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Orcs & Elves & a John Carmack autograph

As if having the words "Orcs & Elves" emblazoned on your DS isn't enough to get you made fun of at school/the office by fantasy-hating jocks/co-workers, id Software went the extra mile and slapped on some dragon artwork onto this customized system to multiply its dorkiness rating tenfold. Oh, and the John Carmack autograph on the lid is sure to bring in a few putdowns, too: "Who is this John guy supposed to be? Your boyfriend?" So what if he is?

Thankfully, we won't ever have to worry about Alisha heckling us for carrying one of these around, as only two were made, and they've both already been given away as part of a recent GamePro contest. We just might end up printing out a similar decal for our own DS, however -- the idea of designing our handheld to match the dragon posters we've put up in our cubicle is too tempting.

Orcs & Elves drops price

EA has dropped the price of the DS game Orcs & Elves. Supposedly, this is to commemorate the release of its sequel, Orcs & Elves II, on mobile phones (you can read id's press release here regarding that). We could care less about what it's commemorating, to be honest. We just like cheap games!

If you were on the fence regarding the game, maybe this new price of $19.99 will bring you down? Or, did you just not care for the title, regardless of price?

[Via DS Village]

Metareview: Orcs & Elves

The choice to bring the title to the DS seemed like a no-brainer to id and publisher EA, as Orcs & Elves fared quite well on the mobile phone circuit. And, the critics that have tossed their two pennies into the virtual arena of thought seem to agree that the game has its merits. But, what's scarier, is the fact that the users over at Metacritic find the game to have a lot less value than the critics have said. So, who's to believe?
  • GameDaily (80/100) says "Although it's easy to poke fun at the story, it harkens back to a day when hardcore role players locked themselves in their basements and played Dungeons & Dragons with friends, and because of that, Orcs & Elves has an old school charm missing from the latest Final Fantasys."
  • GameTap (80/100) thinks "Fortunately, graphics aren't what makes a game fun--actual game content does. And while the story doesn't break any new ground, this is a solid little dungeon crawler to spend a few hours with."
  • GameSpy (70/100) is of the mind that "Its simple elements are well-blended in an adventure that only lasts about eight hours but still manages to fill its time with great fighting, fun puzzles and a general nostalgic atmosphere. It might not be for everybody, but it certainly hits a niche that has been neglected by mainstream developers in recent years."
Have any of you picked up the game yet, or given it a try?

Orcs & Elves gets European boxart

We've had our eye on Orcs & Elves for some time now, as we're dying to see how id's mobile phone game that received much acclaim would fare on the DS, perhaps receiving fame. See what we did there? We like to call ourselves wordsmiths.

Anywho, all of our off-topic quipping aside, what do you all think of the boxart? We like all of the creepy smoke, but think that EA logo couldn't be more out of place. What say you all?

Checking out spell casting in Orcs & Elves

While we'll agree that Orcs & Elves could definitely use some better graphics, as well as maybe a more intuitive control scheme as far as controlling your character's movement goes (not the spell casting, that certainly looks fun enough), but that doesn't mean we're just going to write the game off.

1UP recently got their hands on the game and found it to be oddly engaging. They obviously share our sentiment that the game lacks a fine touch in the graphics department, but feel the rest of the title they were lucky enough to get their hands on was actually pretty good. We're happy to hear that, to be honest.

Read - Spellcasting trailer
Read - 1UP preview

First look at Orcs & Elves on the DS

At the recently concluded QuakeCon 07, Orcs & Evles was shown off to the press. Considering the game was announced back in January, we're glad to finally be able to see something on the game. It's also revealed, during the sneak peek, that the game will be available this holiday season.

The level we get to check out is the Prison. While the atmosphere looks to be on point, we have to say that moving the hero around looks pretty cumbersome and difficult. Also, we get to see one of the game's bosses, but it's kind of dark so it might be hard for you see.

Hit up the video past the post break and let us know if you think the jump from cell phone to DS is a good one.

Continue reading First look at Orcs & Elves on the DS

Orcs & Elves to take arms on the DS

During an interview, id's John Carmack drops a bomb on us all, revealing that the company's game Orcs & Elves is headed to the DS. For those unaware, Orcs & Elves is one of the company's recent projects in the cell phone gaming community. John hopes that the game can be improved on Nintendo's handheld and is hoping "to do a DS game version of Orcs and Elves, moving over and enhancing the cell phone game on there, which would be our first real direct entry back into the Nintendo world."

Many of Nintendo's loyal had bad things to say about the guy and his company, and for good reason. However, the prospect of getting a Doom game on the DS is something we can get behind. What about you guys? Think that Orcs & Elves on the DS is something that noone will care about or enjoy?

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