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Is Nintendogs the most 'important' DS game?

The folks at GamePro have put together a pretty interesting feature listing their picks for the top 52 most important games ever. These aren't necessarily the best games, or the best-selling games, but their choices for those titles that have been the most influential on gaming as a whole. And while we're sure many of their picks will be questioned and debated to the point of exhaustion, we're really only interested in one small part of the list -- that is, the only DS title to make the cut. Nintendogs weighs in at #44. Does this mean it's the most influential of all DS games? Since it's the only one on the list, it would seem so, and while we agree that Nintendogs certainly advanced gaming, we might argue that since the franchise draws heavily on both Animal Crossing and the digital pet phenomenon, it's hard to see Nintendogs as a "focusing lens" that forever changed gaming. Does that mean Nintendogs did nothing new? Of course it did. But the idea of a needy digipet existed long before Nintendo popularized the portable pooches with their array of titles. GamePro says "first" doesn't matter -- it's being the folks that do it right that matters -- Nintendogs certainly did a lot of things right, but is it the most important game on the DS? It's an interesting question.

And we have a question of our own -- where's Brain Age? The game that started the training phenomenon is easily equally influential, or perhaps even more so. But we won't argue; rather, we admire the effort that goes into such a list, and after skimming the comments on the article, we don't envy the flood of angry e-mails that are surely flowing into the mailboxes of the writers.

DS Fanboy Favorites: Alisha's top five

All this week, the DS Fanboy staff is letting you in on a few of their favorite titles. Each day, a different member of the staff will present their personal top five DS games along with a snapshot of their gaming paraphernalia and habits, in an effort to provide our readers with a little more information on the tastes and personalities of our writers.

If there's anything that can be said about my life -- and that includes my gaming life -- it's that it's messy. I'm messy. I have all this organizational garbage that's supposed to make it easier to store and find all my stuff, but see, I keep accumulating more stuff, and so I need more organizational items ... it's a vicious cycle, and it's part of why I love cartridges. I know where the box is for Clubhouse Games. It's about three feet away as I type this. I could get it, but why? Clubhouse Games goes in and out of my beloved handheld so often, I usually just leave it here on my desk along with the other games I'm interested in at the moment, and I don't have to worry about it getting all scratched up because it isn't delicate like some pansy disc. This makes me happy. I have to be more careful with CDs and DVDs ... but that doesn't mean there aren't a few stacks of discs around my workspace. Believe me, if it's at all stackable, I'm gonna stack it, and to hell with the consequences.

Of course, the problem with the size of DS carts means that sometimes I lose my Clubhouse for a while, and that makes me unhappy to the extreme. Luckily, there are other games that can distract me ....

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DS Daily: Your MOM likes video games

She does. I've seen her.And she might! Thanks to the alluring and radical power of the DS. How many of you guys have been searching for your DS high and low for a rousing game of Metroid Prime: Hunters, only to find your mother or sister locked away in their rooms caring for their virtual canines? How about Animal Crossing, Electroplankton, or even more traditional fare?

The DS is easier to pick up and play than your elementary school recorder; this causes problems in the DS Fanboy offices when the three butlers and five secretaries all vie for our glossy handhelds.


Puppy takes out frustrations on Nintendogs cart

Jake Nickell assures us that he never ignored Norman, his Pug/King Charles Spaniel mix, in favor of playing the copy of Nintendogs that came with his Nintendo DS. If that's true, what could have lead the hound into chewing up the pet simulation's cart?

Maybe the puppy just grew tired of sinking his teeth into Jake's shoes, homework, and remote controls? Or perhaps Norman took the game's "Best Friends" label to heart, biting down on the newcomer in a fit of jealousy. We happen to think that this was his revenge on Jake for dressing him up in silly outfits and posting the photos on the internet. We would be pretty pissed too.

DS Daily: The daily requirement

It's becoming more and more common for games to require or expect you to play every day; quite a few of the big sellers on the DS encourage daily gameplay, in fact. Frankly, we're hesitant to say that we really like that. Expected every day is one thing, but Animal Crossing and Nintendogs seem to take it pretty far. In the former, you often find yourself gently scolded by the other inhabitants, and in the latter ... by not playing, you are starving puppies and are therefore a bad person. That's just harsh.

