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Jaws drop at first Phantasy Star Zero trailer

The first ever Phantasy Star Zero trailer is so damn hot that Gamekyo decided to reproduce it twice when uploading its video. That's fine with us, because we spent the first run-through simply rubbing our eyes at what we were seeing. Is this the best 3D yet on the DS? It's definitely a contender, with elaborate, screen-filling enemies and multiple characters legging it about on screen with no visible lag. It is, in a word, stunning.

Alas, there's one very small fly in the ointment: the game has been dated for December 25th in Japan, preventing us western importers from getting it as quickly as we'd like.

DS Daily: Phantasy Star on the small screens

We've had our (first) gushing moment about a Phantasy Star Online iteration on the DS. Now it's time to think semi-critically about the development. We know that we like online gaming on the DS, and we like action-RPGs on the DS. But most of our ARPGs have been single-player, and our online gaming competitive.

Simply put, will the kind of longer-session multiplayer questing work on the DS as well as it did on the Dreamcast and all those other systems? Do you look forward to that kind of experience on a handheld? Obviously, people in Japan dig it (see: Monster Hunter Portable, Phantasy Star Portable). To us, there's something strange about this style of play on a handheld, and yet something quite appealing.

Phantasy Star Zero site launches, we totally geek out

Sega just launched the official site for Phantasy Star Zero. Although most of the screens on the site were present in scans earlier this week, it's always nice to see them in gallery form, right? (And see them you must, because seriously: this is some of the best 3D on the DS to date).

Throughout these screenshots, we can spot bits of old Phantasy Star Online games (the brightly-colored levels, Rappies, huge bosses, and MAGs), something which delights us. Speaking of which, we really hope Sega-themed MAGs will be included, such as the Saturn, Master System, and ChuChu MAGs that could be found in PSO. Sega included some of its old consoles in English of the Dead, so maybe we'll get to slay dragons with a Dreamcast by our side in Phantasy Star Zero!

The site reveals that the game will support online parties of four players, that characters can be created from three races and 14 classes, and there's also a small section on the ace-looking, sketch-compatible chat system, as seen here. In fact, the only part of Phantasy Star Zero we're unsure about is blowing into the DS microphone to send messages, but we're finding it difficult to object that strongly!

[Via NeoGAF]

DS Daily: Phantasy Star ZOMG

Despite it only existing in scan form, we're already absolutely ga-ga about Phantasy Star Zero, Sonic Team's new online RPG that will use an ingenious, Pictochat-style chat system. If you're as ridiculously excited as we are, then you've probably played one of the glorious Phantasy Star Online titles on the Dreamcast, GameCube, or PC.

So today, because we just can (and because we can't think of a decent question), we're opening the floor to Phantasy Star Online chat in general -- feel free to regale us with your favorite memories of previous PSO games, your hopes for the DS version, or, if you want to be a total spoilsport, how the online games ruined the series for you.

Phantasy Star Zero is PictoChat: The RPG

Sega is aiming to top the excellent sales of their PSP Phantasy Star Portable sales the best way they know how: a Phantasy Star Online game on the DS. Phantasy Star Zero is a multiplayer online action RPG that, unlike Portable, seems to be an all-new entry in the series.

While it's awesome enough to have an online RPG on the DS, and even more awesome that it's the wonderful Phantasy Star Online, the communication feature is the most interesting part of the game: Phantasy Star Zero allows players to speak via stylus drawings. That seems much more useful than, and equally enjoyable as, the Symbol Chat system from the original game.

[Via NeoGAF]

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