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Play-Asia's Summer Sale makes importing cheap ... well, cheaper

Our wallets sighed in relief after finding out about a Play-Asia sale, and then ran away screaming once they realized that we were now tempted to import the entire store. If you import games as well, now's an opportune time at the online retailer, and if you don't, there's no better time to start. Play-Asia is currently having its annual Summer Sale, which started today and ends on July 20th. This means that every in-stock item is 25% off -- beautiful.

Even after just one day of sales, many coveted items have already gone out of stock. There's still a lot to be had, though, so make sure not to put your importing off for too long.

[Via Gemaga]

Archaic Sale Heat: SRPG import for $11

Now might not be the best time to order a Japanese copy of Archaic Sealed Heat, what with E3 right around the corner and a U.S. localization likely, but Play Asia is doing its best to convince us otherwise! The import online shop is selling copies of the gorgeous Mistwalker-developed title for only $11.90 (plus s/h). The deal lasts until next Monday, too, so they're giving us a lot of time to talk ourselves into it.

As far as SRPGs go, you really can't find anything cheaper! Well, unless you pick up Square Enix's iPod-exclusive Song Summoner for $4.99.

Import your games for cheap during Play-Asia's Easter Egg Sale

If you're keen on importing games, it seems like there's no better time than now. Play-Asia is having an "Easter Egg Sale," which means that all in-stock items that weren't released in the past thirty days are 20% off. The sale ends on March 31st, but you might not even want to wait that long, as items are going out of stock quickly. Some games that might be worth picking up:

  • Ouendan 2 -- $24 (it's been on sale before, but $24 is the cheapest we've seen it)
  • Taiko no Tatsujin - $39 (you've gotta love the cute little Taiko drum)
  • Arkanoid DS w/ Paddle Controller - $39 (yes, this is being localized for Europe and likely NA, but it's not too bad of a deal if you're impatient)
  • Paddle Controller - $16 (or, you can just get this -- currently only available in pink)
  • Archaic Sealed Heat - $16 (not the most import friendly, but you should be able to get by on a tactics title -- especially for this price)
  • Power Pro Kun Professional Baseball - $23 (one of the best baseball options for the DS)
  • Choushoujuu Mecha MG - $16 (mmm, mechas)
  • Daigasso! Band Brothers - $39 (another good rhythm game, with lots of instruments included)
Feel free to add any of your own import recommendations in the comments below.

[Via CAG]

Get a small Game Boy for a smallish price

The Game Boy Micro is pretty much obsolete, outpaced by the DS and DS Lite in functionality. But the DS has yet to catch up in the "being ridiculously tiny" department, and lacks the important "being in the Nintendo Famicom controller color scheme" feature that one edition of the Micro offers.

Play-Asia is offering the Japanese Famicom edition of the Game Boy Micro for $60 this week, marked down from their usual price of $100. This may be just the thing if you want to be able to play It's Mr. Pants, but your actual pants are too tight for a DS Lite.

Exchange twin Hamiltons for Twin Age

Playing import games can be an expensive hobby, but online shops like Play Asia provide some relief for your wallet, hosting frequent sales for Japan-only titles normally priced at $50+. This latest deal is for Summon Night: Twin Age (or Twin Edge, depending on where you look), an ARPG from Banpresto that makes ample use of the DS's touchscreen for moving and attacking with your characters.

GameFAQs has a helpful guide for would-be importers, and there's also a neat demo that appears on the official site if you navigate to one of its sub-pages. Play-Asia will have Twin Age available for you to grab for $19.90 while stocks last.

Gallery: Summon Night: Twin Age


Shin Sangoku Musou: Fighter's Deal

Looking for a cheap new DS game? Does it have to be good? If not, we'd like to direct you to Play-Asia's latest weekly special, the Japanese version of Dynasty Warriors DS: Fighter's Battle. The importer has marked the game down to $9.90, with five days left as of this post.

The concept of the game is what makes it both somewhat of a failure in general and bizarrely compelling enough to make us curious: it starts with the extremely action-oriented Dynasty Warriors series, and adds an extra layer of, uh, card collecting to the button-mashing combat. The 3D graphics weren't terribly impressive, but who knows? If you love Dynasty Warriors, this may be a diamond in the (very) rough.

Huge discounts and prizes at Play Asia's Year of the Rat Lucky Sale

Bringing in the Chinese New Year, import shop Play Asia has slashed the prices on over five thousand of its in-stock games and accessories. What's more, each order you put in between today and February 29th will count towards an entry for you to win a variety of Japanese consoles, games, and store credits. There's just too many items on sale to list, so we've picked out a few from the DS and GBA sections that might pique your interest.

DS game sales:
  • Ryuusei no RockMan: Dragon, Leo, and Pegasus - $48.90 $9.90
  • Nodame Cantabile - $48.90 $14.90
  • Operation: Vietnam (US) - $24.90 $16.90
  • Slide Adventure: Mag Kid - $58.90 $19.90
  • Oshare Majo Love and Berry (DS Collection) - $58.90 $19.90
  • K-1 World GP - $48.90 $24.90
  • Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 - $48.90 $29.90
Jump past the break for the accessory and GBA bargains!