But if you really enjoy a game, then perhaps the every day requirement isn't quite so onerous. We've seen a few towns in AC:WW that were lovingly crafted and maintained, day after day, for impressive lengths of time. And while we admire that sort of dedication, we just may not have it, and no one wants to be thought of as the person who starves puppies. So Nintendogs? Not for us, not in the long run. When it comes to these daily games, what's your take?

Games responsible for decline in pet ownership in Australia?

As president of the Australian Veterinary Association, Kersti Seksel thinks that video games were the major factor in reduced pet ownership numbers in the country this year. She thinks that these games are getting in the way of important developmental skills in the country's young, stating that these days "children interact more by playing computer games and less by going out there and throwing the ball to a dog. We need to learn people skills, physical skills, and sitting in the lounge room with a computer doesn't teach you that,"

Of course, we don't buy this for a second, but not living in the country kind of invalidates our input. So, Australian readers, have games such as Nintendogs provided a kind of fix for your desire to care for something, keeping you from obtaining a pet on your own? Or do you enjoy games and have a pet all your own?

[via Joystiq]

DS games pepper Next-Gen's top 100 games of 2006

Where can you find Hannah Montana hanging out with FFIII? No, not on a shelf at your local GameStop -- in Next Generation's list of the top 100 best-selling games in North America in 2006. But you get more than just a regular ol' list; they also broke the games down by average critical rating, and it's pretty interesting to compare sales with review ratings. More signs that the review system could use an overhaul? Or just an indication that critics and gamers often look for different things?

Some interesting things we noticed while perusing the list:
  • Bratz outsold a lot of very good DS games, including Tetris. We can only guess that Games 4 Girls campaign worked. Also, we're now certain that Bratz dolls should be banned, due to the fact that they're obviously both evil and insidious.
  • People really dig Cars.
  • DS games started to get fewer and further apart as the list wound down. We suspect that's simply because there are too many great DS games for people to buy. Our wallets hurt. Really. But we're not complaining.
  • Nintendogs barely made it into the top 50. We're surprised.
  • The highest ranked DS exclusive: New Super Mario Bros., which came in at number 5.

DS Daily: Virtual Pets

We don't have to tell you about the resounding success of Nintendogs -- it's likely that you've played it, or at least known someone caught up in the doings of their electronic pups. Dozens of knock-offs and other pet franchises are crowding in as well, hoping to cash in on the demand for portable pets. The DS does seem uniquely suited as a system to virtual pet games of all types; the touch screen, after all, offers a level of versatility most control schemes can't match. Convenience is another likely factor in the popularity of such games, and the DS is nothing if not convenient. The question is -- do you think any game can match Nintendogs when it comes to virtual pets? And what do you think of the genre in general?

Nintendogs trainable plushies

Just when you thought the Nintendogs franchise had gone as far as it could go, here comes one of the most clever uses of the license yet -- trainable toy dogs based on breeds from the games. There are two types; the simpler Trick Trainer Pups come with a magnetic bone that can be used to guide them through tricks. The more elaborate, aptly-named Interactive Play puppies do just that -- they interact by wagging their tails when they're stroked, howling when you howl, and some will even snarl and growl during a game of tug-of-war. Toss in a slipper-chewing feature and it's almost like having a real dog!

The plushy pups debuted last week in the UK from retailer Tomy and through Amazon UK for 9.99 (about $20 USD) for the Trick Trainers and 24.99 for for the Interactive Play Pups. Check out the commercial after the jump. We just hope you don't have to play with them every day to keep them in line ... take the dogs out of the video game and there's no telling what they'll get up to.

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The DS brings home a few Golden Joysticks

When gamers choose, the DS wins! A few awards, at least. And oh, shall we ever covet them. At the Golden Joystick awards, wherein most winners are chosen by the gaming public, Nintendogs took home Family Game of the Year and Girl's Choice, and New Super Mario Bros. snagged Nintendo Game of the Year. Poor Mario Kart DS was the bridesmaid of the day -- nominated for several awards and winning naught but a big goose egg. Oh well. It still reigns in our hearts.

Nintendogs sells 7 million worldwide; puppies fly off shelves

The lovable digital puppy title known as Nintendogs has widely been regarded as one of the select games that really opened up the flood gates and caused the insane demand the DS has seen in Japan. Turns out, all of us outside of that country didn't think the game was too shabby, either, as total worldwide sales of the pet-sim have hit a cute 7 million.

