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What's the best way to pass time before a wedding? DS, of course!

As we were spending time perusing through flickr photos (because we like to see how people who aren't chained to a laptop and forced to blog forever live), we came across the interesting picture you see to your right. Now, we know nothing of traditional Indian weddings (which we're assuming this is, also we know nothing of plain old regular weddings, either), but we do know about getting our game on. Honestly, we're just surprised that everyone is all smiles as she plays away on her sweet pink DS Lite. We thought weddings were supposed to be ultra serious and that they left no room for enjoying games. Shows what we know!

Even our own Eric Caoili admits to enjoying his DS a bit before his own wedding. He remarks that he was playing some Mr. Driller minutes before it all went down. We congratulate him on both playing an awesome game and having the guts to possibly anger the bride-to-be on their wedding day. The man has courage, we'll give him that! But, then again, we're sure that she couldn't argue with the merits of drilling several hundred meters underground.

Girl Gamer magazine thinks it's still the 1950s

Attention female readers of DS Fanboy! You know how you're ALWAYS thinking about nothing else but pink things, cooking, and raising cute ickle babies? Well, Nintendo is, like, TOTALLY on your wavelength! The company has just teamed up with publisher Future to launch gaming magazine Girl Gamer in the UK, and it won't cost you a penny, meaning you can save for those divine shoes that you just have to have or you'll die.

The 32-page magazine is being given away with the latest copies of Bliss and Mizz, two of the UK's most popular girl's titles, and is yet further evidence that Nintendo is completely in touch with female gamers. Just look at the cover: pink things? Check! Cooking? Check! Babies? Check!

[Via press release]

Sears Black Friday ad reveals two new DS Lites

The annual pre-"Black Friday" bargain hunting has started among predatory shoppers, and we're already reaping the benefits of shoppers' insane vigilance. This detail from a Sears ad has revealed two new DS hardware configurations. We already knew of the gold Phantom Hourglass box, but this is the firmest confirmation we've seen from an actual retailer.

More interesting is the reveal of a metallic pink Nintendogs: Best Friends Edition bundle for $149.99. We don't know if this is a Sears exclusive, but the little ad clipping makes no mention of exclusivity. We doubt it, since one of our intrepid commenters hinted at exactly this hardware for GameStop as well. A new hardware bundle for a two-year-old game? Seems ludicrous on the outset, but it'll probably sell a (few million) bundle(s).

[Thanks, Steve 3.2!]

Canadians get a deal on the DS Lite

If you're Canadian, we're sorry (we kid!). No, actually if you're Canadian and so happen to be in the market for a new DS Lite, then you're in luck. Turns out retailer Zellers is dishing out DS Lites for only $109.99, but only if they're of the black, white or pink variety.

Should you want to check out the flyer, hit up this link and input your postal code. Once done, it should send you over to the appropriate area. Or, you could just walk into one of the stores, if you have one near you.

Nintendo DS Lite, Felt Pink edition

Fed up with screen protectors? Scared that you'll eventually crack your system's hinge? Looking to replace the DS Lite you threw against the wall after your girlfriend dumped you via PictoChat. Seriously, why didn't she just tell you to your face? She was only a few feet away when she did it!

This latest hardware revision for the Nintendo DS, Felt Pink, makes those issues things of the past; the new design is even lighter and has a softer D-pad! Carol Esther, the craftster behind this limited edition portable, is willing to part with it for only fifteen dollars! Head past the post break for a photo of the handheld with its lid pulled back.

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Rumor: Harvest Moon bundle for Europe?

A mysterious NeoGAF poster called CubeRevolution is reporting, via equally mysterious sources, a new DS Lite bundle for Europe, to be released in September. The purported bundle will consist of a pink DS Lite and a copy of Harvest Moon DS, and will retail for 149.99 Euros, which, for those of us who don't habitually shop with Euros, is the usual cost of a DS Lite alone.

CubeRevolution said that an official statement about this bundle would be made during the Leipzig Games Convention, which takes place from August 23-26. If you a) live in Europe, b) want a pink DS, and c) would enjoy either Harvest Moon DS or an extra game to trade in, we recommend waiting until after the Games Convention to make your purchase, just in case this turns out to be true.

Ten reasons to stick with your Phat

Are you still waffling over whether or not you should hug your big ol' original DS goodbye and pick up a DS Lite? We know some of you are still clinging to the old ways, but never fear -- we're here to help! This week, we're going to look at ten reasons to make the switch ... and ten reasons to stick with what you've got. Oh, we never said we'd make the decision easy.

Of course, the minute we convince you, Nintendo's apt to completely redesign the hardware all over again! But don't worry -- you'll be armed with a list of reasons to wait on anything new ... at least, until we decide to start convincing you to upgrade again. It's the circle of Nintenfandom; you know you're used to it by now.

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Gloss Silver and Metallic Pink DS Lites now available for import

The new DS Lites have been released in Japan and have shown up on import shopping sites. That's right, for only $179 + shipping, you can have a DS Lite in one of the two new Japan-exclusive colors! You have your choice of Like the Regular DS Phat Color but on a Lite, or Like the Pink One but Shinier.

