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Find a use for that extra DS

Nintendo is pumping out new DS colors with a vengeance, and many DS owners who've been clinging to their original models are finally breaking down and upgrading to a Lite. Still others already had a Lite, but found themselves lulled into spending even more money on a spiffy new shade. We just can't control ourselves in the face of such beauty.

But what happens when you end up with a second DS? Unless you've been retro-fitted with an extra pair of arms, you probably don't need two handhelds. Rather than letting the extra sit around and collect dust, check out our suggested uses for that second DS.

Ten things to do with that DS

DS Download Auction

Sure, this is just a used DS Phat with a sticker on it, in a chipped lockbox, but it's the coolest used DS in a box we've ever seen. That's because this particular arrangement is a retail download station, of the sort set up in local stores (and at Safeco Field). It's intended to broadcast demos to anyone who brings their DS to the location that houses it.

As if it weren't cool enough to have a DS Download Station that is never supposed to leave the store, this set comes with two cartridges full of Download Play demos. The current bid is only $.99, but who knows how high the reserve is, especially given the $350 Buy It Now price. For that matter, who knows if Nintendo will see the auction and shut it down?

[Via GameSniped]

Purple DS, Purple DS

Seeking to convert his girlfriend, Rachel, into a handheld gamer, DS Fanboy reader Shawn wrapped this custom-painted Nintendo DS and put it under their Christmas tree along with copies of Nintendogs, Cooking Mama, New York Times Crosswords, and My Word Coach.

In order to achieve that smooth shine, the system was disassembled, sanded, primed, spray painted, then finished with a high gloss clear coat. Shawn chose the metallic sparkling purple, the color of royalty, because it's his girlfriend's favorite color. You can follow the project's progress and see more photos of the painted DS on Shawn's Flickr set.

DS makes for a Lite lunch

As part of a bento challenge, Livejournal, uh, "bentochallenge" community member mushmo made this awesome rice representation of a pink DS. Technically, it's a Phat, but we couldn't resist the pun in the title.

The DS onigiri folds up to fit in its bento box, and is joined by shrimp, broccoli, carrots, and a hard-boiled egg to make a delicious meal for mushmo's lucky son. Honestly, we don't know if we'd be able to eat such a meticulously crafted food item. We'd feel guilty for ruining all that work, and we'd just go raid the fridge for some food that isn't shaped like stuff.

DS Daily: Would you buy another DS?

When it comes to the DS, you've got options. You can go traditional, you can move up to a Lite, and you can choose from a variety of colors. You can even import if your region doesn't feature the shade you prefer. But would you buy another regular DS or bundle? Would it depend on price? What about the rumored redesigned DS, sans GBA slot? If it came with that also-rumored download service, we'd be all over it, but the GBA slot is near and dear to our hearts. There might be tears.

DS Daily: How's it looking?

We're pretty obsessive about our DS care, as you would imagine. We're sure all of you are as well to some extent. But, sometimes, you forget to put it in its case, or it falls, or you lend it to someone else (nooooo!) In some cases, life just adds normal wear to your device.

How is your DS holding up cosmetically? Does it still shine like the Dickens? Do people still react to its presence with a hushed awe? Has it acquired any scratches in its lifespan, either on the outer surfaces or the screens?

Right before we got the new Lite, the outer layer of the sticker on the back of our DS Phat spontaneously came off, taking some of the print off with it. Thus the unfortunate effect seen above. In terms of case and screen scratches, it's practically brand new, but that simple cosmetic effect seems to have aged the unit so much.

Buy a used DS Lite, get a free used game

Subscribers to GameStop's weekly newsletter might have received an email today with the above coupon enclosed. While the prospect of buying a used DS Lite might not be strong in some of you, those still rocking a Phat and looking for incentive to upgrade could have found just that.

Any of you out there still with a Phat? Do you ever plan on upgrading to the Lite?

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Boy drops DS, boy comes back next day and finds DS mauled

Reader John wrote in to us and relayed a very sad story. While making his daily trek home from school, he was forced to pause his game of Cooking Mama and place his DS into the safety of his pocket as he crossed an intersection. Apparently, the DS fell out of said pocket and John neither heard nor felt it fall. In arriving back at the intersection the next day, he found his DS as above.

Of course, there's no better way for the universe to tell you it's time to upgrade to a DS Lite, but it looks like John has decided to stick with the Phat.