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It's a Gundam! ... sale

If you'll play any SRPG or mobile suit game you can get your hands on, regardless of whether it's in English or not, break open your wallet for SD Gundam G Generation: Cross Drive. Play Asia has the not-due-for-localization title on sale for the next week, asking only $14.90 for the chibi mecha game. As you can see in the trailer, Cross Drive plays a lot like the Super Robot Taisen GBA games Atlus brought to the states two years ago.

Hopefully, we'll see similar deals for Gundam 00 when the 3D action-stravaganza comes out (and stays) in Japan.

Hori Charge Stand is style over substance, just our thing

We're struggling to justify to ourselves the idea of purchasing one of Hori's new Charge Stands. After all, a standard wired power adapter -- like the one you get totally free with your DS -- does the same job. The only obvious advantage to owning one of these is that your DS can be displayed at a jaunty, kind of cool angle.

We suppose this is a case of form over function, though we're not ashamed to still want one -- the DS is an attractive piece of kit, so why shouldn't we show it off? For just under $17, you can be as superficial as we are, though you will have to wait until April. Oh, and they only come in black or white, meaning any new cobalt blue DS owners might have to go without.

[Thanks, Chris!]

Need help spending thirty bucks? OUENDAAAAAAN!

Import retailer Play-Asia's weekly specials are generally nice ways to get import games at good prices. This week's sale is extra-special, because the game is one close to our collective DS Fanboy heart. For the next six days or so, Play-Asia is selling Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 for a mere $29.90. We ordered a copy (as research for this post, of course) and shipping came out to just two dollars.

Normally, there's a period of intense waffling when we come across one of these sales. Do we go for the impulse purchase? Is an awesome deal worth disrupting our careful game budgeting? That is not how it went this time. This time we instinctively threw our wallets at the screen as soon as we saw the price.

Bwahahaha! Wario Land Advance for $9.99!

Still upset over Wario's lackluster return to platforming, Wario: Master of Disguise? Why not wash that awful taste out of your mouth with one of the anti-hero's more polished titles? Import shop Play Asia is clearing out its stock of Wario Land Advance (Wario Land 4 in the US) by putting up Japanese copies of the GBA game for $9.99.

This sale ends next Tuesday, so you have several days to ask yourself, "Do I want to play an awesome game or not?" Jump past the break for Wario Land Advance's opening movie and a speedrun of the first level.

Continue reading Bwahahaha! Wario Land Advance for $9.99!

Play-Asia has awesome GBA sale for cheap people

Play-Asia is clearing out a bunch of GBA stuff, and passing the disappointment losses savings on to you, the customer! They've marked some very interesting items down to very interesting prices, and as of right now there are still limited quantities available of most of it.

Three of the bit Generations games, Digidrive, Boundish, and Dialhex, are available for $9.90 each, and Soundvoyager for $14.90. Donkey Kong: King of Swing is only $7.90. Perhaps most excitingly, the Japanese version of Mother 3 (as if there is any other version) is marked down to $14.90. There's a nice selection of cheapo Japanese games, so get out your iMoney and start e-browsing those virtual shelves!

Love and Berry and Bargains

Play-Asia is selling the DS version of Sega's hit arcade game Love and Berry at a special price of $12.90 for this week only. The Oshare Majo Love & Berry Collection includes a game and a card-reading DS peripheral.

For those of you who aren't little Japanese girls, Love and Berry is a rhythm game that also dispenses cards featuring different outfits for the two title characters. The DS version makes use of the same cards that the arcade game spits out. While the series hasn't reached special-edition-DS-Lite popularity in the U.S., much less promotional-sewing-machine popularity, Love and Berry machines can be found in some American arcades, including Sega's own Gameworks. If you can't find the machine, and therefore can't find the cards, then we don't know what to tell you. Some might show up on eBay, or you may be able to find scanned cards. Or you may be able to enjoy the dancing game without new hairstyles!

$12.90 is pretty cheap for a card reader that some genius out there could appropriate for homebrew development. Let's hope someone who likes to work on homebrew DS apps is reading.

Yo mama so cheap, you can buy her at Play Asia for $14.90

If you caught our interview with's Reid Young, you already know that the chances of Nintendo of America ever bringing EarthBound's GBA sequel, Mother 3, to the states are slim to none. As depressing as that reality might be, you shouldn't let it stop you from experiencing one of the most endearing RPGs ever released.

There are several walkthroughs and guides available to assist you with the game's Japanese text, and, from now until next Tuesday, import shop Play-Asia will be selling copies of Mother 3 for only $14.90, less than a third of its standard price! What more do you need to convince you to pick this one up?

[Via CAG]

Deals of Mana

Amazon must have a warehouse teeming with Childen of Mana shipments, as the online shop seems to have a sale on the game every other week. Square Enix's dungeon crawler has sold for less in the past, but today's $17.99 pricing is still a significant discount from it's regular $29.99 tag. This offer disappears tomorrow -- likely reappearing in a fortnight -- so don't wait too long to drop the game into your cart.

Play-Asia's Heroes of Mana sale will stick around until the end of the week, but there's no guarantee that the title will stay in stock. The Japanese text might be too much for first-time importers, but according to what we've heard, this RTS/RPG is a quality purchase. You can grab Heroes of Mana for $19.90, paying an extra $2.60 for shipping to the US.

[Via CAG]

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