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HOLD IT! Live orchestra to play Phoenix Wright tunes

Man, if you're a person living in Japan and reading DS Fanboy right now, do we have a piece of awesome news for you. Not only are you confined to listening to the wonderful music from the Ace Attorney line through your iTunes or by actually playing the games, you can enjoy a live performance of tracks from the series of games. Chalk this up as another reason why we wish we lived in Japan.

We do have time to move over there before this goes down. The event takes place on April 20th at the Shinjuku Culture Center, where the Tokyo Philharmonic will be behind select musical tracks from the games. Hey, if there's going to be any reason why we move there, it'd be this.

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2008's Biggest Blips - Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

[Via Go Nintendo]

Circuit City holding massive sale, every game you ever wanted on list

If you are missing out on a DS game or GBA game and don't feel like paying retail, know that Circuit City is having a huge sale right now. The problem so far has been that an entire list of the games on sale had not been available anywhere online. That is, until now.

Selling select games such as Final Fantasy IV Advance and Mario Tennis: Power Tour on the GBA, along with DS titles such as Elite Beat Agents and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (get a loved one involved) for $8.96 a piece, we're wondering if this is perhaps the biggest sale we've seen yet. So, get down to your local Circuit City and get to the stock while it still lasts.

[Via QJ]

Be the belle of the hobo ball with this stylish cap

For how much we talk about Phoenix Wright and the Ace Attorney lineup of games here at DS Fanboy, you should already know this next tidbit of info involving upcoming game Apollo Justice. In case you don't, however, then here's your warning: spoiler alert!

In the newest game, Phoenix has given up on life and resorted to being a hobo. His cap, which is pictured above, is available as a pre-order bonus for those in Japan. Definitely beats that crummy Phoenix plush we got for pre-ordering Trials and Trbulations here. Hopefully, Capcom will treat Japanese gamers a bit better than they treated us.

[Thanks, MaHe!]

DS Daily: Video game crushes

Warning: This video contains spoilers

While playing Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, we came across this hilarious scene in which the game pokes fun at the "frothing female masses" devoted to Miles Edgeworth (which, sadly, includes this blogger). We know that they're embarrassing to admit to, since -- as you well know -- video game characters aren't real people. Yet, many of us must concede to having a video game crush at some point in our lives, and it's time to 'fess up and come clean. So, what video game characters have you had (or do you have) a crush on?

Phoenix Wright: Fourteen Bucks for All

The last time we featured a bargain for Phoenix Wright: Justice for All, Amazon was hosting a sale for the courtroom adventure title for $14.99, five dollars less than its list price. That was a pretty great deal for the Ace Attorney sequel, but recent developments in DNA testing and modern technology advancements have made it possible for the online shop to further increase its discount; Justice for All is now available for $13.99! Joys be thine!

[Via CAG]

Capcom apologizes for your Trials and Tribulations

Being one of the folks to receive their copy of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations directly from Capcom, this blogger found himself receiving the game a month late and without the plush figure bonus that had been promised (in retrospect, however, that probably is a good thing). And, what has Capcom done to correct this? They've issued out an apology.

Other than the usual "we're sorry" stuff, Capcom has offered to ship out the plush separately to those who've pre-ordered the game before 10/29. Also, they're providing a coupon good for 10% off (code: PWthanksyou) at their online store. If you want to read the full apology, head past the break.

Gallery: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 3: Trials and Tribulations

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Preordering through Capcom a Tribulation in itself

Completed Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations yet? Great! Then spare a thought for the poor saps who preordered the title online through Capcom, and who are still waiting on their copies, despite the game being released over a month ago.

Infendo reader Andrew flagged up the problem yesterday, and it appears he's only one of many on Capcom's official message board who have been prevented from getting their law on. In fact, we can totally understand the grumpiness in this thread, especially as it took a whole month of customers ranting just to get a faintly apologetic response from a Capcom representative. Now, Capcom has chosen to appease the baying mob with -- can you guess? -- yes! A 10% off coupon for its online store! You just couldn't write it any better.

Capcom has since told Andrew his game has shipped, though there's still no word on the awesome Phoenix Wright plush that was being dangled in front of those who preordered the game. Objection indeed, Capcom.

WRUP: Trials and Tribulations edition

As we said in our initial releases post this week, there's really only one game of importance releasing this week, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations. We know you're playing it, you know we'll be playing it (first thing's first: remove this ball and chain from our ankle), so why dance around the subject? Tell us how far you are, tell us how you're finding it or tell us how you plan on scraping together the dough to eventually get it.