Keep your DS clean while you eat dinner

A little creativity can go a long way in putting together something unique without having to spend much. Emma Bryce crafted this case for her DS Phat using only ribbons and a placemat. The inside flap even holds three game carts, though we can't vouch for the sturdiness of its grip.

We see these table pads at Bed Bath & Beyond all the time, as well as a lot of other potential materials, so head over there if you're looking for some DIY case ideas. Or, you know, if you need new window treatments. Check past the post break for another photo of the placemat pouch.

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DS Daily: Hey, had to replace one yet?

Looking at our DS Lite, we can see the shoulder buttons are a disgusting kind of yellow and our bottom screen has some scratches on it thanks to "friends" who've managed to pry it from our hands for a round of Meteos or what have you. We're thinking we might need to replace our DS Lite with a new one (Onyx, we're looking at you!). Sure, we could pick up this bundle, if it's ever made available, but we still don't know if replacing our DS Lite is the answer.

How about you, readers? Have you had to replace your DS or DS Lite, simply because it was too banged up or you were sick of looking at it? Or, are you still rocking a launch day Phat, proud?

A Nintendo tribute on the best sort of canvas

Reader Núshio is never one to hold back (just check out his comments!), and when it comes to painting his DS with his love of Nintendo, that's a good thing. He and his friend Kiwii undertook a project of epic proportions that turned this DS into a monument to fanboyism -- and that's something we can get behind.

This paint job (which looks so sweet next to New Super Mario Bros.) isn't quite finished -- the pair plans to redo the whole thing, as they noticed some discoloration after the application of a coat of gloss -- but Núshio had some great tips to offer up for those who are considering a similar project:

  1. Get decent paint. I used 'Vinci.' Never again!
  2. Be patient.
  3. Be careful when disassembling the DS (he used tutorials from YouTube).
  4. Don't get mad, get even. Keep track of every single bit and piece of plastic.
  5. Once complete, it's a real rewarding experience.
And we'd like to add #6 -- it probably helps when you have a friend with spare artistic talent just lying about (Kiwii), and the patience to actually keep up with all those tiny pieces (our own Núshio). The finished product certainly looks rewarding, and there's nothing like displaying your love and loyalty right on the back of your favorite gaming device. Of course, now we expect all of you to go forth and pretty up your Phats and Lites, so we can ogle your work. Until then you can watch Núshio's DS undergo its metamorphosis in the gallery below.

Gallery: Nushio's DS

eBay alert: DS Phat signed all over

Up for grabs on eBay is a DS Fanboy's dream: a DS signed by not only Shigeru Miyamoto, but also Satoru Iwata and the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet. Why would anyone want to get rid of such a priceless beauty? Turns out, school loans. But all of the money won't be going to school loans, as the seller will be setting aside 25% of the profit to go to Child's Play.

At the time we were writing this piece up, the current bid was $330.00. We have a feeling that'll be going much higher before the end of the auction on the 19th.

Ironic? DS Phat browser only available online

Downtrodden DS Phat owners: here comes more ammo for insults from the elitist Lite crowd. It seems that Nintendo doesn't think there are enough of you out there who refused to "upgrade" to redundant systems, and has chosen not to release the Phat-compatible version of the Opera browser (which includes a GBA-cartridge-size memory pack and would thus bulge from a DS Lite) in stores.

Not to worry, however-- much like Electroplankton, you'll still be able to buy it from Nintendo's website and from other online retailers. That's fine with us. If we had any interest in talking to people in real life, we'd have less use for a Web browser.

(We tease the DS Lite adopters, but really, if you've got a DS, you're cool with us.)

[Thanks, zshadow!]

DS Daily: Lite or phat?

So what's your weapon of choice? Do you prefer your DS slim and trim, or do you want it to have a little meat on its bones? And if you're one of many who own both a Lite and a Phat, which one do you prefer, and why? There are hinge cracks to consider, and small vs. large hands, and of course, stylistic choices. So lay it all out there and tell us what you have there in your pocket.

We're hot for the Van Halen-style DS

Now this is how you play Jam Sessions. Flickr user Mr. Atrocity and his girlfriend gave their DS systems (both Phat, and we're happy to see people sporting them) custom paint jobs-- his a replica of Eddie Van Halen's guitar finish, and hers a lavender with gold details.

Not only does the gallery contain pretty pictures of modded systems, but it is a great tutorial for spraypainting your own DS, which is exactly the kind of thing you should have a tutorial for, unless you want to play New Super B Button Is Stuck Down Bros. or Trauma Center: Under the Red Blob.

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