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DS Daily: Camera games

Whether or not you're excited about the DSi's camera(s), it's sure to have some potential for future fun. Is there anything you'd like to see done with the handheld's included cameras? Any particular apps? Do you want to make faces? Wave things in front of the camera? Just take random pictures of friends who don't realize that's what you're doing with your DS?

Gallery: Nintendo DSi

Point/Counterpoint: Nintendo DSi

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It's on everyone's mind. The upcoming Nintendo DSi handheld is quite the attractive gadget ... or is it? We're back with another edition of Point/Counterpoint, this time dealing with Nintendo's upgraded portable system. Click the button below to read the pros and cons of Nintendo's DSi.

Gallery: Nintendo DSi

DS Daily: Feeling the squeeze?

Since we talked yesterday about the price of the just-announced Nintendo DSi, it seems prudent to discus other matters of price today. To be specific, we're curious as to whether or not your gaming spending habits have taken a hit due to the economic issues currently plaguing most of the globe. Are you buying fewer games, or considering it? Taking a break from buying anything to save up for the holidays, or planning to hit up friends and family for more gaming gifts?

DS Daily: The price is right?

¥18,900, or roughly $180. That's how much the Nintendo DSi will cost when it launches on November 1st in Japan. For North American importers, that's a $50 hike for a system with a few extra functions, but also with its GBA compatibility removed. At the same time, it's not a dramatic leap for Japanese consumers -- ¥18,900 is just ¥2,100 ($14) more than what a Lite costs there.

In your view, is the DSi fairly priced? And what's the highest price you would be prepared to pay when it arrives in your region next year?

Gallery: Nintendo DSi

DS Daily: Still going to import one?

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With the news that the DSi is region locked, as well as the handheld not officially arriving on North American shores until after April 2009, we're wondering if many of you still plan on importing the handheld? We already know you're going to pick a DSi up eventually (who can resist its awesome features?), but we would like to know if you still plan on snatching one up super early. So, will you?

Gallery: Nintendo DSi

DS Daily: Bummed about the GBA

Yesterday, we presented a feature that said goodbye to all of the great things the GBA slot can be used for on the DS Lite. As you all know, the new DSi says sayonara to the GBA slot. What we're wondering is, what will be the most missed aspect of that GBA slot for yourself? Will you miss not being able to play Guitar Hero: On Tour on your DSi? Are you sad to see your gigantic library of GBA games is not supported by the new device? What will you miss most about the GBA slot?

Gallery: Goodbye, GBA slot

GBA games!Guitar Hero Guitar Grip controllerTony Hawk's motionTaito's paddle controllerThe Famulator

Nintendo: DSi is region-locked

Those of you who intend to import a DSi from Japan next month may wish to revise your plans, as Nintendo has now confirmed that all DSi software will be region-locked. "DSi software (software that is only compatible with DSi) is region-locked, e.g: European DSi software can only be played on European DSi consoles," stated Nintendo's spokesperson to CVG, brutally driving a stake through our dreams of ever playing Japanese DSWare.

There are elements of the DSi that are region-free -- you'll be able to surf the 'net wherever you are in the world, exchange photos with friends in other regions, and still play non-local DS games on the DSi -- but it looks like we can forget about importing Japanese DSi software. It simply won't work.

Nintendo's messenger says this is because the DSi "embeds net communication functionality within itself" and provides "net services specifically tailored for each region." The fact that each region has unique age limits is also mentioned. What a thoroughly depressing start to the week! We're off for coffee and extra donuts.

Gallery: Nintendo DSi

Goodbye, GBA

While the DSi isn't going to be a factor for those of us in the U.S. and Europe until next year (unless you're importing), we're already gathered in a solemn knot and singing a dirge in honor of the Game Boy Advance. Nintendo's last juggernaut was supposed to be alive and kicking, healthy as can be, and part of a three-pillar strategy for Nintendo's control of the gaming universe. Instead, we're preparing to bid farewell to those fat cartridges, and with them, a bevy of DS/DS Lite accessories, add-ons, and extras.

If you're trading in or selling a DS to fund a DSi purchase, you'll be gaining a lot ... but today, we're here to mourn everything you're going to lose, and if you've bought a lot of DS accessories, you stand to lose a lot if you don't keep a DS or DS Lite around. Step right into the gallery to kick off the tour of tragedy, or slip past the break for a moment of song in honor of the death of the GBA slot.

