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Top publishers snubbed Myst DS

Sometimes, we really wish that we could be flies on the walls of game company offices. Maybe we're just huge nerds (actually, that's a fact), but still, we'd love to hear the reasoning behind some of the business decisions made -- just because we're curious when it comes to those types of things.

Every so often, though, we get a little insight into the industry. Most recently, MTV Multiplayer learned some things about Myst DS from it's license owner, Manny Granillo, regarding why the game was turned down by many of the "top publishers." Granillo doesn't mention which companies refused to publish the title for Nintendo's handheld, but he divulged the reasons they gave.

Gallery: Myst

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The solution to the puzzle of seeing Myst screens: click here

When we received a stash of screens and fact sheet via our inbox today for upcoming PC-to-DS game Myst, we hardly believed our eyes. Surely, like navigating the game's island, finding any kind of substantial information on the game would require some kind of incredibly difficult task, proving our brain is as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Luckily, our contact has helped us get a head start on the whole thing, providing us with a look into each of the game's ages. So, take a stroll through our gallery below and take a look at the world of Myst.

Gallery: Myst

DS Daily: Myst opportunities

With a new version of Myst on the way to a hugely popular game system, we may see a repeat of the Myst mania that swept the world upon the game's first release, killing the rest of the point-and-click adventure genre. We must admit that, even though we were eyeball-deep in PC adventure games at the time, we just didn't get Myst. It was a very pretty game, sure, and it made clever use of those crazy CD-ROM drives that people were hooking up, but it seemed very much like a game in which everything was perfectly still all the time, and nothing ever happened.

Statistically, most people here probably have a copy of the game somewhere, so we'll assume you're familiar with it. Do you think Myst was a good game in 1993, and do you think it could hold up today? Will you go in for the new content in Myst DS?

Myst DS gets release window

We haven't seen anything on the game since September, sadly, but finally we know when we'll be able to get the final product in our hand (the other hand will undoubtedly be slapping our head as we stupidly try to solve the game's puzzles). Empire Interactive has just signed on to publish Myst DS, agreeing to bring it to North America during Q1 of 2008.

Any adventure fans plan on giving this game a play once it hits the DS?

Don't look directly at Ultimate Mortal Kombat

We're starting to get annoyed with these "moving DS" game trailers. First seen in an early Insecticide ad, the technique places all game footage either on a DS screen or in a little window that is rapidly rotating and flying across the screen. For something designed to show you a game, they accomplish the exact opposite. In our eyes, such trailers convey a lack of confidence in the product.

We're only running this trailer, which is the second Ultimate Mortal Kombat trailer in this format, because, from what we can tell, Ultimate Mortal Kombat looks like a pretty faithful translation of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and we are happy any time a reasonable version of a fighting game is done on a handheld. Of course, we're also pleased about the added Puzzle Kombat.

[Via Game|Life]

Myst dev: Myst is 'essential adventure companion' for DS

Manny Granillo, executive producer of the DS Myst remake, spoke to 4cr reader Spence about the changes being made to the classic adventure. We're still shocked that there are changes and additions being made. Not what we expected from a Myst port.

They're taking advantage of the interface by adding a note pad and a camera tool, to allow players to remember clues. Granillo also agreed with (but avoided directly discussing) the utility of turning the DS sideways to read the materials in the library.

With these refinements and the new Age, Myst on the DS may turn out to be the definitive version. For our money, though, the best thing about a portable Myst is that it leaves your TV and computer unoccupied, so you can play a game while it's on.

[Via 4cr]

Test your might online this November

We haven't been this excited about Mortal Kombat since the first time Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 came out, and we've never had any reason to be excited about a portable Kombat. But this is just too cool. Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon told IGN that a version of the classic fighting game will be coming to the DS-- with online play. Attention, developers: this is how you do a port on the DS.

It'll also include Puzzle Kombat, the Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo clone found in Mortal Kombat Deception, which will also be playable online. The game will be out in November, and we look forward to eviscerating all of you at Game Night.

In the game, we mean. We aren't planning to come to your houses and eviscerate any of you. We wouldn't even know how.

New Touchmaster screens - bar favourites on the way

Here are a bunch of new screens for Touchmaster DS, which should awaken a few hazy memories. The collection of 23 minigames will be familiar to bar patrons everywhere, as they come from Midway's touch screen range.

The minigames include trivia, solitaire, and a range of card and puzzle games. You'll also be able to upload your high scores onto worldwide leaderboards. Better start saving that beer money now-- Touchmaster DS goes on sale June 11th in North America.

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Mortal Kombat coming to the DS

That's a classic.We would call this the series that just won't die ... but, as Nintendo fanboys, we're actually surrounded by those far older. Yes, yet another installment of MK is coming to the DS, courtesy of Midway; rather predictably, we know almost nothing about it. The only comment given: "it [won't be] a direct port of a previous title, it [won't] be a brand-new game either."

This leaves the only remaining option: indirect port. It involves a wormhole and superstring theory. Our best guess? A port of an SNES or Playstation version of Mortal Kombat, complete with OMGawesome stylus control and a couple new characters thrown in for good measure. Meh.

Games for every day in Touchmaster ad

Why, it seems like we were just talking about Touchmaster DS, and now we've got all sorts of advertisement goodness! Well, some goodness, at least -- it's not the best DS ad we've ever seen, but it does do a good job of communicating what the games is and why you should buy it this summer, but in a Pepsi challenge, we'd probably take this one. Check out the video after the jump and let us know what you think.

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Casual gaming, hardcore competition with Touchmaster

If you've ever spent any time hanging out in bars (something we would never, ever do -- did we mention never ever?), then it's likely you've stumbled across Midway's touch screen games at some point. Now, in a marriage of gaming goodness that seems so obvious in retrospect that we're surprised it took them so long, Midway is bringing a collection of some of their best touch screen games to the DS. Entitled Touchmaster DS, the game will include 23 different games from the arcade machines, including trivia, card games, and puzzlers.

Sounds pretty average for a collection of casual games ... but there's a twist. Touchmaster DS will use the Nintendo WiFi connection to interface with Midway's own scoring system, so player rankings will be compared with those of people all over the world. Players will also be able to participate in tournaments.

Midway expects to release the game later this year.

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