Sure, you pay a premium, but it may be worth it to have a DS that looks somewhat different from other DS's in the immediate area. Depends on how you feel about the new colors! What do you think-- Gloss Silver or Gross Silver? Metallic Pink or Me-tacky Pink?

Fit for a princess: DS plays dress-up

Bored with the dull gray, clunky design of her old Nintendo DS, Marie decorated the dated handheld with lace trim and a ribbon bow, gluing her himegyaru-styled artwork onto its lid. The brick's interior was also gussied up, but with what, we're not sure. Daffodils and closed-eye kisses from Prince Charming maybe?

On its completion, her project sent out a rainbow-tailed shockwave that was felt for miles, magically transforming tough-guy motorcycles into purple unicorns, perfuming musky-scented men, and X-ing out every Y chromosome in its path. Squeal and swoon past the post break for a better view of this girly mod and its Princess Cupcake hood.

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Show and Tell: Gamer babies in the house

We're not sure children really count as gaming gear, but who are we to define the boundaries of a parent's love? Don't worry, Elmer, we're just kidding -- we absolutely approve of your sending us this picture of your twin daughters, which is why we've chosen to feature them in our first edition of Show and Tell. These little dolls are only a year and a half old, and they've already mastered the art of wrangling the handhelds away from their parents ... and from those looks of intense concentration, they're already on their way to becoming serious gamers.

The proud papa even sent us a video -- you can check it out after the jump. And just remember, you too can be in this spot, with everyone cooing over your awesome game-related photos and swag. Just take some pictures and send them to showmeit at dsfanboy dot com, and we'll take care of the rest. We've gotten lots of great submissions so far, but we always want more. Thanks again to Elmer and his lovely daughters!

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The pride of our pocket protectors

Unless you're the type who sharpens a pencil down to its metal crown, the DS Lite stylus just doesn't compare to the familiar weight, thickness, and balance of a pen or pencil. Hori's latest Touch Pen looks like a comfortable and convenient alternative to the stock stylus.

Users drop a standard stylus into the Touch Pen Attachment's casing just like with an ink refill. Including two replaceable styli with every purchase seems a bit unnecessary, but we're not going to argue with free stuff. The pen's wider and taller body will be able to rest on your hand, and the rubber grip makes sure that the stick won't slip out of your fingers during a hectic game of Elite Beat Agents.

The Touch Pen Attachment is as portable as any other writing utensil, but you can also latch it onto the back of your handheld with the two plastic bumps on the clip. From the product shots we've seen, the nubs fit right into the holes meant for the DS Lite's strap.

The pens come in White, Black, and Pink, retailing for about $6.00 each. Head past the post break for more photos of the Touch Pen Attachment DS Lite.

[via DCEmu]

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DS Daily: Any DS shortage in your area?

While the Wii shortage seems to be pretty universally problematical, the situation varies when it comes to the DS. Around here, you can find lots of pink DS Lites, but anything else is a little more difficult lately. Some readers report that they can't find a DS at all, anywhere. Apparently demand varies by region, and stores still haven't rebounded from the holiday rush. Now that February is nearly over, you'd think the stock would increase.

How about you? Anyone in your life hurting for a DS that's nowhere to be found?

DS Daily: Seeing double

You can have a pink one, or a pimped out black one. You can go with phat or sleek. You can turn it into a turtle shell or a tank. You can tattoo it or you can go for plain, sparkling white. With the DS, the choice is yours ... and some people like to go for multiples. For DS owners, it seems less is definitely not more. So what about you? Are you packing more than one DS? Was it the lure of a new color, or did you yearn for a special edition? Did you make the transition from phat to lite? We'd love to know if you have more than one DS lying around the house.

And while we're on the subject ... anyone else just itching for the blue ones to make their way outside Japan? Import costs are just no fun.

Showing the Wii who's boss [update 1]

Sure, the Wii rocked Europe this past weekend -- but the real winner was the DS, which outsold its new console brother by nearly two hundred thousand units. Of course, there were more DS units around, but hey, details, details ....

But it's the same the world over. The Wii is not Nintendo's only star this holiday season, or even its brightest. The little handheld that could continues to rock crazy sales in every market. Best Buy and GameStop employees here in the States report that they can't keep them on the shelves, especially the newer Noble Coral Pink DS Lites.

It's a good year to be a Nintendo fan.

[Update 1: Since we're not in Japan, it's tragically Coral Pink. Noble is way cooler.]

Pink DS heads down under

It's tempting to talk about the barbie and the outback and wacky little baby-eating dingoes when one sets out to talk about Australia, but we're gonna skip it. No "G'day" from us. Just the cold, hard news. So. Here we go.

Nintendo Australia confirmed the Coral Pink DS Lite for Australia, as well as Nintendogs: Dalmatian and Friends, both for November 2nd.

There you go. No songs about Immanuel Kant, nothing about kangaroos, and no remarks about the rugged and manly men of Australia. See, we're working on our sensitivity. We're trying to grow and be better people. We're -- Coral Pink: it's Australian for girly DS! Oi oi oi.

Oh well, maybe next time ... cultural sensitivity training has a three-strike rule, yeah?

*We're just joshing you. Goodonya with the DS!

[Thanks, Roy!]

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