wii game, in terms of environment, perspective, and overall presentation (cutscenes involving dialogue delivered by still character portraits). Two games in the same genre based on the same license will naturally look similar, but we think this goes beyond a signature look. Or maybe not. Compare for yourself after the break!

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Detroit Metal City makes for awesome action figures

Upon first seeing Detroit Metal City: Death Shout, we came to a conclusion: the game was the perfect amount of crazy for us. It's no secret that we enjoy odd things here at DS Fanboy, so we'd like to point out that the game is now getting action figures, allowing you to act out scenarios you might not find in the Japanese title.

As you can see to the right, Johannes Krauser II came out wonderfully in his action figure. He's not only available as you see him there, but also in another costume. Joining him for this run of action figures is also the band's drummer.

So, anybody want to pick these up for us? Our birthday is, uh, soon or something.

Zelda manga confirmed for North America

Turns out, the rumor is truth. Everyone looking to dive into Link's adventures in Hyrule, this time in paper form, rejoice. Well, you can celebrate if you live in North America. Everyone else, this tidbit of info doesn't really apply to you.

But, we digress. Your hands will no longer need hold a controller or some kind of portable gaming device in order to experience Link and the happenings in his world. Word on the Hyrulian fields is that the manga will be available for your reading pleasure come this October.

[Via Go Nintendo]

Bleach: Dark Souls presents bright, colorful screens

We know many of you enjoy the Bleach. Whether it's the anime, manga, or very capable fighting game on the DS (and, we suppose, on some smaller level, the cleaning product), you folks are fans. In fact, you all just might convert us!

And with the Japanese sequel finally making its way to North America, we're pretty close to taking the plunge and checking out what you all have been going on about. In the meantime, we'll have to settle for the new Bleach: Dark Souls screens in our gallery. Give them a look yourself, then tell us why we need to be as excited about this game as you are!

Gallery: Bleach: Dark Souls

Tokyo Majin comes back to gaming for its 10th anniversary

Marvelous and developer Asmik Ace will release a DS game based on the Tokyo Majin Gakuen franchise on August 21. The supernatural anime and manga series are in turn based on the Tokyo Majin Gakuen: Kenpucho series of adventure/RPG games on the PlayStation and Playstation 2.

Last year, ADV licensed Tokyo Majin, about high school students who fight the undead, for American release. The DVDs are still coming out as of this month, but the series' web site goes nowhere. We're not sure what that says about ADV's confidence in Majin, though we doubt they're going to pursue this DS game. We aren't sure if it's popular enough over here for another company to try to grab some of the revenue, either.

The World Ends with manga and ringtones

Not long ago, Square Enix launched an official website for The World Ends With You, which had nothing on it besides a pointless countdown. While the website actually has stuff to look at now, it's still relatively "meh" as far as official sites go.

The Square Enix Members page is a different story, though. There, you can check out a creator's roundtable, as well the first chapter of the translated manga by Shiro Amano (with more chapters to come). Another neat feature is that by clicking on the few colored bits of the manga, you can unlock TWEWY ringtones. They can be downloaded for free once you're finished reading the chapter (this blogger's favorite of the ones offered is "It's So Wonderful.")

The website also reports that the official soundtrack for the game will be heading to iTunes soon, which is good news if you don't mind having DRM "protected" music.

[Via GamerTell]

Rumor: Zelda manga releasing to North America later this year

For this blogger, the only manga experience accrued has been in the form of reading the greatest thing ever made. Other than that, this blogger has no experience with the medium. So imagine how excited we were when we received Josh's tip about The Legend of Zelda manga possibly releasing to North America.

The rumor stems from a listing for the manga at Canadian retailer RightStuf. It says the 200 page book will be releasing on October 7th of this year and published by VIZ.

Considering the lack of concrete evidence supporting the claim, we're going to keep this one marked as a rumor for now.

[Thanks, Josh!]

Hayate the Combat Butler returns to the DS

A few days ago, another dating sim hit Japanese shelves, making us wonder just how many of these types of games Japan gets in any given month. Like many, this one is based on a Japanese manga (which was later developed into an anime and video game) called Hayate the Combat Butler.

The first video game based on the manga came out last summer. Hayate no Gotoku! Ojousama Produce Daisakusen Boku Iro ni Somare! just recently released, though, and comes in two different versions. The main difference in the two versions is the setting, as one takes place at a rich girl named Nagi's school, while the other takes place at her mansion home.

The game has a Pygmalion/My Fair Lady type of storyline, in which the butler of the house must train Nagi for an Ojousama (lady) contest. You control Hayate the teen butler, and must pick out Nagi's clothes, scout out her opponents, and take her out on dates (to relieve her stress, of course). Ultimately, your goal is to make the bond between Hayate and Nagi as strong as possible.

We're going to bet that this shows up in the Japanese sales charts sometime soon -- any takers? Also, if you're interested, you can check past the break to see the boxarts and some screens.

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Ban-kai!: Sega to bring Bleach DS sequel stateside

Likely surprising no one considering the popularity of the Bleach manga/anime series, Sega announced its plans to publish Bleach: Dark Souls (or Bleach DS: 2nd Kokui Hirameku Requiem, as it's known in Japan), the follow-up to Bleach: The Blade of Fate, this summer in North America.

The Treasure-developed 2D fighter features a number of improvements on the original:
  • an exclusive storyline that takes place in between the series's first and second season
  • 44 playable characters (The Blade of Fate has 26)
  • 30 new Power-up Cards and Power Crystals
  • Bleach encyclopedia containing "fun and interesting facts about the entire Bleach universe"
All that comes on top of the game's four-player online battles and multi-plane stages. Hit the gallery below for English-translated screenshots from Dark Souls, or check past the break for a two-minute trailer from the Japanese release.

Gallery: Bleach: Dark Souls

Continue reading Ban-kai!: Sega to bring Bleach DS sequel stateside

Flash of the North Star

Got a few minutes to kill? Spend it killing with your fists of stylus-enhanced rage. Spike has created a Flash demo of the Fist of the North Star game and made it available at the official website, allowing you to first enjoy a tutorial that demonstrates the controls, and then, as Kenshiro, take on some enormous guy in a fight. Just click around the navigation buttons under the DS on the demo page and you'll get to all the content.

The tutorial isn't terribly necessary -- click numbers in order, drag back and forth between lines pointing at each other -- but we recommend it, because it basically amounts to a little bit more game. There's a decent challenge to be found in some of the tasks, mostly because of the timer. The back-and-forth motions, for example, require some decent speed and accuracy. Of course, this is made somewhat more difficult by the substitution of a mouse for the stylus.

[Via Inside-Games]

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