If you're one of those freaks who are playing something else, let us know about that too!

Metareview: Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations

With it being the biggest release of the year on the DS (well .. maybe it isn't the biggest release, but it's still pretty big), we're surprised more outlets haven't tossed their pair of pennies into the ring regarding the last Ace Attorney title starring Phoenix. Seriously, where are all of the reviews? It can't still be under embargo, as it ships to retail today.

Oh well, let's all go over who has said what they thought about the game:
  • ZTGameDomain (85/100) likes the old friend: "Yes, it's the same, however it's not the type of same that says "Crap, I've played this damned game before" is more akin to a cozy familiarity."
  • Game Informer (83/100) says: "Knowing that the next game in this series will star a new up-and-coming defense attorney, Trials & Tribulations is a fun and fitting farewell to Phoenix and company." [Nov 2007, p.162]
  • Eurogamer (80/100) thinks you should play it: "It's agony not to just enthusiastically tell you about the scenarios, the cases themselves, but I hate reviewers that get to experience something completely freshly for themselves, and then rob that opportunity from all who read the review. So believe me, if I told you you'd want to play, and then be cross I told you. So just skip to the wanting to play."
  • Gamestyle (80/100) finds that if it isn't broke, you shouldn't fix it: "A classic case of it "if it isn't broke, don't fix it", Trials and Tribulations carries on the series' high quality and is a fitting end to the trilogy, but it won't convert anyone waiting for the series to break out of its somewhat rigid menu-driven process of elimination. That said, Gamestyle loved it and any fans of the previous games will love it too."

Gallery: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 3: Trials and Tribulations

Phoenix Wright: Justice for Anyone with 15 Bucks

Perhaps to celebrate Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations' release this week, Amazon has new copies of its prequel, Phoenix Wright: Justice For All, priced at $14.99, the lowest we've ever seen for the adventure game. We're not sure how long this deal will last, so sitting on this one would be ... objectionable. See what we did there? Given the quality of that joke, we really hope you didn't.

[Via CAG]

Because we're Fresh Prince fans, too

Seriously, we are! We remember watching Will Smith and the Banks family was such a treat growing up, as we looked up to Will for coming from our hometown and making it big with his own hit TV show. And, with the show now appearing on Nick at Nite, we get to watch all of our favorite episodes over and over again. Considering our undying love for a certain attorney, the combination of the two was something we couldn't pass up the opportunity to post about. Like taking a boot to the head, this Phoenix Wright parody video is one funny piece of footage.

[Via Go Nintendo; the actual episode clip can be found here. Thanks, hvnlysoldr!]

DS releases for the week of September 3rd

Looks like we've only got two this week, fan folks -- including one that was delayed from last week. Slim pickings for a short week (for those of us in the U.S., at least), but hey ... something is usually better than nothing.
  • Garfield's Nightmare
  • Worms 2: Open Warfare
For a glimpse at releases in the rest of the globe, check out the lists after the break.

Continue reading DS releases for the week of September 3rd

Preorder Phoenix Wright, pick up plush

We'd like to present this item that will, no doubt, convince you to find our client, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, worth buying. If you got the import, then, well, time to eBay and reorder.

You can only get this little Phoenix by preordering the game through GameStop or Capcom's own online store. Then you can TAKE THAT! plush that you get, and HOLD IT! if you have any OBJECTIONS! to a bad dream.

If you're not all Ace Attorneyed out by our awful jokes, we recommend this rumination on the series, and its lifebar in particular, by the ever-brilliant dessgeega.

Cheap games at Toys R Us

When reader Aaron wrote in to inform us that his local Toys R Us store had volumes upon volumes of DS games, drastically reduced in price, we thought nothing more than "Oh, awesome, cheap games." This was quickly shifted toward feelings of absolute disgust, as we saw the store had way too many copies of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney on their hands.

Anyway, if you have some spare time today, you might want to hit up the bargain bin at your local Toys R Us.

Who can object to a boot to the head?

This little riff on Phoenix Wright may not be new -- perhaps you've seen it around -- but the moment it showed up in the office e-mail, we knew we just had to share it with you. First, our love for the ace attorney is vast and unending ... but second, and perhaps even more importantly in this instance, the "Boot to the Head" sketch by Canadian troupe The Frantics holds a special place in our childhood memories. So a mixture of the two? Pure comedic heaven.

You wanna watch it? You have two options -- you can check it out after the break, via YouTube, or you can go here to watch a Flash version with subtitles. Your choice, and both paths lead to awesome. You can't lose.

Continue reading Who can object to a boot to the head?

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