While we're sure some of you have left your pup(s) to starve to death in a cold, dark cartridge buried at the back of your bookcase, there still are some of those out there who remember to boot the game up, give their pooch a pet and even take him/her out for a nice stroll. Also, with next week's release of Dalmatian & Friends, could we see some of those would-be (and accomplished) deserters come back to the experience?

So, which camp do you fall into? Puppy killer or beloved owner?

[Via Go Nintendo]

Nintendogs paves way for hamsters?

Given the success of Nintendo's dog-training, dog-loving sim Nintendogs, it's no wonder third-party developer Digital Kids is trying to strike while the iron is hot. We've seen clones centering around cats and dogs already, but this is a first. Now you'll be able to virtually pet and talk to a hamster in Love Love Hamster, which is set for release on the 2nd of November in Japan.

There are 6 total breeds in all, including the Golden hamster, Dzungarian hamster, Chinese hamster, Campbells hamster, Roborovskii hamster and Panda hamster. The Panda hamster, by far, is the hamster of choice for the DS Fanboy staff and could help pave the way to cross-breeding other species. We hope to soon create the Bark; half-bear, half-shark, all unstoppable killing machine (not to be confused with the Bear-Shark).

Anyway, a trailer, which sadly lacks sound, for the game may be found here.

Nintendo DS worldwide software sales [Update 1]

It's attacking! Run!
Coming off the staggering news that the Nintendo DS is the fastest selling system of all time in Japan, we've got another doozy for you. Here are the current estimated numbers for worldwide sales for Nintendo DS software:

Nintendogs - 7.37 million
Animal Crossing: Wild World - 4.66 million
Mario Kart DS - 4.64 million
New Super Mario Bros
- 3.84 million
Super Mario 64 DS - 3.76 million
Brain Training - 3.69 million
Brain Training 2 - 3.11 million
Wario Ware Touched - 1.97 million
Brain Flex - 1.58 million
Tamogotchi Connection: Corner Shop - 1.27 million
Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time - 1.22 million
Tetris DS - 1.19 million
English Training - 1.14 million

Utterly astonishing are the figures for Nintendogs, selling over seven million copies since its release in mid-2005. The best-selling game on Gamecube, Super Smash Bros: Melee, has been around since 2001 and has only managed to sell 6.05 million by comparison. Nintendo is indeed reaching a new audience, and that new audience seems to really like throwing frisbees with a stylus.

[Update 1: Apparently, many people missed the "estimated" at the top of the post. Though compiled by an individual, the numbers appear to be at least decently accurate after cross-referencing several other sources. Take the numbers with a grain of salt, and enjoy the picture of the cute puppy.]

A look back at Nintendogs

While they eagerly await the release of the DS Lite this Friday, the fine folks at Eurogamer have taken it upon themselves to review Nintendogs: Dalmation & Friends and, in doing so, reevaluate the praise they heaped upon the game when it was first released. Though they still find it to be an innovative and remarkable achievement, they also discover that the repetition inherent in raising a puppy can be somewhat ... dogged.

Nintendogs certainly makes for an excellent showcase of the DS' technical abilities, but it's considerably less effective as a game. The interaction between polygonal puppy and player is amusing, even fascinating at first, but keeping your best friend happy soon starts to feel like a chore. And chores are never fun.

We already struggle to cram a few games into our hermetically sealed schedules -- a game that depends on you and requires constant attention doesn't quite fit in there. As a result, we now find ourselves in a situation exactly like the one Eurogamer is faced with. "The fact is, we haven't touched our original copy of Nintendogs for months now. As painful as this is to admit, our puppies are probably now completely, irretrievably mental and riddled with fleas. We're too frightened to boot up the game and find out, haunted by visions of their emaciated corpses being stripped to the bone by gargantuan rats (even though we know that Nintendogs cannot actually die on account of how much it would upset the kiddies)."

Poor Gonzo. If only your little puppy eyes could see my cold and uncaring heart.

Nintendogs: Dalmatian and Friends in time for Lite launch

Nintendo of Europe has announced that Nintendogs: Dalmatian and Friends will ship to canine-loving Europeans on June 16th for £30/40 Euros, just days before the DS Lite launch. A nice companion for the new DS design, the game will feature 6 breeds to choose from at the beginning of the game, and a total of 14 unlockable pup. There is sure to be a great variety of canines to play with and/or train come release. The canines in the game are the most popular breeds from the other Nintendogs titles, along with the given dalmatian breed.

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