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DS Daily: Will you get it?

Disappointed as you may be (or not) about the delayed release of the DSi in the United States, at least it gives you time to save up the funds to snag one ... if you're planning on getting one at all, that is. Will you? If so, are you going to wait for the official release wherever you are, or will you import from Japan?

Gallery: Nintendo DSi

Team 17 boss wary of DSi features

When the DSi was unveiled, the DS Fanboy offices were filled with nothing but whooping and hollering, for Nintendo managed to actually improve on what we considered was the closest to perfection a handheld device could be. The DS Lite has great screens, is smaller than the Phat and has a huge library of great games. How could Nintendo even improve on that? Well, they did, with the DSi, but one individual sees the new handheld as an avenue for pirates to perform their dastardly deeds.

Team 17's studio director Martyn Brown has been eyeing up that SD slot as a potential source of piracy. "Adding an SD slot makes a bunch of sense for downloadable content given the way things are going," Brown said. "I just hope they've done something to counter the mass piracy that exists via the R4 on the Lite. It scares me that with an SD card input, that might leave it even wider open that it was on the original device." He brings up a valid point, but we guess we're just going to have to wait until Nintendo reveals more about the security features of the handheld.

Either way, we're sure the homebrew community will have a field day once it releases to Japan in November.

Gallery: Nintendo DSi

Reggie: DSi not in North America until 'after April'

Before G4's Dan Hsu spoke to Reggie Fils-Aime about the DSi, the closest estimate we had for a North American release date was "well into 2009." Reggie has narrowed the window a bit, saying that because of strong DS Lite sales (Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G hasn't happened here to distract people from the DS), the DSi launch is "going to be in our next fiscal -- so, certainly after April."

He then went on to downplay the immediate importance of DS Shop downloads in North America, in a way that we can't help but read as stating the obvious given that we won't be able to buy anything to play DSWare until "down the road:

"We believe that as we continue to drive sales for DS hardware in total, the biggest opportunity's going to be on packaged software. Down the road, with the DSi Shop and downloadable software, certainly will be a growing opportunity and something developers are excited about, but it really is much longer down the road."

Gallery: Nintendo DSi

DSi hitting Europe spring 2009

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Reggie could only offer an incredibly vague "well into 2009" when asked about the North American launch date for the Nintendo DSi, but Nintendo's European arm has been a little more specific. Over at the official site, the company says the DSi will hit Europe in Spring 2009, instantly bringing hope to North Americans who may have feared a release at the wrong end of 2009. It would be highly unusual if Europe received a piece of Nintendo hardware months before the U.S, so we're suddenly more optimistic about seeing this in North America soon ... ish.

Gallery: Nintendo DSi

[Thanks, Metaknight!]

Get ready to import: DSi not to reach North America until 'well into 2009'

With the Japanese market seeing the release of Nintendo's new DSi handheld later on this year, what could be stopping Nintendo from bringing the device over to North America? Localizing all of the cool software that's available on the thing? Sure, that takes time, but not that much time. So, what is it? The incredible popularity of the DS Lite, says Reggie!

The DS Lite is on track to sell 22% more units than it did last year, says Reggie. Because of the incredible demand, we won't get the DSi until "well into calendar year 2009" Our suggestion? Get ready to import!

Gallery: Nintendo DSi

Brain Age getting retooled for DSi launch

Rejigged versions of both Brain Age games will be available for the Nintendo DSi when the upgraded handheld launches. Brain Age 1 and 2 will be the first titles available from the DSi shop, according to Nintendo name-taker Reggie Fils-Aime, who also revealed that each will feature DSi functionality of some kind.

In truth, Nintendo couldn't have settled on a safer two titles to launch the DSi store, with both games having sold a quite obscene number of copies in all regions (particularly Europe). The lack of risk-taking involved on Nintendo's part is disappointing to us, though there's plenty of time for innovative games to follow. Bet they don't fix the voice recognition, though.

Gallery: Brain Age 2

DS Daily: Sad to see the GBA slot go?

With all of the oooh-ing and ahhh-ing we've done at the recent announcement of the DSi, we are bummed about one thing: the GBA slot being no more. We like GBA games. They're cheap and fun! But, is it worth losing the GBA slot for all of the other goodies on offer? What do you think of the GBA slot going the way of the dodo bird?

Gallery: Nintendo DSi

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